Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous Ch 8

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Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Chapter 8 – Little Servant Girl

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    Once Di Beiming had finished his smack, a clean white handkerchief appeared in his hand, and he rubbed it harshly on Yun Chujiu’s black and thin right wrist several times before he reached to test Yun Chujiu’s wrist in disgust.

    An Feng and the other people’s faces were dumbfounded. They didn’t know what madness had taken over their Sovereign. He was clearly sucking that black girl’s hand just earlier, yet he already thought of her as dirty in such a short period of time?!

    A short while later, Di Beiming frowned, seeming somewhat puzzled.

    “An Feng, you stay behind to protect this black thing covertly. However, there is no need to show your hand under the premise that her life is safe.”

    Di Beiming threw the handkerchief onto the ground, and disappeared without a trace with the remaining men in black, leaving only the disheveled An Feng in the wind. Sovereign, what do you mean?

    You’re letting me protect this black girl in Qingxuan Continent all the way out in the boonies?

    Don’t you think it’s overkill?

    Also, what was the use of this black girl? Why protect her?

   Since you want to protect her, why did you knock her out?

    No need to reveal my hand if her life is safe? What does that mean?

    At this time, a little girl ran over. An Feng quickly hid in the dark.

   “Miss! Miss! What’s the matter with you?” Xiaomao saw Yun Chujiu had fallen on the ground and called out quickly.

    Yun Chujiu opened her eyes dazedly, she didn’t die? She was not smacked to death by that little pretty boy?

    Yun Chujiu looked at the little girl who was talking. In order to make it more convenient to meet with Bai Moyu, the original owner had sent away all the girls in the yard, leaving only an obedient timid little girl, Chunyu.

    The reason the original owner left this girl behind was also because her name was “Chun Yu”, which had the same pronunciation as Bai Moyu’s “Yu”. The original owner really fell into an obsession with Bai Moyu!

    Chun Yu just went to the water room to get hot water. As soon as she entered the yard, she saw Yun Chujiu lying sprawled out on the ground, and immediately panicked!

    “I’m fine, did you hear any commotion just now?” Yun Chujiu rolled her eyes. Her door was even smashed, such a large commotion, how could no one come to investigate?

    “No! Ah! Miss, how did this door break?” It was only now that Chun Yu realized the door was broken into rubble.

    Yun Chujiu thought to herself, looks like that little pretty boy had used some magical powers to isolate the commotion here just now. This little pretty boy was really unfathomable! Who exactly was he?

    “It probably broke after all these years of disrepair! Let someone change it.” Yun Chujiu said lightly.

    Chun Yu floundered her mouth, even after years of disrepair it shouldn’t reach this level of damage right? However, she was usually afraid of the original owner. When the original owner was in a bad mood, she often took it out on her. How would she dare to question anything?

    “Miss, your clothes?” Chun Yu looked suspiciously at the clothes scattered on the ground, and then at the snow silk brocade on Yun Chujiu.

   Just as Yun Chujiu was about to speak, her ears twitched. Someone’s here!

    Yun Chujiu swiftly slid the dirty clothes from the ground onto her body with her hands and feet.

    Huh? Where did this handkerchief come from?

    Yun Chujiu picked up the handkerchief, her eyes flashed. Associating the burning pain on her right wrist, she greeted Di Beiming hundreds of times in her heart. Little pretty boy, big pervert! Sucked the blood of this old lady and still pretending to have mysophobia with her!

    However, what did the little pretty boy touch her wrist for? Was it to see if she was dead?

    Yun Chujiu saw a strange fish embroidered on the corner of the handkerchief. Her eyes deepened and she put away the handkerchief.

   This was incriminating evidence. One day, when this missy becomes amazing, she would definitely abuse that little pretty boy thousands of times! Let him kneel and sing to her in surrender! Humph!

    Just as Yun Chujiu was amusing herself, someone outside the door said respectfully, “Miss Nine, the patriarch has asked you to go to the study.”

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