[TYCDTN] – Chapter 97 Part 2

Translated by: Oinkoink

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng) – Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán )- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞思雨( ) – Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s shu sister

-虞府( ) – the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-林氏 (Lín shì) – Lin Shi

-老太太 (Lǎo tàitài) – Old Madam

-馬嬤嬤 (mǎ mó mo)- Old Madam’s personal maidservant

-虞妙琪 (Yu miao qi) – the original fl of the novel and Yu Pin Yan’s Di younger sister

-樸神醫(Pǔ shényī)- Divine Doctor Pu

-沈元奇(Shěn yuán qí)- Shen Yuan Qi, Yu Xiang’s biological elder brother.

-苦海和尚(Kǔ huì héshang)- Master Ku Hai

The Crown Princess treats Yu Xiang as one of her own, so how could she still be angry when she even privately got an oral message from Liu Lu, saying that she would send her two jars of dewdrops nourishing facial cream every month. Once there was a little improvement, she came out to mediate things over.

“The dewdrops nourishing facial cream is very rare, how did Xiang’er get so many?” She asked according to the predetermined words. All the ladies were surprised too and looked over successively.

Yu Xiang smiled bitterly, “Niang-niang[1] also knows this subject got the title Sinong Xiangjun[2] because this subject is adept in cultivating plants. In order to get this much dewdrops nourishing facial cream, this subject has promised Divine Doctor Pu to help him take care of his medicinal garden for three years. Due to the poor supervision of my Marquis Yongle manor, such a big mess has occurred and this subject only has to serve as a medicinal farmer for three years which is already considered a good bargain.” Once the words faltered, she cupped her hands towards the noble ladies, “Should any of you ladies have any requests, just ask. I, Yu Xiang, will do my best to absolve myself.”

Her approach was humble while appearing sickly and haggard. Moreover, the dignified Di daughter of Marquis Yongle manor is serving as a medicinal farmer which is simply condescending to the extreme. Not to mention she was not to be blamed but even if it was indeed her fault, the anger of the female guests had long dissipated.

Embracing her, the Crown Princess repeatedly said it was fine while Madam Fan and Min Shi also came forward to comfort her. Who else would dared to put forth an unforgiving face but showed their desire not to pursue the matter anymore.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Old Madam stared at her deathly pale granddaughter in the crowd and burst into tears. It had been really hard for her as this mess was made by Yu Miao Qi yet she had to redress it. Serving as a medicinal farmer, when has she even needed to go so lowly!

Yu Pin Yan sat expressionlessly in the hall. As there was a screen partition, he was unable to see his sister’s figure but could only clench his fist repeatedly. After a short while, he slowly unclenched his palms and swept the tea cup that had been broken to bits to the ground.

The shopkeeper who sold the dried jujubes originally wanted to close the shop but felt extremely pity seeing there were still a lot of moldy out-of-date goods in the warehouse and thought perhaps he could make a little ill-gotten gains after a slight process. Seeing how well-dressed the steward who purchased the jujubes was, he somewhat asked a few questions for fear of offending some bigwigs. As the steward herself had a guilty conscience, she lied by telling him that her master was just a rich country squire and that she wanted to make a profit because she was short of money, so she bought this kind of inferior goods.

Since the shop was going to change hands anyway and seeing the other’s master was not anyone influential, he sold all the dried jujubes then went to buy farmland in the countryside. It would have been fine if it was other people but he actually provoked Yu Pin Yan. Not to mention he had merely gone to the countryside, even if he had burrowed into the ground, he would have been dug out.

In less than an hour, the trussed up shopkeeper was brought over by the guards. While he kowtowed and begged for mercy, he confessed the whole story.

After half a day of trouble, it was actually the embezzlement of Old Madam’s silver for food by Yu Miao Qi that caused this series of mishaps. The female guests secretly lamented that it was not easy for All Commander Yu, who almost ruined by the hands of the boudoir women; then looking at the brocade box of dewdrops nourishing facial cream, they sighed again as he still has a younger sister who can handle matters and uphold the family status as well as going through life and death with him, which is also a blessing in misfortune.

Before they even completed the lamentation, Lin Shi rushed out all of a sudden and stated plainly that this was all simply because of her which had nothing to do with her daughter. As her dowry shops were losing money one after another, she thought of embezzling the household income to make up the deficits. The reason why Yu Miao Qi skimped on the manor expenses was due to her instigation. All the mistakes were her fault which had nothing to do with others. Once the words faltered, she kowtowed with thuds asking Old Madam to condemn her.

