[VHBF] Chapter 46: We Shall Take This Secret To Our Graves!

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Although there were two rooms in their apartment, one of them had already been transformed into a study by Zhu Ji. He had planned to sleep on the sofa by himself while leaving the bed for the little dumpling in the bedroom. He had never shared a bed with a child before and he feared that he would crush the child if he turned over accidentally.

So far, he had spent half a day with the little dumpling and had some understanding of her nature. He wisely avoided telling the three-year-old about his arrangements. The little dumpling was still growing, and she had worked so much today. After taking a bath, Zhu Ji went to bed with the dumpling early.

Zhu Ji sang well. Singing and acting in the entertainment circle were inseparable. Even though he was not interested in singing, he had also sung several movie songs and OSTs/ episode songs in dramas under the strong demand of the director.

His voice had a kind of jade like clarity, but also sounded serene as if riding through high mountains and rivers above flowing water. Some musicians once rated his voice as a voice blessed by God. Therefore, once upon a time his fans joked that if the movie emperor ever quits acting; he could also change his career to be a singer and won’t be delayed by acting.

His deep voice resounded in the small room. The man leaned against the bed and hummed a nursery rhyme. He didn’t remember the lyrics, so he hummed the tune. Soon the child beside him fell asleep. Lying beside him, her face was in a shade of red, and she was sleeping peacefully.

Zhu Ji was just about to get up when the little dumpling clutched the corner of his clothes with her small chubby hand subconsciously. He chuckled while looking at her peaceful face and gently pulled the dumpling’s hand away and went to sleep on the sofa in the living room, while using a thin blanket.

The sofa was only about one and a half meter (150cm) long, and for a man of over 187cm, lying on it was a little cramped. Zhu Ji turned about for a long time before falling asleep.

He didn’t know how long he had slept for, but he was awakened by a cry.

The little dumpling came out of the room with a pillow in her arms, crying and shouting “Daddy”. Before Zhu Ji could figure out what was going on, the child had rushed up like a small bullet and planted herself on him.

“Daddy you cheated!” The little dumpling complained.

Zhu Ji was embarrassed. Before going to bed, the little dumpling had pestered him to sleep along with her father at night. Seeing her sweet face, he couldn’t bring himself to say no, and Zhu Ji agreed helplessly.

In the end, he went back to bed to sleep, the bed he had used during his freshman years. He couldn’t remember when he had fallen asleep. When he woke up, a pair of small hands were messing with his face. When the little girl saw him open his eyes, she immediately jumped up and shouted, “Daddy, you finally woke up!”


“Rise and shine, Grandpa Sun is already out! Get up!”(1)

After a simple breakfast, Zhu Ji took the little dumpling along with him to the supermarket to buy vegetables. As usual, she was wearing a mask and was in her daddy’s arms. She was not very happy to be carried around the supermarket by her father.

When they arrived at the supermarket, she saw other children being put on the cart by their parents, and her little head turned towards her daddy and asked in a low voice, “Yinyin also wants to sit in the car, pushed around by Daddy.”

For the first time in her life, the little dumpling had the chance to sit in a shopping cart at a big supermarket. Then she was also being pushed around by her father. Shaking her short legs excitedly she looked around in the supermarket. Zhu Ji reached out his hand to pat her small head and told her to calm down. “If you move around too much, you will fall down.”

The girl stopped at once, and sat in the cart, with her body straight and two small fat claws by her legs, motionless.

Zhu Ji: “……”

Even though she was wearing a mask, it wasn’t able to completely cover the little face of the dumpling. She was round and lovely, and her delicate eyebrows and eyes were charming and lively.

Sitting in the shopping cart, she didn’t dare to move her body, but she couldn’t stop herself from looking around curiously with her eyes wide open, which would make the onlookers laugh.

There were several people nearby who were picking up goods from the shelves. They couldn’t help but look at her more and wonder, ‘Where was this lovely child from?’

Then they would take a look at the young man pushing the shopping cart. Although the mask covered most of his face, his eyebrows and eyes were similar to those of the little dumpling. On the first sight, one would know that he was the father of this child.

A 40 to 50-year-old woman was with her grandson in the supermarket. The child was very lively and seemed to be a naughty child. He was moving around, twisting and turning while sitting in the shopping cart. When he saw his grandmother throwing something he didn’t like to eat into the cart, he would throw it out.

