[WTATFIL] Chapter 10 – So So So Cute!


TL: Moon Flower

PR: Confuzzled

Now this is just too much. 

He was hugged for a whole day but it didn’t even release a new task. Only after he was let go, did it release the new task. This Jade Scroll was really looking to die. 

But, to be honest, the Jade Scroll was, to a certain extent, accused wrongly…….earlier, it was scared to the point of overdrafting* and didn’t have any strength anymore so how could it still release a new task?

*reminder: in chapter 6, the Jade Scroll spit out 3 tasks (and p.s and p.p.s)

After all, Shen QingXian shouldn’t have scared it. 

Of course, who would dare say that? Anyhow, the Jade Scroll didn’t dare. It obediently acted dead and strived to lower its existence.

When the sky slightly started to brighten, everybody woke up.

Su Yu called out to Shen QingXian: “Chao Yan, eat something!”

Hearing the words ‘eat something,’ the nice-looking area between Shen QingXian’s eyebrows slightly creased. 

Su Yu coaxed him: “Eat, if you don’t eat, how will you gain any strength.” Saying so, he took out a pile of stuff from his QianKun bag. 

The food Zeng ZiLiang prepared for them was not bad. To traveling cultivators, they could be considered to be of the highest quality. 

But no matter how high quality they were, in Shen QingXian’s eyes, they were only cold leftovers from a meal.

Let’s not mention the fact that he hadn’t eaten secular food for a long time, even if he does eat he had never eaten these kinds.

Unfortunately, now that he had entered the secret realm, he couldn’t carelessly make these things disappear. Regardless of it being a teleportation or illusion spell, both were not something he could use at his present cultivation level. 

Did he really have to eat them? Shen QingXian kept silent. 

On the other hand, Su Yu thought that his small companion was really cute. Finicky and picky about food really was what a little young master would do. 

It’s a good thing that Shen QingXian hadn’t used Divine Knowledge or else little Su Yu would’ve been finished. 

And it was at this time that Gu JianShen helped him out of this trouble: “Young master’s body is not good and doesn’t dare randomly eat stuff.”

It turns out that delicate body settings could be used this way. Shen QingXian was slightly satisfied. 

Su Yu immediately said: “It’s like this? Then…….what should Chao Yan eat?”

Gu JianShen replied: “This subordinate had already made some preparations.”

Saying so, he pulled out a golden and dazzling Qian Kun bag, it was so golden that it could blind people.

In his heart, Su Yu commented: “This taste, tsk tsk…….”

Shen QingXian didn’t say anything. Only that a pair of big eyes reservedly glanced over a few times. 

Gu JianShen pulled things out of the Qian Kun bag as if he was performing conjuring tricks. 

An item, a second item, a third item, a fourth item…….

Su Yu’s eyes widened and he stared dumbstruck.

A crimson, silver thread twinkling carpet, an orangey yellow jade colored table and chair inlaid with shining rubies…….even the tablewares were blinding golden plates and silver chopsticks…….

This style, it was all bling bling!

Even Shen QingXian looked with his eyes slightly wide and didn’t say anything for a long time. 

Su Yu thought that he (SQX) was similar to himself, struck by lightning, and wanting to smoothen things over, said, “Haha, pretty…….pretty bright…….”

Other than this adjective, he didn’t know what else to say but older brother Qing Shen (GJS in disguise) was a good person so he (SY) felt that it wasn’t nice to disdain someone’s taste and could only difficulty praise it a bit……..

Gu JianShen held out a hand very gracefully: “Young master, please.”

Shen QingXian didn’t move. 

Su Yu thought that he (SQX) was disdaining. After all, they had stayed at Wan Xiu Mountain which was a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe comparable to the mortal realm’s fairyland. How could it be compared to these commonplace items? Poor older brother Qing Shen’s view of the world was too narrow and thought that these were the best, even thinking of taking the best ones out to serve the Holy Son. 

Thinking this, Su Yu didn’t have the heart to make the loyal and protective older brother Qing Shen feel sad so he said to Shen QingXian: “Chao Yan, go…….go sit.” Ah, saying this even made his eyes hurt. 

Shen QingXian stiffly nodded his head.

Seeing him like this, Su Yu’s heart warmed up. It really was a pair of mutual appreciation, mutual understanding, and mutually cherishing master and servant.