The truth has come out and it’s time for the Yu family to take care of their private affairs behind closed doors. The female guests felt awkward that they took their leave under the lead of the Crown Princess. As for whether this matter was actually Lin Shi or Yu Miao Qi’s fault, they were not interested to probe into. In short, neither of this mother and daughter are someone easy to deal with, imagine how Old Madam can put up with them for so long.

Yu Si Yu had gotten an oral message from Yu Xiang asking her to return home on her jiji day. Now that half a year has already passed and no one will still remember her affairs, so it’s time for her to come back and talk about marriage. The wheel of Yu Si Yu’s carriage unexpectedly broke while she was rushing back which delayed her journey. When she arrived at the front door, the jiji ceremony was almost over.

She walked up the steps to knock on the door but saw a tall handsome man standing outside the door with hesitation on his face.

“You are the top scholar?” Yu Si Yan opened her mouth hesitantly.

“It’s precisely I, Shen. Boldly ask if this lady is the Eldest Young Miss of Marquis Yongle manor?” Shen Yuan Qi smiled with cupped hands.

Yu Si Yu did not answer but an old Momo she had subjugated in the countryside asked warily, “What is the reason for Lord Shen’s visit to the Marquis manor? Do you need this Laonu[3] to relay for you?”

There was a struggle shown on Shen Yuan Qi’s face before he finally heaved a sigh and said a moment later, “No, there’s no need to relay any message. Would like to request Eldest Young Miss to give this brocade box to Third Young Miss on my behalf and I, Shen would hereby express my gratitude.” Saying that, he took out a long brocade box from his sleeve and stuffed it into the old Momo’s hand then left hurriedly.

Yu Si Yu took the brocade box and opened to take a look, it was actually a piece of jadeite flat crown’s hairpin. The materials and workmanship were extremely precious which lit up dazzlingly under the sunlight.

Yu Si Yu murmured with squinted eyes, “What does Lord Shen mean by giving such a beautifully extravagant crown’s hairpin? Does he like Yu Xiang?” Before she could dwell on it, the creaking of door opening was heard where the Crown Princess came out supporting the sickly Ninth Princess followed by many female guests. She was shocked and hurriedly greeted with a curtsy.

The Crown Princess and others only nodded their heads briefly then left.

The doorkeeper waited until the group was far away before whispering, “Eldest Young Miss, you’ve returned untimely, something big has happened at home!”

“Oh? What is it? It just so happens I have an important matter here too!” Yu Si Yu took a step towards the main courtyard. On the way, the doorkeeper told her about the sulfur jujubes which caused her to laugh grimly again and again. What’s the saying? Blessings never come in pairs and misfortunes never come singly. As luck would have it, she also has leverage over Yu Miao Qi which she is about to report to Grandmother and Elder Brother.

Paying no heeds to Lin Shi and Yu Miao Qi, who were kneeling on the ground, Yu Pin Yan strode to Yu Xiang’s side and extended his hand wanting to touch her stomach after the Crown Princess and others had been sent away.

Yu Xiang shot a quick glance at Old Madam then pinched the flesh on the back of his hand first and bared her teeth in a threatening manner before giving an exaggerated silent warning – Don’t, touch, me! Beware, of, blood, flowing, like, a, river!

Even though Yu Pin Yan was filled with rage, it was all extinguished now. He withdrew his large hand and rubbed her head instead. Without demur, he picked her up then walked out and justified without looking back, “Grandmother, go rest first. Let them both kneel. I will come back to deal with them after I have settled Xiang’er down.”

Yu Xiang was so anxious that she punched him on the shoulder and cried out in a low voice, “Change the posture, this is not appropriate.”

“It does not matter. Elder Brother is wearing black which sustains dirtiness.” Yu Pin Yan freed one hand and patted her soft butt.

Yu Xiang had nowhere to hide her shame but to bury her hot cheeks into the nook of his neck, refusing to speak again.

In the main courtyard hall, how could Old Madam go to rest. She glared at both the mother and daughter of Lin Shi with a pair of intensely blazing fury eyes. She wanted to wield her walking stick and beat them severely but she could not exert any strength due to the poisoning; she wished she could use the meanest words to curse them yet she was incapable to utter a word because her throat was burnt.

Inadvertently, she recalled the words of Master Kuhai back then and felt deeply regretful again for her decision to bring Yu Miao Qi back.

[1] 娘娘 (Niáng-niáng) – an honorific address that generally used for royalty and noble women such as queens, imperial concubines, princesses and also for goddesses.

[2] 乡君 (xiāng jūn) – township princess

[3] 老奴(lǎonú ) – this old slave

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