WRS Arc 3 ch 4.2

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Chapter 4.2

“It’s useless.” Yang Yuxing shook his head. “This zombie’s ability should already be at level two. And it may be because we both have a brain type ability. This little zombie is obviously interested in my brain. In short, his goal is me, you can escape while you can! Quickly run!”

Luo Qi’s eyes immediately turned red: “Damn it! If you don’t go, I won’t go!”

Chi Xi also turned around, he swung his tail and swept the big zombie back for more than a meter: “Yang Yuxing, I’ve said this before, I am not you. I don’t know what kind of decision is the wisest, but I know how to make a decision I will never regret.”

“I won’t go either.” Lu Yuan hesitated for a moment. “Anyway, we can’t go to B City without you.”

Yang Yuxing turned to Luo Shaoxuan and said, “Captain, you are the clearest about our current situation. There’s no need for a group of people to stay and die with me. Anyway, I’ll definitely die today, so instead of everyone dying together, it’s better for me to die alone.”

Luo Shaoxuan continued carrying Shen Jiayan on his back and looked at the two zombies with eyes that were very cold: “How do you know if you don’t try?”

The zombies couldn’t be confined, but what about that ax? Luo Shaoxuan tightly held the ax two meters above the zombie’s head with his ability, and shouted to Luo Qi, “Ice!”

Luo Qi deliberately froze the ax within the ice, and the whole piece of ice suddenly fell down and smashed the big zombie. The big zombie that had just regained his bearing was knocked over again.

The little zombie didn’t give up. He stepped on the shoulder of the big zombie and jumped towards Yang Yuxing.

“Field!” At the critical moment1, Luo Shaoxuan immediately used his ability without thinking, but the object of this imprisonment was no longer the little zombie, but Yang Yuxing.

The field was like an invisible glass wall. After the little zombie slammed against the invisible wall, it was immediately bounced back to the ground.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shen Jiayan quickly extended his hand and shouted, “close your eyes!” The brilliant white light slowly emerged from the palm of his hand. Shen Jiayan grabbed the corner of Luo Shaoxuan’s clothes to guide him: “Go this way, the others can follow you closely.”

The effect of this white light on these two zombies was obviously not as significant as that on other zombies. But while this white light was shining, the two zombies also did not dare to come closer.

Finally, their team could quickly flee to the car in an extremely pitiful way.

This time, there was no flower in Shen Jiayan’s palm. The white light in his palm, little by little, broke into many small pieces of light and slowly dispersed everywhere. In Shen Jiayan’s throat, he could taste a fishy sweetness, and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Lu Yuan, come over and check on Mu Che. He might have hurt himself just now by forcibly using his ability.” Yang Yuxing quickly gave up his seat to Lu Yuan, letting her go over.

Lu Yuan sent some of her healing ability into Shen Jiayan’s meridians, and her face suddenly turned ugly. “The power within his body seems to be breaking down, all of it has turned into small pieces, and they’re constantly dissolving.”

Luo Qi had once hoped for Mu Che’s ability to disappear, but now he just wanted to give his former self a hard slap on the mouth.

With such an ability, Mu Che originally had the highest chance of escaping. But because he chose to stay for the sake of their lives, he might now lose his ability and become a useless person.

Luo Qi grabbed Shen Jiayan’s hand emotionally, “Sister-in-law! From now on, I will only recognize you as my sister-in-law! For as long as I live, I will never let you die before me!”

Luo Shaoxuan’s eyes turned dark, but he remained calm and collected. He opened the hand that Luo Qi used to hold onto Shen Jiayan’s hand and pulled it away. Then he embraced Shen Jiayan in his arms.

Shen Jiayan’s kitten-like eyes were full of dismay. As long as he lives, he would not let me die in front of him? Then how can the client’s wishes be fulfilled?

Shen Jiayan’s refusal has yet to be voiced when Yang Yuxing also opened his mouth and said, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I will certainly work out a way to restore your abilities.”

“It’s not suitable for me to call you sister-in-law at my age.” Chi Xi said as he drove the car, “I can still call you Xiao Che. Xiao Che, don’t worry. Even if you don’t have an ability, it’s okay. We will try our best to protect you.”

Shen Jiayan was not happy but worried when he heard these words. Everyone said that they would do their best to protect him. Then when Luo Shaoxuan falls in love with him later, how could he die miserably in front of him?

At this time, a person suddenly appeared in front of the car.

Chi Xi braked so hard that he could barely stop before hitting the man.

The man’s facial features looked cold. He was dressed in black ancient clothes, and the sleeves of his robes fluttered. But, there was a cut from his chest to his waist, so deep that his bones could clearly be seen. The blood dyed the place where he stood red.

He glanced strangely at their car, then fainted right in front of it.

1 千钧一发 is an idiom means a thousand pounds hanging by a thread, which basically means ‘a matter of life or death’


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