Undying Patient C3.2

Translator: ImmoralShan

Proofreader: Lynn

Su Jinzhi woke up from the pain of backache and leg cramps. It was his first time yet he tried such a high-level and difficult move. He couldn’t believe that the thirsty man last night was none other than himself.

The headache brought by the hangover was very painful. Su Jinzhi rubbed his forehead and groaned. Only when the pain was slightly alleviated did he have time to look at the room he stayed in. 

He slept in a semi-open-air superior Suite. The whole room was bright and simple in color. The floor was covered with a soft and thick carpet which was spotless and extremely clean. The sun could easily pass through the transparent glass and covered his whole body with a golden layer of light.

But even so, Su Jinzhi couldn’t feel the slightest warmth and comfort from the sunshine covering his whole body, let alone the faint colic pain and uncontrollable palpitations of his heart.

Su Jinzhi quickly reached out to take out the bottle of heart disease medicine that he had taken with him. However, as he was searching for it, he discovered that not only did the place where he slept had changed, but the waiter’s clothes he wore had also changed into expensive silk robes, which were clinging to his body coolly, barely covering the red kiss marks left by the intense yet tender show of his love.

He propped himself up using his bed and just as he wanted to get out of bed to find the medicine, the suite door opened.

Qin Yezhou turned his wheelchair and moved over to support him. He smiled softly, voice full of tenderness and doting, “How could you get up? Don’t you know that your body isn’t good?”

Su Jinzhi looked at his expression and laid down again. Following Qin Yezhou was a person in a white coat, he was obviously a doctor, and he hurriedly carried the medicine box, walking to the front while wearing plastic gloves. He silently lifted his sleeve and gave him a shot.

Su Jinzhi stared at the cold and transparent liquid in the syringe being pumped into his own blood vessel in a daze. A warm hand touched his hair and a cup of warm water was also handed to him, “How can you still be so absent-minded?”

After Qin Yezhou finished saying this and gave him a few pills, speaking with an irresistible force, “Take the medicine.”

Su Jinzhi looked down at the medicine he usually took but saw there were additional two or three different ones added. He took the medicine obediently, drank some water, and then continued to play the role of an innocent juvenile who lost his feet and sat on the bed feebly. He hung his head and didn’t speak but his hands clung onto the bed sheet tightly, looking as if his soul hadn’t come back yet. Making it so that Qin Yezhou had no choice but to caress his hair again and then give him a kiss on the side. 

Fortunately, the bed was not very high. Before Qin Yezhou had broken his legs, he was also very tall. Otherwise, it would be difficult to complete this action with the height of his wheelchair.

Qin Yezhou’s warm lips were pressed against his ear and he coaxed him in a low voice, “You just took the medicine. It’s still early, you can go to sleep again. I’ll take you to have dinner later.”

However, the youth on the bed was still dazed, “En…”

Qin Yezhou took back his hand on his head and jokingly said, “Then I’ll leave?”

“Mr. Qin!” Hearing this, the young man suddenly widened his eyes and raised his hand to grasp his clothes, “I——”

Qin Yezhou smiled and said, “We can talk after eating.”

The young man didn’t have a choice but to let go, “Oh, I… “

“Don’t think too much.” Qin Yezhou saw this, smiled at him again, touched his hand which was on the soft quilt, and left.

As soon as Qin Yezhou left, Su Jinzhi immediately began to summon the system, “System? System? No. 1? What happened to me last night?”

No. 1 said coldly, “The red wine you guys drank had a high concentration of aphrodisiac put in by someone.”

Su Jinzhi: “???”

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