[TYCDTN] Chapter 64 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-馬嬤嬤 (Mǎ  mó mo) -Old Madam’s personal maidservant 

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-虞思雨(yú sī yù)- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-沈元奇(Shěn yuán qí)- Shen Yuan Qi, Yu Xiang’s biological elder brother. 

Although the Old Madam was very dissatisfied with Lin Shi, she usually didn’t really mind her. Previously, if she hadn’t personally come to the main courtyard, the Old Madam wouldn’t have reprimanded her using such harsh words.

After Lin Shi went back, she reflected upon herself for several days and developed an inexplicable fear of the Old Madam. Then, she realized that the military pledge[1] she made the other day would most likely be something used against her. If she made a mistake, the Old Madam would never be as tolerant as she had been in the past. She would take out a written complaint and letter of repudiation, and kick her out of the manor.

Where could she go if she left the Marquis manor? Her younger brother isn’t reliable, she is on bad terms with her shu elder brother, and she would only be eaten alive by someone with ill intentions as she was a woman with a large dowry. 

However, she did not dare to confide in her daughter. She only urged her daughter not to make any mistakes and to curry favour with the Old Madam and Yu Pin Yan. 

At first, Yu Miao Qi was able to patiently agree with her, but when she had to be reminded everyday, she began to feel irritated. In addition, the person she had sent to investigate Shen Yuan Qi wrote back stating that he was from Lingnan. He was recognized by the Xue family as their adopted son because of the death of his parents. Although the experience of selling himself into slavery could not be traced, he looked like the man she remembered, a vivid portrait of him was also attached. 

Yu Miao Qi opened the portrait to take a look, her face went pale with fear. She recognized this face even if it was burned to ashes. Isn’t this the di son of the Shen family, Shen Yuan Qi?! In spite of everything, he became so lucky! 

That’s right.  The family’s surname he was sold into slavery was Xue, a well-known noble family in the south of Lingnan. Not only were they the richest in the capital, but they were also influential in the imperial court. As long as he was not a pedantic and inflexible person, he would be able to become successful in the future with the help of such a background. After all, he was extremely smart and talented. 

Yu Miao Qi burned the portrait. She felt as if her heart was being licked by the flames and the burning pain was indescribable. The Heavens were so unfair, they gave the Shen siblings their outstanding looks and such great luck. In addition, they were always able to turn danger into safety. As for her, the Heavens were so stingy that there was a hidden misfortune behind every twist of fate, causing her to become so weary.

Night fell. She chugged a jug of old wine and got herself so drunk that she could barely sleep. Upon the next day, she went to the Old Madam with a painful headache to pay her respects. 

The Old Madam could not tolerate this pair of mother and daughter. After giving a slight nod, she was about to bid the two of them to leave. However, unexpectedly, Lin Shi suddenly spoke, “Mother, Si Yu is already sixteen. She should be getting married, right? Which household is she engaged to? I can help with the management of that.” 

Yu Si Yu had been anxiously waiting as if she was set on fire[2]. When she saw that she had taken the initiative to ask this question, she even shot a grateful glance over to her and then looked at the Old Madam longingly. 

Only then did the Old Madam remembered this matter and laughed coldly, “It wasn’t me who helped her decide, but she picked it herself. Yangzhou Salt transport Envoy, Si Yun Tong, Lord Fang’s di son, the present third-place candidate[3], Fang Zhi Chen.” 

Yu Si Yu lowered her head shyly. 

For some reason, over the years as Yu Pin Yan achieved higher government status with more and more authority in his hands, the number of aristocratic families that had dealings with the Marquis manor had become lesser and lesser. In the past few years, Yu Si Yu would still receive a few invitations and would still interact with her close friends of similar family backgrounds. However, in recent years, she had not received a single invitation and people would distance themselves from her when she took the initiative to look for them. On top of that, because of Yu Xiang’s legs that weren’t convenient and she was not fond of entertaining guests, the manor’s door was always tightly shut. The Old Madam had even cut off all contact with other families in order to accommodate her. As time went by, Yu Si Yu was unable to do anything and she could only play the Qin at home, embroider and feel sorry for herself. Also, due to her being dull-witted and ignorant, she knew nothing about the outside world. 

The matter of the Emperor exterminating Yangzhou officialdom had long been known to everyone, but she was still here daydreaming about marrying gloriously with her ten-mile red dowry[4].  

