[WTATFIL] Chapter 13 – ShiShu, do you like me?


TL: Moon FLower

PR: Confuzzled

Gu JianShen was afraid that he misunderstood so he asked: “Do you want me to help you start a fire again?”

The circumstance at present: the firewood was a dividing line; Su Yu on the left, leaning against a tree; Shen QingXian on the right and very close to Gu JianShen. So based on how they were whispering at the moment, they didn’t have to worry about Su Yu overhearing them. 

Shen QingXian stared at him and got right to the point: “Come here.”

If his appearance right now was not that of a small child, then the menace behind these two words would’ve increased by ten or even a hundred-fold.

But right now…….

Gu JianShen bent his lips to laugh and then rose to go over: “Young master, what are your orders?”

His tone was respectful but his attitude was one of towering above and looking down, his eyes were also full of banter. 

Shen QingXian was too lazy to look at this fake imitation of his and directly pulled open the sleeping bag: “Accompany me to sleep.”

The Jade Scroll which was ‘playing dead’ trembled, mother god…….this frank man!

The smile in Gu JianShen’s eye became deeper as he said: “Young master is already so big but is still afraid of sleeping alone?”

Shen QingXian stayed silent and just quietly stared at him.

Gu JianShen didn’t continue to tease him. Following after, he said: “This subordinate understands.”

He then slept next to Shen QingXin and embraced the soft and tender young master with his arms. 

Now that he thought about it, Shen QingXian had never slept next to someone before. Before he achieved the Dao, he was an orphan who was picked up by his ShiFu from a grass pile. 

After he entered the sect’s door, because his aptitude was outstanding amongst his peers, he was chosen to be an inner disciple* so his clothing, food, housing, and transportation were first class. 

*i mentioned way back in c1 that there are two other types of disciples in addition to many other called 内门弟子 (inner disciple) and 外门弟子 (outer disciple), these two are the “general” types of disciples. Quick summary: inner disciples are people with excellent/good aptitude so they are treated well and this term is an umbrella term for other kinds of disciples, outer disciple have okay (neither good nor bad) aptitude and they are treated as servants so they busy all the time with doing tasks so not much time to cultivate and don’t have good resources (pills, cultivation books, etc)

What happened afterwards was something that should even more so need not be mentioned. Having good resources; a good constitution*; a wit that could only be found in one person in a crowd of ten thousand people; most importantly, a strong temperament and although he encountered countless setbacks, he walked higher and higher with each step up to the present.

*talking about his myriad spirit constitution mentioned previously in c1

Up to now, don’t even mention his bed couch*, even in the entire WanXiu Mountain, no one had ever rashly disturbed him.

*one of those ancient chinese styled beds that can also serve as a couch or an ancient chinese style couch that can also serve as a bed, i have 2 pics linked. Bed couch is linked to bed also a couch and the one here is the couch also a bed (couch bed), the images are different but bed couch is basically using the bed as a sitting place and couch bed is using the couch as a sleeping place. Idk which one SQX is referring to but since the bed character came first in the phrase i went w/ bed couch instead of couch bed.

It turns out sleeping with someone gave this kind of feeling. Not bad, quite warm.

Shen QingXian closed his eyes. 

But Gu JianShen didn’t want to let things go as it was. He (GJS) moved closer to him (SQX), his (GJS) hot breath brushing past the top of his (SQX) delicate ear: “ShiShu, do you like me*?”

*so the phrasing also has a sense of ‘is it that you like?’ in addition to the phrasing ‘do you like me?’ above, so the meaning of the original phrase is a mix of both these phrasings, i left it as ‘do you’ since it sounds better than ‘is it that’ 

Shen QingXian opened his eyes. His long eyelashes were like an opened fan, extremely beautiful. 

Gu JianShen looked at him (SQX) with a smile on his (GJS) face. 

Shen QingXian looked at his blue eyes and ruthlessly spat out three words: “Don’t like you.”

Gu JianShen: “……”

Finished saying this, with a face full of disdain, Shen QingXian closed his eyes. Yet he (SQX) did not loosen his (SQX) hold on his (GJS) clothes. 

Mouth spouting dislike but body was honest?

Gu JianShen smothered a laugh, his heart was tickled.

He changed the color of his eyes and said again: “If you don’t like me then I won’t disturb ShiShu’s rest.”

With his eyes closed, Shen QingXian said: “Stay here.”

Gu JianShen: “That’s not okay, right?”

Shen QingXian opened his eyes and immediately immersed into the wandering, brilliant red eyes.

