[TYCDTN] Chapter 64 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-虞思雨(yú sī yù)- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-方志晨(fāng zhì chén)- Fang Zhi Chen, Pei Shi’s son

-裴氏 (péi shì)- Pei Shi, the Old Madam’s good friends’ daughter in law/was once a guest in the Yu Manor.

When Yu Pin Yan came over with Yu Xiang in his arms, Yu Si Yu was still screaming out things like ‘impossible’ as she refused to face reality. When she saw her elder brother arrive, she seemed to be grasping at the last straw that could save her life and asked in a rush, “Elder brother, Grandmother is trying to frighten me, right? How could anything happen to the Fang family? Mister Fang has just been appointed as the third-place candidate. The Emperor, himself, has praised him!” 

Yu Pin Yan placed his younger sister gently on the soft couch. He took a seat next to her, rearranged his younger sister’s dress, poured a cup of hot tea and placed it into her hands.  Then he said leisurely, “Fang Lian Sheng’s head was personally removed by me, on the very day Yu Miao Qi returned home.” 

With that short sentence, it was as if Yu Si Yu was struck by lightning and couldn’t get up from the floor. After a long time, she cried out, “Elder brother, how can you be so cruel? You know I am engaged to Mister Fang, why don’t you show mercy and spare his family? You’re causing harm to me! How can you be so self-centered to such an extent?” 

Yu Xiang, who was nibbling on a pastry and sipping honey tea, was unhappy to hear this and then she threw the pastry at her and scolded her, “Do you know what you are talking about?! The Emperor wanted to kill someone and you asked Elder Brother to save them. The Fang family has already been charged, but instead you would rather Elder brother carry the crime of favouritism. Are you afraid that the Emperor is not being suspicious enough towards our Elder brother? Elder brother has made countless enemies in the imperial court, and the slightest mistake will lead to impeachment by the imperial censor.  He has always been someone who abides by the law, but you let him bend the law for personal gain. Do you know the charges for which Fang Lian Sheng was beheaded? It’s the crime of dereliction of duty and favouritism! What do you mean when you say these words? You want Elder brother to sacrifice his future and life for your marriage? Yu Si Yu, do you know what your surname is and who your family members are? You treacherous wretch! I’ll smash you to death!” 

She threw three or four pastries in a row before she stopped shouting and scolding and her cheeks puffed up as she panted with her mouth opened as she gasped for air. 

Yu Pin Yan was originally a little unnerved. When he saw that little look of righteous indignation, his heart became filled with joy as he pursed his lips to stifle a smile as he took a teacup and gently fed her water.  

Amongst her two biological granddaughters, one of them intended to plot against her own family and the other intended to side with an outsider. She didn’t know what kind of sin the Yu family had committed to raise these two things. Though Xiang’er was not blood-related, she was even better than her biological grandchildren.  This predestined affinity was not in vain. 

The Old Madam’s bad mood only slightly became better. She looked askance at the wretchedly dressed Yu Si Yu and said, “It’s said that a grown daughter cannot be kept unmarried for long, and they would turn into enemies if they were kept in their families[1]. You have indeed formed a deep grudge against your elder brother. Just as well, I will marry you off to the Fang family tomorrow, so go back and get ready.” 

Yu Si Yu, not taking any chances, wiped the crumbs off her forehead and shouted, “Grandmother, don’t! Granddaughter knows she is wrong. Please spare me this time. The Fang family is already in ruins, you can’t marry me off!” 

“Isn’t that what you begged for? How many times have I persuaded you? You can count them by yourself.” The Old Madam sneered. 

Yu Xiang secretly pulled out a dossier in her palm and looked through it. In it, there were indeed profiles of unmarried men that weren’t as high-ranked but had good character in the capital, and each page was accompanied by a small portrait. It looked exactly like a matchmaking booklet. 

The Old Madam was really frightening Yu Si Yu. However, in fact, she already had an eye on the right person for her. She was just waiting for her to make the choice herself. If Yu Si Yu was not so high-minded and not so shallow-eyed, she probably would have a very comfortable life in the future. Let’s not mention the distant ones for the time being, at least it would be more comfortable than the more high-minded Yu Miao Qi. 

She is the female lead. She is going to marry the Emperor in the future. It’s just that Yu Xiang didn’t know which prince she is going to marry? It would be fine if it were the Crown Prince, but if it were the others… the Marquis manor would be in danger. 

Thinking about this, Yu Xiang’s heart turned cold. She contemplated on how to ruin Yu Miao Qi’s marriage. Regardless of the plot, the most important thing was to protect her elder brother. Elder brother was close to the Crown Prince and he possessed immense power in his hand.  If the next prince intended to seize the throne, her elder brother would be the first to be dealt with. 

The more Yu Xiang thought about it, the worse her mood became. She couldn’t help but look towards Yu Miao Qi with cold and gloomy eyes.

Yu Miao Qi happened to also look up and met her gaze. Her face turned pale and she quickly lowered her head. Although she was the real di daughter, she somehow always felt like she couldn’t hold her head up in front of Yu Xiang. And as a result, the resentment and reluctance that had been pent up in her heart grew stronger everyday. 

How could Yu Si Yu even have the mood to observe the hidden motives between the two of them, she only continued to kneel on the ground and ‘thumping’ her head in kowtowed. Her mouth kept seeking forgiveness. It was only then that she suddenly understood why Grandmother and Yu Xiang had asked her repeatedly if she would regret it. It turned out that everything they said was true, they didn’t deliberately hinder and lie to her because they couldn’t see her live well. 

Does she have regrets? Of course! She was so regretful that she wished she could go back in time and beat Pei Shi to death on the spot. She who harped incessantly in her ear about their family’s immense wealth and great son.  

[1] 女大不中留,留来留去留成仇(nǚdàbùzhōngliú liú lái liú qùliú chéng chóu)-a grown daughter cannot be kept unmarried for long, and they would turn into enemies if they were kept in their families. This would mean that when a girl is of age, she must be married off. If she was pampered and kept by her parent’s side, the child will take her anger out on her parents. 

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