WRS Arc 3 ch 4.1

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Chapter 4.1

The strategic plan was finally settled, and Yang Yuxing handed Shen Jiayan a crystal core: “Absorb it and use your ability to open up the way in front. Zombies dare not approach this light. Everyone, choose a different area to stand. As long as we are fast enough, we can get out before the zombies come around. “

Shen Jiayan took the crystal nucleus and held it in his hands. The crystal began to light up and degenerate, then slowly turned into powder.

Luo Shaoxuan and Chi Xi subconsciously guarded Shen Jiayan’s left and right side as they entered the supermarket1, their expressions alert. 

The zombies in the supermarket howled and rushed up towards them. They were still wearing the vests of the supermarket staff, but the bloodstains on them had covered the original color of the vests.

Before the apocalypse, the flow of people in supermarkets could be said as the most crowded. After the apocalypse broke out, the purgatory was the most terrible. 

Countless people came here to get supplies, but they ended up sending away their lives here. The more people came, the more zombies there were in this supermarket; the more zombies there were in this supermarket, the more people who wanted to get supplies died here.

Luo Shaoxuan efficiently killed a female zombie who wanted to launch a sneak attack from the left, cut off her head with his dagger, and turned to Shen Jiayan, who was absorbing the crystal in an unhurried manner: “Hurry!”

Shen Jiayan nodded his head. A small light jumped like a mischievous sprite at his fingertips. A jasmine flower slowly formed, and the air was filled with an elegant fragrance.

The zombies stayed in their places and howled. Their scarlet eyes became more vicious, and their sharp claws grabbed about randomly, but they were still afraid of the light and did not dare to step forward.

Everyone closed their eyes and didn’t think about what was in front of them. Whatever they got, they stuffed into their backpacks.

“I can’t hold on.” As he spoke, the light in Shen Jiayan’s hand gradually dimmed. At the same time, a pure white jasmine flower appeared in the palm of his hand.

Luo Shaoxuan abruptly swept him off his feet and carried Shen Jiayan on his back while giving a short order, “Watch out, quickly get out!”

It was very dangerous to be surrounded by zombies in this situation.

Chi Xi changed his form and opened the way in front of them.

His back and waist turned into hard rock-like skin with triangular spikes on it. His eyes protruded, all movements were 3D in his eyes, and he could clearly see all the dynamic changes of the enemy. Just like a frog’s eyes.

Chi Xi’s ability was atavism. In his body, there could be some traits that humans used to have before those traits disappeared during the evolution process. And these degenerated features could grow back on his body again. 

And Chi Xi’s transformation was the amphibious type.

His long and thick tail, which looked exactly the same as a crocodile’s tail, flicked off a large number of zombies. The zombies fell like bowling pins that had been hit, one by one, falling on top of each other.

Lu Yuan and Yang Yuxing were properly protected in the middle, between Luo Qi and Luo Shaoxuan.

Luo Qi could pierce a zombie’s brain with his ice ability. If he missed some zombies, Luo Shaoxuan would imprison it.

The main doors of the supermarket were nearby. At this time, a tall zombie stood in front of the exit. On his shoulder, a small infant zombie was sitting in awe.

The big zombie had an ax in his hand, and when the ax smashed the ground, it left a deep hole. There was a ‘he—he—’ sound coming from the big zombie’s mouth, and his eyes moved in a small circle, obviously treating the whole party as a delicacy.

The little zombie had a very big head, but his body looked slightly shrunken. There were no white eyes in the little zombie’s eyes, it was so dark that it terrified people. The teeth in his mouth were very sharp and thin, just like the teeth of a piranha. The most terrifying thing was that once the little zombie waved his hand, the big zombie started to move.

All of this showed that zombies had not only begun to use weapons but had even learned to work together.

“Attack the little zombie on the shoulder first.” Yang Yuxing saw the crucial point at a glance. “This big zombie is the body of the little zombie, and the little zombie is the brain of the big zombie. Kill the small one first, then the big zombie will be easy to deal with.”

The baby zombie seemed to understand that Yang Yuxing said to attack him first. He bared his sharp teeth and kicked his legs slightly. The big zombie then made his way towards Yang Yuxing, step by step, with an ax on his shoulder.

Luo Qi hurriedly built an ice wall in front of Yang Yuxing.

The big zombie only used one ax, and pieces of ice flew everywhere, the ice wall immediately broke into many pieces. Then he walked towards Yang Yuxing at a faster pace.

Luo Shaoxuan exerted his powers and, taking the big zombie as the center, trapped it in a field of one meter radius, freezing the big zombie’s movement. His ability was currently in the later stage of the first level. He was considered as one of the best masters, but he couldn’t even hold the big zombie for more than three seconds with his ability.

1 it is implied that they enter the supermarket at this point, but the author didn’t write it and must have forgotten to. LOL.

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