The words at the tip of his tongue disappeared and Shen QingXian stared unblinking at him.

Gu JianShen stared at him, his (GJS’s) voice was mesmerizing as if he (GJS) had cast an enchantment on it (GJS’s voice): “Like?”

This time, the Jade Scroll who still had a breath of life in it, helped its master reply: It can be said that he (SQX) very much so likes, liking to the point that he (SQX) was thinking whether this pair of eyes would still remain beautiful after they were dug out!

Really scary QAQ! 

At this moment, from a slightly far direction, Su Yu’s voice traveled over: “Chao Yan, are you asleep?”

Shen QingXian immediately snapped out of it. He paused before raising his voice: “No.”

Su Yu hesitated for a moment before slowly saying with a low, hoarse voice: “I…….what should I have done?”

The small peach blossom was at loss.

Well, it’s to be expected. The pains of growing up is something everyone goes through.

Although in this lifetime, Shen QingXian had only taught three disciples, he was very caring towards the living creatures of WanXiu Mountain.

Su Yu didn’t have the memories of when he was a peach blossom anymore but Shen QingXian still remembered: This little guy was the reddest and most splendid flower.

Because of this, Shen QingXian was willing to give him a few pointers.

He (SQX) asked him (SY): “What do you think should’ve been done?”

Su Yu quietly replied: “I don’t know.”

It was hard to discern the rights and wrongs of today’s matter.

The cultivators sadistically killed those small young beasts who could not retaliate at all just to snatch some beast cores.

In a moment of rage, the fierce beast ate a few cultivators to avenge her children.

Su Yu interfered and to save Su Yu, Gu JianShen killed the fierce beast.

Su Yu thought that he did the wrong thing but Shen QingXian then told him that the fierce beast ate an unknown number of innocent humans.

The hardest question when one just entered the Dao was ‘right vs wrong’. 

Who is right, who is wrong? Who is kind, who is evil? How does one discern? If one can’t discern then, how should one make a choice?

Su Yu was at loss.

Shen QingXian had just opened his mouth to talk when Gu JianShen spoke up: “If you think it’s right then it’s right, if you think it’s wrong then it’s wrong.”

Shen QingXian glared at him (GJS).

Gu JianShen lowered his voice: “Spirits* originally are suited to stay in Heart Domain, why constrain his temper?”

*the raw is 妖 and in other tled c novels it is tled as demons (classic example is fox demon) but i kept it as spirit since SY was born in WanXiu Mountain which is a ‘heavenly’ place so ‘spirit’ fit more than ‘demon’ but do know that it can also be ‘demon’ that’s why GJS says that they are more suited to stay in Heart Domain.

Su Yu still admired Gu JianShen so when he (SY) heard him (GJS) say this, he (SY) asked: “But in the beginning I thought what I did was correct but afterwards, I felt that what I did was wrong, and then I felt that…….”

Gu JianShen replied again: “This is not wrong. The heart is originally not an immovable thing. One minute you think it’s (referring to SY’s response to what he did w/ the beast and cultivators) correct, then it’s correct. The next minute you think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong. Don’t put a shackle on it (referring to SY’s heart), it is you.”

These words made quite an impact on Su Yu. He didn’t speak for a while. 

In a low voice, Shen QingXian said to Gu JianShen: “That’s why Heart Domain has so many unscrupulous, licentious, and incapable people.”

Gu JianShen gripped his (SQX’s) waist: “Like this?”

Shen QingXian dangerously narrowed his eyes.

Gu JianShen felt unafraid knowing that he had a backing*.

*idk what backing GJS is referring, this was just how it was written in the raw

The Jade Scroll who had observed the entire situation felt that it was better off fainting! 

The little peach blossom was distressed and perplexed about the real meaning of life yet you two are whispering sweet nothings to one another under the blanket. Is this okay? Is this really okay?!

Su Yu was the least aware of this. After he thought seriously for a while, he came to a decision: “Older brother Qing Shen, tomorrow can you teach me how to cultivate?”

Gu JianShen had just opened his mouth when Shen QingXian raised his voice to say: “My clan’s cultivation method is not suited for you.”

MF: ¬_¬ earlier SQX was interrupted by GJS, now GJS was interrupted by SQX

Can’t allow Gu JianShen to teach the small peach blossom. How can a spiritual creature of WanXiu Mountain become a puppet of Heart Domain?

Gu JianShen also didn’t force the matter. Afterall, the script was written by himself so he should act accordingly: “Although I can’t teach you heart cultivation, I can teach you a few combat techniques.”