The aunty saw the little dumpling and couldn’t help but talk to Zhu Ji with envy, “Your child is so lovely! She looks cute and obedient, and is not so uncontrollable and naughty like our family’s child!”

Then she gently knocked on her grandson’s skull and told him to learn more from his little sister. She said, “Look, you are bigger than this little sister (2), but you are not as sensible as her!”

The naughty child was not convinced, so he decided that he would first take a peek then argue back to his grandma. But when he turned his head and looked at the little sister sitting next to him in the cart. He started blushing and stammered, “Whe.., when was I naughty?”

The naughty child was about to die of embarrassment. This sister was so beautiful, and his grandmother said he was naughty and unruly in front of her! He was so dead!

The Aunty praised the little dumpling so much as if she was almost going to stop talking the next second and would start to kowtow before Zhu Ji, asking him how he taught his child? She also wanted to learn from him.

Zhu Ji felt wonderful. He looked at the little dumpling’s hairy head and said modestly, “Maybe girls are better behaved than boys.”

The little dumpling couldn’t sit still anymore. She was praised in front of her father by others just now and also praised by her father. She couldn’t help but sit straighter. She was the best behaved child in the world. She was the best child!

Listening to her daddy saying so, she did not agree with him, “Daddy don’t say nonsense, YinYin is the loveliest child, but not because I am a girl!”

Zhu Ji:“……”

The aunty laughed and said that the child was very lively. Look at this self-confident child, how could she not be lively?

The naughty child nodded his head and agreed, “This little sister must be the best! I’ll learn from her. “

After that, he also sat straight on the shopping cart, learning from this little sister. He sat upright and motionless.

Aunty, “…”

In addition to choosing some snacks that children could eat, Zhu Ji also bought meat, vegetables, fruits and other daily necessities. He had just moved in and was short of everything. He bought several bags full of stuff. Zhu Ji obviously couldn’t carry the child while holding everything with him. Fortunately, this supermarket was not far from the community they were living in and also provided delivery services.

Zhu Ji, who had just left with his child, did not know that his outstanding temperament, coupled with the attention to the child with the same beautiful face in his arms, several people couldn’t help taking photos, passing them on the circle of friends or Weibo (3), and wrote, “I met this Immortal Father and daughter pair with unparalleled beauty!”

A girl in her twenties was a die-hard fan of Movie Emperor Zhu. Ever since Movie Emperor Zhu’s scandal, although no she didn’t hate him or become an anti-fan, she was also not following him anymore.

Originally her online nickname was ‘Ji’sThigh’, but now she had no intention of chasing movie stars anymore. She stood at the supermarket checkout counter and watched the father and daughter leaving for a long time.

So…..Why did she used to love Movie Emperor Zhu Ji’s movies?

She looked down at the picture taken by her subconsciously. The man held the three-year-old girl in his arms and said something to her. He bowed his head and smiled, and the warm temperament, his eyes and eyebrows looked very similar to the Movie Emperor Zhu Ji!

Her eyes were fixed on the child’s face, and her eyes suddenly widened. Could there be another person who looks just like him? This child also looks similar to the Movie Emperor???!

After following this famous actor for the last seven or eight years, ever since she had her mobile phone back in high school, she began to save his photos to admire him. She had memorized all the photos ever taken of him after looking at them countless times. Even her mobile phone screensaver was also his photo. It could be said that old fans like her were not only most familiar with Movie Emperor Zhu’s appearance, but also had a great understanding of  his cool and outstanding temperament. Looking again at the familiar straight and slender back, if this was not Movie Emperor Zhu, then who else could it be?

But after so many years, how many fans/which of the fans did not know that Zhu Ji had always kept a distance from the men and women in the entertainment circle. He never even met someone outside his work, let alone falling in love.

When did he, who refused to be contaminated by evil influence, who had been single for the last ten years, had a child?

Did Movie Emperor Zhu secretly married and gave birth to a child without their fans knowing?

She changed her online nickname to “Mindless pursuit of stars” and hastily settled the account, and then worry reappeared on her face. She looked over again in the supermarket, the father and daughter pair had already disappeared. Her shoulders fell down in disappointment. She had already told her little sister that she was no longer a die-hard fan, how could she let him go after pursuing him for so many years of being his die-hard fan.

Then “Mindless pursuit of stars” sent the photos to the fan group. At this time, most of the fans that didn’t leave the fan group were old fans of the Movie Emperor for many years. “Mindless pursuit of stars” somehow didn’t give up and leave together with the rest.