Jade Scroll: Young man, are you sure you’re not blind!?

In fact, how was Shen QingXian showing disdain? What was he rejecting? What part did he not like? At the moment, he was undergoing an enormous ordeal and putting in great effort to prevent himself from “killing to seize treasure”.

After sitting down, Su Yu felt his eyes hurt even more.

Compared to the image of the dazzling and bright red desk, the man sitting was a pure and thin young boy.

The enormous contrast almost made Su Yu unable to open his eyes!

Hold on! Su Yu told himself. Chao Yan was holding on so he could also hold on! Can’t hurt older brother Qing Shen’s good intentions. Can’t allow Chao Yan’s previous efforts to go to waste!

Let’s not mention the little peach blossom’s crazy imaginations anymore and focus on His Excellency, the Esteemed Lord. 

Shen QingXian’s expressions hadn’t changed but if one looked carefully, hidden in the pair of pitch-black eyes was a sparkling gleam flashing, which was extremely good-looking. 

Gu JianShen’s thin lips slightly rose and continued to pull things out of the Qian Kun bag. 

After the tableware was the main course. 

Gu JianShen was fully prepared. The food he pulled out was exquisite and at the same time the temperature of the food was as if it just came out of the pot. It’s evident that inside the Qian Kun bag there was a universe*.

*so i’m assuming like a dimension where time is stopped so that food stays the same when it was put in so freshness and the warmth is preserved. 

Cuisines after cuisines were placed on the table, making Su Yu’s whose eyes hurt and couldn’t help but swallow some saliva. 

Looks so good! From the smell it seems delicious!

Of course it would taste good……quite delicious. After all, they were cooked by the master chef of WeiXin Palace. Walking across the heaven, earth and Heart Domain, there was only one such person. 

Gu JianShen poured Shen QingXian a cup of black tea: “Young master, please enjoy your meal.”

He was very attentive and thorough. Even Shen QingXian, at this moment, also felt inclined to enjoy it. 

He couldn’t stomach food of the secular world but the ones set on the table were all spiritual ingredients. The delicious food cooked by the master chef, no matter the color and the smell, they were all of high top quality and there was nothing to nitpick about them. 

Su Yu tasted a little and afterward his whole body froze……

“This is too delicious!” Su Yu looked towards Gu JianShen with his face full of surprise, “How could there be such delicious food?!”

No wonder Shen QingXian was picky about his food. After eating this kind of delicacy, how could he still stomach the things in his Qian Kun bag!

Shen QingXian ate a round golden millet ball*.

*小米球 – millet ball. Never eaten one so idk how it looks, when i searched it up there were diff versions, don’t know which one is the correct one. 

Shen QingXian indifferently said: “It’s okay.”

Su Yu: “ ! ”

He campled a millet ball and after putting it into his mouth, he felt as if he was about to rise to the heavens!

Melting upon entering the mouth and letting out a mellow flavour. It was as if, between his teeth and lips, there were numerous tender and beautiful flowers blooming lithely and gracefully!

“Too delicious!” Other than praises, Su Yu wasn’t able to say anything else.

After eating for a while he (SY) seemed to have thought of something and turned to Gu JianShen: “Older brother Qing Shen, did you make all of this?”

Gu JianShen nodded: “Yes.”

Su Yu almost wanted to worship him to death.

Shen QingXian glanced at him (GJS). The meaning hidden at the corner of his eyes could probably be interpreted into one word: shameless.

Gu Jian Shen pretended to not see. Anyhow, he said he made them himself and the imperial chef(s) in his palace wouldn’t dare to say otherwise. 

After eating their fill, Gu JianShen said again: “Please wait, young master. I will tidy this up.” 

Su Yu promptly said: “Let me help you.”

Gu JianShen said: “This kind of small task doesn’t need young master Su Yu to trouble himself over.”

Su Yu had wanted to say something when Shen QingXian called out to him: “Don’t worry, let him clean up. He’s used to it.”

It’s a good thing the people of Heart Domain were not here, otherwise they would have immediately fought with Shen QingXian with all their might.

Their honorable Majesty, their esteemed emperor, their lifetime idol, at this time, actually turned into a servant used to doing miscellaneous tasks??