Su Yu had already cheered up: “I will have to trouble older brother Qing Shen!”

He needed to become strong, he wanted to become strong. Only when he becomes strong could he then see even more and could then brush away the dense fog to see the bright moon!

Only when Su Yu had finally undone the knot in his heart did he then feel that there was something not quite right. He turned his head and looked past the pile of firewood: “Older brother Qing Shen, where are you sleeping?”

Gu JianShen & Shen QingXian: “……”

The small peach blossom strived to open his eyes wide to look over yet still did not see Gu JianShen’s figure. 

A moment later, he curiously asked: “Chao Yan, your sleeping bag is very big…….” 

In fact, the sleeping bags that Zeng ZiLiang prepared for them were all big but they had an automatic shrinking function. Su Yu and Chao Yan’s stature were about the same but at this moment, Chao Yan’s sleeping bag was bigger than him by more than one-fold.

Su Yu worriedly asked: “Is your sleeping bag broken? Do you want to switch?”

These words were reasonable. Only when the sleeping bag was tightly wrapped around oneself could one be warm. One would definitely feel cold with that much empty space!

Shen QingXian didn’t want Su Yu to see what was happening over here so he raised his voice to say: “It’s fine, I purposely had it this big.”

Flabbergasted, Su Yu asked: “Are you not cold?”

With smiling eyes, Gu JianShen looked at the person in his arms. Shen QingXian forced himself to say: “I’m feeling hot so I made it big to feel cool.”

Su Yu was very astonished: “So it turns out that you willows have warm-natured constitutions…….”

He (SY) was so cold that he wrapped himself tightly with the blanket and only revealed a pair of eyes. Chao Yan actually felt hot!

“Okay then……” said Su Yu, “Rest early.”

Shen QingXian replied with an ‘En’.

Not a moment later, Su Yu’s breathing became long and continuous, obviously, he had fallen asleep.

However, these two DaLao couldn’t fall asleep.

Gu JianShen quietly asked: “Young master, are you feeling hot?

Shen QingXian: “Cold.”

Gu JianShen: “Then I’m going to hug you tighter.” Saying so, he (GJS) stuck closer to him (SQX).

Shen QingXian: “……”

Gu JianShen waited for him to surrender. However, the Esteemed Lord LianHua never knew what ‘surrender’ was.

He (SQX) used a technique that made his body into an ice block.

One that was colder than their surrounding and harder than the ground. How ecstatic one would feel hugging such a big ice block while in this small area that was blowing cold wind? One would have to ask Gu JianShen.

Shen QingXian slightly smiled: “Can you hug a bit tighter?”

Hug a bit tighter…….Gu JianShen felt that he was about to get frostbite.

However, if Shen QingXian could use a technique, well, Gu JianShen could use one too. He made himself scalding hot, as hot as a soldering iron that was heated until red-hot.

The two people, one cold and the other hot, tightly hugged one another. Freezing one to death and scalding one to death. How much one would get a kick out of this was how much they got a kick out of this.

How could Shen QingXian admit defeat? He made his body temperature decrease again, vowing to freeze Gu JianShen to death.

In response, Gu JianShen made his body temperature hotter, determined to melt the small ice block in his arms.

Over time, the two people started dripping with sweat.

Was it from the heat? No no no, it was from exhaustion.

It was considerably tiring. Afterall, hugging one another and fighting for a whole night, how could one not be tired?

After the sky brightened, Su Yu yawned as he climbed out from the blanket. 

“Yi*…….Chao Yan, you didn’t sleep well?”

*expression of surprise

Shen QingXian: “……”

Su Yu then looked at Gu JianShen: “Ah, older brother Qing Shen,  is it because you’ve been protecting us that you haven’t slept for the entire night?”

Gu JianShen: “……”

Tears fell down from the Jade Scroll who was aware of the truth: “Those two have been at your side going at one another for an entire night!

The author has something to say: This chapter’s MVP——Jade Scroll xiong*.

*兄 xiong means older brother and can be used to blood related older brother or a non blood related older guy, as the Jade Scroll is neither younger or older, the author could use either and decided to use older. If you want something more englishy or britishy, something along the lines of ‘old chap’ BUT ‘old chap’ can only used here and not when i refer to xiong in the future

No objections right, hahaha!

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Moon’s Comment Corner:

We have another award to give this chapter.

This chapter’s pitiful character is…*drum roll*…Jade Scroll! 

*sigh* having to pretend to be nonexistent, then getting a mouthful of dog food, to then almost witnessing a murder scene happen in front of you, *pats Jade Scroll* you’ve worked hard


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