[TYCDTN] – Chapter 88 Part 1

Translated by: Oinkoink

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng) – Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán )- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞府( ) – the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-林氏 (Lín shì) – Lin Shi

-老太太 (Lǎo tàitài) – Old Madam

-虞妙琪 (Yu miao qi) – the original fl of the novel and Yu Pin Yan’s Di younger sister

Yu Xiang’s few words set forth the selfish motives of Yu Miao Qi that the gazes of those bystanders with sharp-eyes and clear-heads changed a little when they looked at Yu Miao Qi. Standing still with embarrassment, Yu Miao Qi hurriedly shot a glance at the Crown Prince as her heart quivered when his eyes swept over and darkened vaguely.

Yu Xiang, however, was in no mood to pay any heeds to her. Having the crazy woman brought forward, she used the horse whip to prop her chin up and interrogated in a cold voice, “Who are you? What is the deep-seated hatred you have with my Yu family?”

The woman puckered her lips and tried to spit but was ruthlessly smacked several times that her cheeks instantly scarred with bloody lash marks. Those noblewomen who knew her dared not utter a sound lest being noted by Yu Xiang.

“Who the hell are you? Tell me or I’ll have your tongue pulled out!” Yu Xiang’s expression was extremely terrifying. Several pozi fiercely wrangled the woman’s arms causing her to scream.

“I will tell you, I will tell you. I’m Zhao Shi, Xu Mao’s wife!” This woman is after all, a delicately brought up noble woman who can’t bear any hardship. Once the impulse had passed and Yu Xiang’s harshness was assimilated, she spoke out candidly moments later.

The onlookers, particularly those ladies who have never seen the world, all revealed panic-stricken expressions and their previous scorns for Yu Xiang all turned into fear at this moment. On the other hand, the noblewomen sighed secretly: as expected of the All Commander Yu’s younger sister whose temperament and tactics cannot escape the word ‘ruthless’ and this Zhou Shi will probably be finished in her hands.

When Zhou Shi started kicking up the ruckus, several people had slowly made their way downstairs while the shopkeeper of Zixiang House went attending to them with extreme deferential and sweating profusely. The person in lead was an imposing man dressed in black with indistinct disdain appearing between his rigid eyebrows and following behind were two unusually handsome young men. The one holding a jade fan was elegant and graceful while the one grasping the Xiuchun sword harbored an aura of bloodshed in his eyes.

Seeing the visitors, the Crown Prince hurriedly bowed and narrated the whole incident.

On the other side, Yu Xiang revealed the look of realization and snickered, “So, it’s you! You have the audacity to say my elder brother wantonly slaughter the innocent and cruelly kill the loyalist? What kind of loyalist was your husband, Xu Mao?”

The pupils of her eyes constricted as she reminisced and a short while later, she enumerated one after another, “During the ninth year of Chengkang reign, Xu Mao raped a peasant woman on his outing in the countryside and in order to cover this matter up, he exterminated her whole family of seven. When he was promoted to the position of Chief Official of Xuanwei in the sub-perfect during the eleventh year of Chengkang reign, he embezzled hundred thousands taels of military pay, leaving the 6th battalion soldiers of Yangtze River without money nor padded clothing for the winter and caused more than ten thousand people frozen to death. Getting promoted to be the Wing Commander of Jianrui Battalion in the seventeenth year of Chengkang reign, he secretly released the prisoners on death row from the imperial dungeon to be hunted and killed like beasts in the dense forest. Once he was promoted to the Provincial Commander of the Ninth Gate in the twenty-first year of Chengkang reign, he accepted bribes of over million taels to rid those dissidents and assassinated dozens of people … his stains of misdeeds were too many to be recorded and the piles of murder cases were horrifying to hear. You still have the nerve to use the word loyalist to illustrate a beast like him?”

Yu Xiang waved at Liu Lu, “Go buy a basket of eggs over.” Amidst the crowd’s baffled look, she continued, “The Emperor had him executed because he well-deserved it while my elder brother killed him with his own hand to eradicate evil for the people. If you feel wronged, you can go beat the drum to appeal and sue the imperial court. Why make things difficult for an invalid like me? My elder brother indeed kills people like flies but he has never killed innocent people nor has he ever framed any loyalist. He sheds his blood while lays down his life in the battleground for his country and is utterly loyal as well as dedicated to the Emperor until his dying day. And I, Yu Xiang, am here to leave words that whoever thinks my elder brother has any unjust, fake and false charge cases in his hand then take an egg and smash it hard on my head. I am sitting here waiting for you!”

Her every word was as heavy as a thousand jin[1] without the least bit of disheartened nor the slightest hint of timidity. Everybody on the scene successively hung their heads and kept reticent with fear in their eyes when her cold stern gaze swept over them.

With difficulty, Old Madam squeezed out from the crowd and spoke in a cold voice, “Xiang’er is right. If anyone feels they have been wronged, my Yu family’s members will undertake it. Someone come and get me a seat!”

Ma Momo hurriedly moved a chair for Old Madam while Liu Lu also quickly brought the basket of eggs over and placed it in front of everyone.

It was so quiet that the sound of a needle drop could be heard either inside or outside the shop. Not only Zhou Shi but all the passers-by who were watching the excitement turned ghastly pale. Yu Xiang had already spoken to this extent, so who would dare to smash them? Yu Pin Yan did killed by the decree and who would dare to say the word ‘no’ once the Emperor had proclaimed a person guilty? Even if one hated Yu Pin Yan to the marrow of their bones, who would have the guts to stand out and smash an egg today? Smashing would precisely mean their resentment for the Emperor, their dissatisfaction of the royal court and there will surely be no shortage of people to clean you up once you are home.

Even though Yu Xiang has broken legs, the breadth of her mind and her bearing are not the least bit inferior to that of a man while her speech is even better than a mighty million forces. If an ordinary woman had encountered such an incident, she would have long turned flummoxed by the smashing and wept endlessly. Eleven out of ten people would have resolved such matters privately in the inner room like Yu Miao Qi. In such a way, the dirty water splashed on the Yu family will never be washed out in this lifetime.

Although the way Yu Xiang handled this was crude, it was extremely effective and those arrogant words even held Yu Pin Yan in the most extreme esteem which momentarily was admirable.

Zhou Shi was frightened and nervous. Willingly, she knelt and kowtowed while those acquaintances came forward to comfort Old Madam one after the other. However, all the noble ladies covered their faces to evade and staggered in their steps when Yu Xiang’s sharp gaze looked over.

Only then did Yu Xiang hooked her lips and smiled coldly, glancing askance at Yu Miao Qi whose facial features were slightly distorted, she opened her mouth slowly, “People already came and attack at the door yet you still stepped softly forward to lend a supportive arm and even made known of your apology? Why on earth are you apologizing? Do you firmly believe that elder brother had wantonly slaughtered the innocent and cruelly killed the loyalist? Since your surname is Yu, it is best that you remember this — no matter when or where you are, upholding the honor of Yu manor is your most important duty. The reputation of the Yu family can be ruined but the backbone cannot be crooked!”

[1] 斤(jīn)- Jin. One Jin= 500 grams.

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