She sent out the picture and asked, “Don’t you think this guy looks similar to Movie Emperor Zhu?”

In the past, they all proudly called him “brother”. Now they didn’t dare to call him so anymore. They just call him how the outside world referred to him saying “Zhu Ji”.

There were only about a hundred people left in the group. This group was the core group of fans. They were all big fans once upon a time. Now, since the fall of the Movie Emperor in the whole internet, only they were only fighting force with the remaining fans with similar thinking to speak up for the Movie Emperor!

Other people would have laughed at her and called her “Unintentional pursuit of stars”. After all, she changed her Internet name and had said publicly that she no longer wanted to be his die-hard fan. Now, who would want to see posts about Movie Emperor at a time like this? Their brother didn’t need this kind of farce to regain his popularity!

However, when they opened the photo, they lost the sarcastic mood. The administrator who wanted to kick her out of the group was also stunned.

She was Zhu Ji’s die-hard fan, she not only loved the clean and handsome youth, but also loved how after thousands of ups and down in the entertainment industry, over the course of so many years, he had always maintained his original heart, such a jade like noble man.

The fans all called Zhu Ji brother, but in her heart that was the man she had seen growing up. It was the same as seeing her younger brother. How could she not understand what her brother looked like?!

It was not hard to tell him apart even if he had just changed his clothes and wore a mask. Now it was the paparazzi who couldn’t catch up with Zhu Ji. If the senior paparazzi who had been chasing Zhu Ji appeared in this blog, he would definitely recognize him. This was Movie Emperor Zhu!

A few fans looked at the picture, and were silent for a long time. They were quiet for about ten minutes before they started to understand the information.


The moon is shining and the world is Ji (group leader), “Everyone, our brother has a child???”

This sentence suddenly blew everyone’s mind. Even those who didn’t click to open the picture at the beginning could not help but open it. It was unbelievable.

That child looked like their brother so much, saying that they were not father and daughter was unbelievable!

“So my brother is secretly married? He lied to us?”

“No, no, no, I refuse to believe that my brother is such a person. He was an orphan. In the past interview, he said that if one day he has a family, he will share it with us at the first time, because that is what he wants the most.”

“So many years, did you ever see any women around my brother? Doesn’t it seem? Even his closest female friends are old artists, he can’t marry in secret! “

A few fans took a glance and said, “I’ve ruled out the possibility of the hidden marriage of my family’s little brother, but in the end, the biggest question is——”

“And where did the child come from?”

“Could it be a child of brother’s relatives? If they are related by blood, they may look alike even if they are not father and daughter. “

A few die-hard fans reluctantly believed this statement. They loved Zhu Ji. They had abandoned him now. They dared not to give him any more trouble. The picture was destroyed by the group leader. The administrator came out and asked everyone to keep the uncertain secret.

“Let our brother live in peace for a period of time. Let’s not tarnish his name. In addition, the origin of this child is difficult to say, we must pay attention to keep this a secret!”

At this time, the system prompted “Mindless Pursuit of Star” had quit group chat, but no one cared about it. It was time to leave.

On the other hand, Yao Li looked at the bank card on her mobile phone and the value of 50 million yuan. She was happy beyond description. She not only received money from Zhu Ji but also made money getting rid of that little fool at once!

It was the result of hard work; of feeding her for three years!

Yao Li opened the mailbox and sent two photos.

Before sending out, she specially opened the large picture to confirm. One was the DNA identification sheet of the little fool and Zhu Ji. The other was a picture of the child who was buried in the man’s arms at that time. She had reached out to take a picture of them behind their backs.

This was what Yao Li secretly took during the negotiation with Zhu Ji that day when Zhu Ji was appeasing the child. She wanted to take a picture of the front view, but she couldn’t find a chance to take a picture. The man was so keen and intelligent that Yao Li didn’t dare to take a picture in front of him.

However, this was enough. Yao Li hooked her lips and looked at one big and one child, two unlucky fools in the picture. This was worth all the trouble!

  1. “太阳公公晒屁屁要起床喽!””Rise and shine, Grandpa Sun is already out! Get up!”: The literal translation was different but i tried to make it sound as logical as possible.
  2. Little sister: This is not a blood related sister. In china, one could call a younger female as Little sister similarly the one being older gets called elder suster or Jie Jie if the elder one is female and GeGe if one is male.
  3. Weibo: It is a popular social media app like Twitter or Facebook in China.

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