Xercia’s Poll Results + Schedule

Hey there readers! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my poll and questionnaire. *Bows* Below is a brief summary and the new update schedule for each novel based on the answers. I’m thinking of holding a new poll every so often (probably around every other month maybe?) to have a new vote on what you readers would like more releases of. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

PS: I have answered to requests for more novels of a certain nature. 4 new novels will be picked up and released in the coming week or two (2 of them will be dark…very dark). There was another one named in the comments that was going to be picked up but was already picked up by another translator while I was sick so I won’t be able to pick that up.

Here is a brief summary of the poll results.

Ratings and Interest

Note: For the interest column, it is the percentage of people who responded ‘I haven’t read this novel before but would be interested in reading it’ out of all the responses (48 total)

Preferred Update Schedule

So for the update schedule, as much as I would love to cater to every other day, it just wouldn’t be possible with the number of novels so I’ll still be sticking to weekly updates. However, I have rearranged my schedule on the novels based on interest and ratings. Some novels have been pushed to every other week while others longer. Please see below for the update schedule:

Thank you once again!

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