[TYCDTN] – Chapter 79 Part 1

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng) – Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán )- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞府( ) – the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-老太太 (Lǎo tàitài) – Old Madam

-虞妙琪 / 沈妙琪 ( Yu miao qi / Shén miào qí) – the original fl of the novel and Yu Pin Yan’s Di younger sister

-范娇娇(Fàn jiāo jiāo)- Fan Jiao Jiao, Ninth Princess’s study companion and daughter of General Who Guards the State.

-闵松 (Mǐn sōng) – the Crown Princess’ younger sister (1)

-闵芝 (Mǐn zhī) – the Crown Princess’ younger sister (2)

-闵兰 (Mǐn lán) – the Crown Princess’ younger sister (3)

A group of noble ladies gathered around to watch the match while the Ninth Princess and Fan Jiao Jiao watched with gusto as they leaned on the back of Yu Xiang’s wheelchair.

Since Yu Miao Qi is also excel at playing klotski[1], she hastily squeezed in and just as she reached the edge of the table, she saw Yu Xiang had already moved the piece representing ‘Cao Cao[2]’ to the bottom frame and successfully escaped.

Tossing out a hundred taels of silver, Min Lan spoke through her gritted teeth, “This round does not count, go on!”

“Fine, if it does not count then it doesn’t count.” Yu Xiang chuckled lightly. Practically without much thought, clattered sound of pieces being moved down once they were put in place and no matter how Min Lan encircled or intercepted, she always escaped within ten moves and it merely took a quarter of an hour to complete a dozen games in rows. The banknotes piled by the side of her hand were so thick that a silver ingot was even used to weigh the piles down lest being blown away by the wind.

Defeated, Min Lan’s eyes reddened and realizing that all her banknotes were gone, she pulled out the hairpin on her head, wanting to continue but was held down unwaveringly by her two sisters. Those other noble ladies covered their mouths one after another and lightly laughed.

Yu Miao Qi, however, could not laugh. She found out suddenly that Yu Xiang is not as simple as she thought. With her vicious mouth and unrestrained temperament, she can risk everything and is able to lay down her prestige. What’s more she is extremely bright which makes her simply too difficult to deal with.

Seeing Min Lan staring at her ferociously, Yu Xiang raised her hand and tossed the banknotes out as she snickered, “I’ve said that I don’t want to play with you. Every time you lose, you’ll look like an anxious rabbit. Here, take it. I’m not short of your silver …”

Old Madam’s cough and also the chuckle of the Crown Princess with the words ‘it’s okay’ resounded from the main hall next door, having no choice, Yu Xiang had to swallow her unfinished words.

Min Song flattened the banknotes and stuffed them back into her hand before dragging Min Lan away with Min Zhi. Yu Miao Qi truly admired Yu Xiang at this moment. Knowing perfectly well that the Crown Princess is just next door, she still dares to treat the three Min sisters in such a way, her temper is more perverse than hearsay.


As per the Emperor’s decree, the hundred-day banquet of the two little imperial grandchildren will be celebrated grandly in the Imperial Palace and due to the indisposed of the Crown Princess, the full-moon banquet is nothing more than just a gesture. Sure enough, the Crown Princess only invited several sisters-in-law, her maiden family and a few exceedingly acquainted families. While the noble women were entertained by herself, the noble ladies were handed over to the three Min sisters.

The three Min sisters did not return until the commencement of the banquet when they called everyone to take their seats for the feast. Seeing all the noble ladies intentionally avoid the Ninth Princess and Yu Xiang, Yu Miao Qi did not go over to invite a snub too. She just sat next to a noble lady whom she had just met.

Yu Xiang’s party of three took up one large round table of twelve and dozens of dishes without feeling awkward, instead they were inured to it. Pouring their own wine and picking up the chopsticks, they started to eat. Shooting a glance at them, Min Lan’s expression was somewhat strange.

When the banquet was almost over, Fan Jiao Jiao suddenly bellowed, “Where’s the wine? Why is my wine gone? Give me another jug! No, a jar!” As she said that, she stood up with an empty wine jug and knocked it noisily with a chopstick.

Leaning on Fan Jiao Jiao’s shoulder limply, the Ninth Princess slowly slid to the ground and snored once she stood up.

Only Yu Xiang was reclining in her wheelchair with one hand propping her cheek up while the other swinging the horsewhip. Her big round feline eyes were glistening bright as she stared at Fan Jiao Jiao with interest. Her flushed cheeks were more delicately charming than the red rouge and the small cherry-like mouth opened slightly as the tip of her pink tongue licked her pearly white teeth seemingly thirsty. The indolent posture of hers held countless flirtatious expressions that one would not help but get intoxicated after just a glance.

Hearing the noises, everyone turned their head to look. Some were surprised and some snickered while others were concerned … Turning greenish to pale, Min Lan’s complexion was extremely hideous. She wanted Yu Xiang making a big fool of herself while the Ninth Princess and Fan Jiao Jiao were merely incidental for who should she be afraid of as she is about to become the Crown Prince’s Zhengfei[3] anyway?

At this moment, the Ninth Princess and Fan Jiao Jiao did make a fool of themselves but Yu Xiang was still alright, she neither lost consciousness nor did she shout at the top of her voice. Merely tipsy and half awake, yet her little appearance was out of this world instead.

Min Song glared fiercely at her younger sister. The Crown Princess came in when Min Song was about to get up to take care of the Ninth Princess, who instructed Song Momo to carry and let the Ninth Princess sleep peacefully in her bedroom. She then pushed Fan Jiao Jiao into a chair, snatched the wine jug Fan Jiao Jiao was holding and took a slight sniff. Sighing, she smiled, “It’s nevertheless the servant’s mistake to have served the green fruit brew instead of the green fruit wine. No wonder they are so drunk.”

The green fruit brew is the fruit wine that’s kept and fermented in a special cask for more than forty years which has no fruity freshness but is much smoother and mellower. Refreshingly tasty and acidicly sweet to the taste yet its after-effect is downright strong, as it’s also known as ‘belly burn’ which is a famous hard liquor of the Great Han. A grown man only needs half a jug to be dead drunk. One could imagine its potency after these three young girls had shared a jug together.

There weren’t any mistakes for other tables but merely her daughter’s, would the servants of the Crown Prince’s residence be so careless to this point? Fan Jiao Jiao’s mother gave a thoughtful glance at Min Lan. Shaking her head inwardly, the Crown Princess excluded Min Lan from the succession list. She originally thought Min Lan would be the easiest to control but if her envious intent is unyielding to this extent, she nevertheless could not be chosen, lest she evoke the disgust of the Crown Prince and implicate her two precious babies.

Min Zhi felt somewhat grateful and couldn’t help feeling delighted. Min Song, however, broke out in a cold sweat. She still wants to have children of her own in this lifetime and even if she can sit on the phoenix throne some day, she does not want to get ensnared in her eldest sister’s plan.

[1] 华容道 (Huáróng dào) – traditional puzzle game involving strategically sliding the wooden blocks that loosely based on an episode in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义).

[2] 曹操 (Cáocāo) – a famous statesman and general at the end of Han Dynasty who was the main villain of the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms(三国演义).

[3] 正妃 (Zhèng fēi) – main wife of a prince

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