Lin Shi took a quick glance at her daughter and raised her voice, “Deputy Salt Controller from the Salt Distribution Commission?  Who is also this year’s third-place candidate? Isn’t this a good marriage? Have you exchanged Gengtie[5] and marriage letters?” Because she was a person who wouldn’t ask about other affairs like Yu Si Yu, it did not arouse suspicion from others when she spoke these words. 

“There is neither a Gengtie or marriage letter, I am about to send someone to Yangzhou to discuss marriage.” The Old Madam had already given up all hope on these two idiots. She used her cane to tap on the ground and reiterated, “Yu Si Yu, let me ask you once more. Are you sure you wouldn’t regret it? Do you really want to marry into the Fang family?” 

“How can I joke around with such a big matter concerning my life? Replying to Grandmother, this granddaughter has no regrets.” Yu Si Yu spoke these words with emphasis.

“Very well. Before sending someone to discuss marriage, let me tell you one thing so that you can be mentally prepared.” The Old Madam poured a cup of hot tea and slowly said, “That Lord Fang has been beheaded more than a month ago for malpractice, greed, favouritism and other crimes. Fang Zhi Chen has not been accused of any crime, but his achievements and titles were stripped to ransom his mother. The Fang family’s wealth was confiscated. The mother and son are now miserable, homeless and starving. They are waiting for your dowry to save their lives. Since you are so fond of him, that’s fine. I’ll fulfill your wish.” 

As the Old Madam spoke to this point, she didn’t care how shocked and distraught Yu Si Yu had become, she beckoned to Ma Momo, “Let Fu Shun bring people to Yangzhou and make sure to bring back the Fang family’s mother and son in one piece. That’s the future son-in-law’s family of my Yongle Marquis manor. Don’t slight them.” 

Ma Momo responded softly, and strode out. However, Yu Si Yu, who had recovered her senses, abruptly pulled Ma Momo’s sleeve and shouted frantically “You can’t go! You can’t go!”  

After shouting several times, she looked suspiciously at Old Madam and asked, “Grandmother, you must be deceiving your granddaughter, right? Mister Fang was appointed by the Emperor to be the third-place candidate and was awarded the title of Magistrate of Yangzhou. The Emperor has look fondly on him that is equivalent towards the first-place candidate[6]. If there is really something wrong with his family, how can the Emperor show such generosity? You must be lying to me. You’re so biased. You can’t stand seeing your granddaughter having a good life. You’re really getting senile…” 

In the end, her expression progressively turned deranged, laughing and crying; cursing and screaming, looking completely horrifying. Within a blink of an eye, the long-awaited matchless riches and honour had turned to dust, and the husband turned from an elegant noble son to a criminal. Her psychological shock was so overwhelming that she became agitated.  Many people looked at her like some kind of joke. She even had the intention to die. 

The Old Madam didn’t order someone to drag her out, let alone talk to her. She just waved her hand beckoning Ma Momo, then ordered her to find the Marquis. That elmwood head of hers requires to be hammered hard, or she’ll never understand in her whole life! 

[1] 军令状 (Jūnlìngzhuàng) – military pledge (an agreement to get a job done, and acceptance of severe penalties if unsuccessful)

[2] 心里焦躁(xīnli jiāozào)- Feeling anxious as if one was set on fire. Describes an unbearable feeling of anxiety. 

[3] 探花(tànhuā)- Flower snatcher/third place candidate/tanhua. An advanced scholar (进士[jìnshì], a graduate who passed the triennial court exam) who ranked third overall nationwide.

[4] 十里红妆(shí lǐ hóngzhuāng)- Ten-mile Red Dowry. The bride’s parents would marry off their daughters with a large dowry to show off the wealth of their family, expecting their daughters to have a high status in her husband’s home. The dowry procession could last several miles, which is exaggerated with the name “Ten-mile Red Dowry”. Credits: Ningbo China Daily

[5] 庚帖(gēng tiě)- Gengtie. A card with the horoscope of a boy or a girl sent as a proposal for betrothal.

[6] 状元(zhuàngyuán)- Zhuangyuan/top scholar/principal graduate. It is the advanced scholar (进士[jìnshì], a graduate who passed the triennial court exam) who ranked first overall nationwide.

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