[TYCDTN] Chapter 66 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-馬嬤嬤 (Mǎ  mó mo) -Old Madam’s personal maidservant 

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-虞思雨(yú sī yù)- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-方志晨(fāng zhì chén)- Fang Zhi Chen, Pei Shi’s son

It took Yu Si Yu eight days to decide on a candidate, but he was the grandnephew of the Old Madam’s elder sister-in-law’s brother. Although this relationship between relatives was somewhat distant, they usually stay in contact with them.

This man was only twenty years old and had just gone through the coming-of-age ceremony[1]. He had already taken part in the imperial examination twice before and failed both times. However, he was very handsome and elegant, and his father was the Chancellor of the Directorate of Education[2]

This person was the second to last talented person among the candidates. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was related to the Old Madam and came from a family of scholars, the Old Madam would not have considered him. However, Yu Si Yu chose him because he was the most handsome and distinguished among them even though he wasn’t talented. Her high-minded eyes failed to break through the barrier and she determined to walk on that path till the end[3].

The Old Madam gave her a profound gaze, and finally retrieved the booklet, let out a long sigh and slowly said, “Fine. Since you have chosen him, I will send someone to propose marriage.” 

Yu Xiang leaned over toward the Old Madam. She flipped through the pages and said, “This person isn’t good. There are so many concubines in his manor after his coming of age. Moreover, with Yu Si Yu’s hardheadedness, wouldn’t she be killed by them? This was still the best. Even though he was older and from a humble family, there weren’t any concubines in the family and not even a tongfang[4]. Within four years, he climbed from a position of Registrar[5] in the Court of the Imperial Stud[6] to a local magistrate in the capital with his own abilities. He is a reliable person.” 

“A local magistrate of the sixth-rank? If Younger Sister fancies him, why don’t you marry him yourself?” Yu Si Yu sneered. 

Yu Xiang glanced askance at her and didn’t even bother to care about her. However, the Old Madam got angry, slammed the table and said, “Enough, don’t take Xianger’s kindness for a donkey’s heart and lungs[7]! If this person was not my Elder Sister-in-law’s relatives and had even invited a matchmaker to propose marriage, I would not have considered him. Forget it. Since you like him, I won’t stop you. However, if you feel wronged after marriage, don’t come to me for help. Go back and prepare for marriage.” 

Because Yu Si Yu still had to rely on the Old Madam to purchase her dowries, she didn’t dare to argue with her, so she resentfully bid farewell and took her leave.

The Old Madam immediately ordered people to discuss the marriage. In the afternoon, they exchanged Gengtie[8]. On the next day, each party found someone to examine and made a betrothal letter. In just a day and a half, Yu Si Yu’s marriage was settled. 

Yu Si Yu still felt unreconciled to it in her heart. She locked herself in her room without eating or drinking. When Yu Miao Qi heard of this news, she visited her with a box of pastries she had personally made. 

“At least eat a little. Other than suffering by yourself, who would feel sorry for you if you were ill?” Yu Miao Qi picked up an Osmanthus glutinous rice cake[9] with her fingers and held it near Yu Si Yu’s lips. 

In the end, Yu Si Yu took a bite. She lamented with tears in her eyes, “The only person who treats me the best is still my younger sister. Why didn’t you come home earlier? And we, sisters, can also be together for a longer time.”   

“What is the point of returning earlier or later? Anyway, I am irrelevant.” Yu Miao Qi’s short sentence caused Yu Si Yu to burst out crying sorrowfully.  At the same, she hated Yu Xiang and the Old Madam even more. 

Yu Miao Qi spoke immediately after, “Although I have just returned and have half-baked knowledge towards the manor, but I also know that with our Elder Brother’s power, you can at least marry into a Duke, Marquis or even a family that has a government post in the imperial court. Why did Grandmother find all those unpresentable candidates for you? Could it be that since Yu Xiang cannot get married, you are not allowed to marry too well for fear of touching her sore spot? Do they treat you like a family member? Will it be the same for me in the future?” 

She did everything in her power to prove Yu Si Yu as she planned that even if Yu Si Yu would hate Yu Xiang, Yu Pin Yan and Old Madam to the core after she was married off. There was a possibility that she could be useful in the future. 

When Yu Si Yu heard that, she did indeed feel extremely furious, but she also deeply felt that ’fellow sufferers would sympathize with each other’, and hugged Yu Miao Qi as she cried bitter tears.

[1] 加冠(jiāguān)-In historical times, man at the age of 20 years old will take part in a capping ceremony, where their hair would done up and wearing a cap. Credits: Beijing Tourism

[2] 国子监祭酒(Guózǐjiàn jìjiǔ)-Chancellor of the Directorate of Education. It is a central government agency headed by a Chancellor that oversaw several schools at the dynastic capital. Credits: Projects IQ Harvard

[3] 一条道走到黑(yītiáodàozǒudàohēi)-To walk on that path till the end/to stick to one’s ways/to cling to one’s course. It is a common phrase that describes that one achieves a goal by not regretting their decision, disregarding the consequences and walking on that path till the end. This phrase can be positive and derogatory. The origin of this phrase would be there is a particular alley in historical times where the alley is sealed. Thus, for one to walk the path till the end would refer to not turning back or changing the course of direction. 

[4] 通房 (tōng fang)- the highest position of a maid but the position is lower than that of a concubine

[5] 主薄(zhǔ báo)- Registrar. It is a civil official position. They are in charge of documents, books and seals, drafting some documents, managing files and various seals. It is roughly equivalent to the modern secretary or chief secretary. 

[6] 太仆寺(Tàipúsì)-It is a second tier agency of the central government principally responsible, under policies determined by the Ministry of War. It was generally in charge of managing state horse pasturage, stables and corrals, as well as maintaining the vehicles for use by the imperial household and members of the central government. Credits: Wikipedia and Projects IQ Harvard

[7] 驴肝肺(lǘ gān fèi)-The literal meaning would be ‘a donkey’s liver and lungs’. It has the same meaning as being 坏心眼(huàixīnyǎn)-bad hearted and 狼心狗肺(lángxīngǒufèi)- heart of wolf and lungs of dog/cruel and unscrupulous. 

[8] 庚帖(gēng tiě)- Gengtie. A card with the horoscope of a boy or a girl sent as a proposal for betrothal.

[9] 云片糕(yúnpiàngāo)- Osmanthus glutinous rice cake. Literal translation of this would be cloud cake.

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