Su Yu moved to Shen QingXian’s side: “Older brother Qing Shen really is a good person.”

Shen QingXian declined to comment.

The Heart Domain’s Demon Emperor who killed people like flies and used blood to ask the Way, was a good person?

Little peach blossom, your eyes really need to be cured.

Su Yu unexplainably shivered, at this moment, he felt as if he saw His Excellency, the Esteemed Lord…….

After Gu JianShen finished tidying up, it was time for them to continue to set out to “adventure”.

Su Yu excitedly said: “I always felt that only after eating can one gain even more strength.” He struck his arms and felt that they were full of energy.

Not felt, but definitely (full of) enough (energy).

What they ate were rare spiritual ingredients and what they drank was agar jade wine. If ordinary mortals tasted a little, they would gain enlightenment. It’s a good thing that the small peach blossom was born on WanXiu Mountain and gained enlightenment through the Myriad Spirit constitution,  otherwise, he would not have been able to stomach those precious spiritual foods.

Shen QingXian was still pondering about the tasks on the Jade Scroll. 

Seeing that he was not moving, Gu JianShen pretended to respectfully, which in reality he was jokingly saying, asked: “Young Master, do you need this subordinate’s help?”

Yesterday, it was only because he had set up a trap that he was then able to hug this honorable “little young master”. Today, presumably, he would not be able to touch him. 

Just as he (GJS) was thinking this, the small child with red lips and white teeth raised his chin to say: “I’m tired.”

Gu Jian Shen: “……”

With an unperturbed expression, Shen QingXian raised his arms. 

Su Yu who was on the side, was hit with a faceful of cuteness: So, so, so cute!

Gu JianShen’s gaze became deep. There was a bit of a red similar to fireworks inside of his eyes that were as blue as the sky. He (GJS) asked him (SQX): “Young master wants this subordinate to hug* you?”

*not hug hug but hug carry. 

Shen QingXian was very frank: “En.”

Who would’ve thought that the man (SQX) yesterday who would not give up even though his (GJS) arms were about to break from the exhaustion, would start to cause trouble today.

Gu JianShen gently said: “You just ate, it’s better to walk a bit.”

Shen QingXian: “Don’t want to.”

Gu JianShen had a smiling expression on: “Young master, don’t be wilful. This subordinate is thinking of your body.”

Shen QingXian’s eyes narrowed: “You still know your status?”

Gu Jian*: “……”

*I believe this is a typo and the author meant Gu JianShen instead of Gu Jian.

Although Shen QingXian was shorter than him by a huge length, he had a strong imposing manner. He raised his head and reprimanded: “Servants should listen to the commands of their master, do I still need to teach you this?”

Su Yu jumped from being frightened and wanted to go forward to smoothen things over but Gu JianShen had already slightly bent down to hug the person up. His voice was low and full of pampering and indulgence: “This subordinate complies with what the Holy Son says. 

Shen QingXian coldly hmphed. His small arms hugged his (GJS) neck. 

Gu JianShen stopped for a moment. Shen QingXian had already lovably leaned into his (GJS) embrace and closed his eyes: “I’m going to sleep for a bit.”

Gu JianShen lowered his head and looked at the fair face and long eyelashes. Yet in his mind what appeared was that aloof, remote and incomparably magnificent man. 

He (GJS) leaned closer to him (SQX) almost pasting himself (GJS) to his(SQX) ears. He (GJS) used a low voice that could make one’s heart tremble: ShiShu*, are you seducing me?”

Friendly reminder: ShiShu is one’s ShiFu’s (master/teacher) younger disciple brother/sister. If it’s an older disciple brother/sister, it’s not ShiShu but ShiBo. 

The author has something to say: Hahaha.

I saw a mei zi* say this writing is similar to “If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die**”, it originally was a brother/bromance writing and both have the same set up it’s just that the same thing that happened to different personalities of two people will have different chemical reactions. 

*an internet slang means younger sister (not blood related more like younger female), young sister (or young female), or girl.

**this novel currently being tled by another group and this is the title that they tled it as, I have the NU page linked, it seems to be a modern day one, it’s also by a diff author, never read it so idk how it is

I personally think that there is a big discrepancy between Shen QingXian and Ye Chen and between Gu JianShen and Ren Jing so the development sharply differs. 

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