[TYCDTN] Chapter 62 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-金嬷嬷 (Jīn mó mo) – Jin Momo, Lin Shi’s personal maidservant

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-虞思雨(yú sī yù)- Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-靖國公府 (Jìng guó gōng fǔ) – Duke Jingguo manor

-春梅(chūn méi)- Chun Mei, one of the tongfang that Yu Pin Yan was given

-冬水(dōng shuǐ)- Dong Shui, one of the tongfang that Yu Pin Yan was given

Because Yu Miao Qi’s methods were not strict and steady.  In addition, she was also secretly looking for trusted aides to support her. In the next half a month, there wasn’t any chaos stirred up in the Marquis manor, and she gradually relaxed. 

On this day, Yu Si Yu, who had been hiding in the manor, suddenly came to visit and even brought many gifts with her. Yu Miao Qi smiled and let her into the room, but her demeanour was not in the least hostile. 

Yu Si Yu exchanged a few pleasantries and spoke expectantly, “Younger sister, it’s not that I’m greedy for Mother’s dowry. It’s really because I can’t refuse an elder. If I were to insist on refusing under those circumstances, wouldn’t Grandmother be even more angry? I have no choice. Mother doesn’t blame me for that, does she?” 

How could Lin Shi not blame her? After the event occurred, Yu Miao Qi’s heart was also bleeding when she learned about the value of the several shops and land, and how she wished she could eat Yu Si Yu alive. 

Yu Miao Qi looked down as she drank her tea and when she spoke again, her tone was indescribably kind and cheerful, “How could Mother blame Elder sister? Mother has been neglecting you all these years, and this time she has done her part to add to your dowry. I will also prepare a generous gift for my elder sister at that time, in order to fulfil our sisterly love.” 

Yu Si Yu was immensely touched and held her hand in admiration, “Younger sister is still the most caring. Unlike Yu Xiang, who is a cold-hearted person.” 

Yu Miao Qi smiled with her lips pressed together.

Both of them continued to chat, and only when Yu Si Yu was about to leave did she then say , “I heard that Younger sister is currently in charge of the manor. If I am not too busy, I can still help out. Younger sister also knows that I will be getting married in a year and a half, and I need to learn about the management of food and kitchen.” 

“Hasn’t Elder sister learned that before? Normally daughters of ordinary people would start learning at the age of seven or eight.” Yu Miao Qi feigned surprise. 

Yu Si Yu’s eyes welled up with tears as she pointed to the west wing, and then pointed to the main courtyard, she complained softly, “One is overbearing and rampant, while the other is selfish and biased. I survive in the cracks[1]. How can I learn any real skills? But just toil in vain.” 

“My good Elder sister. Then, this younger sister will have to rely on you a lot more in the future.” Yu Miao Qi immediately agreed. After she saw Yu Si Yu off, her face immediately sank. She dismissed a few maidservant and summoned Jin Momo over. 

“Have you received news from the people you sent to Yangzhou? When can we get rid of Yu Si Yu? I think she’s really an eyesore.” Ever since that scene in the main courtyard, Yu Miao Qi hadn’t bothered to act virtuous and gentle anymore. She revealed her crafty temperament she had developed while staying with the Shen family. 

Jin Momo didn’t feel disappointed, and was happy to see that instead. Madam couldn’t be relied on, it would be better if Second Young Miss was a little stronger. She smiled and replied, “Replying to Second Young Miss, I just got the news that the Fang family’s mother and son have been persuaded and are on their way to the capital. I’m sure they will be here in another seven or eight days.” 

“Still need seven or eight days to get here? Don’t make any mistakes.” Yu Miao Qi pressed her temples. 

Jin Momo waved her hand immediately, “There won’t be any mistakes. The mother and son are now in a bad state. Let alone a full meal, they don’t even have a place to shelter from the rain. They will not be able to survive. How can they not grasp on tightly Yu Si Yu, their life-saving straw? They are even more anxious than we are.” 

“That’s good indeed. I’ll reward you heavily when this matter is done. Also, is there any progress on finding some trustworthy servants to assist me?” 

“We still need to observe for a while. Don’t fret, Young Miss. The full power is in your hands, there is no need for us to bother looking for someone. Someone will naturally come to us.” 

“That’s true.” 

As the two of them were planning, they heard someone outside the room announcing, “Second Young Miss, Chun Mei and Dong Xue would like to meet you.” 

Yu Miao Qi looked at Jin Momo inquisitively. 

Jin Momo lowered her voice and introduced them, “These two maidservants were originally the tongfang[2]maidservants that the Old Madam had given to the Marquis, but for some reason, the Third Young Miss sent them to the sewing room. It has been almost four years, and they have never even met the Marquis. The Marquis doesn’t care and the Old Madam won’t speak up on behalf of them. They are here to see you, as you are now the person in charge of the manor, and want to beg you for help. After all, you are a girl who has not been married and you can’t really interfere. It would be better for Madam to decide. I told you not to be anxious just now, right? See, they took the initiative to come here.” 

Yu Miao Qi nodded slightly and after pondering for a moment, she said, “Tell mother to transfer them back to elder brother’s courtyard, one would attend to grooming, and the other to attend to grinding of ink. Elder brother has already reached the coming of age[3] and he doesn’t even have someone to warm his bed. It would be a joke if It is known to others.” It was time to find some beautiful concubines to distract Yu Pin Yan. It would be best to get him married quickly. Once he acquired a few concubines, and several daughters and sons, how would he have the mind to care about Yu Xiang? Even the Old Madam probably wouldn’t be able to take care of her by then. 

The more she thought about the matter, the more she felt that it was feasible.  She stopped Jin Momo who was about to leave and asked, “Is big brother betrothed?” 

“Yes.” Jin Momo nodded her head. “Before they were born, they already had an arranged betrothal. The other party is the di daughter of Duke Jingguo manor. It’s just that she is currently mourning and thus the marriage has been delayed.” Jin Momo accompanied Lin Shi all day, so naturally her ears and eyes were not as nimble as they used to be, and she didn’t receive the news that the Old Madam and Yu Pin Yan were intending to cancel the engagement. 

Let alone her, the majority of the servants were unaware of their master’s plan and took it as a sign that Chang Ya Fu was about to enter the manor after removing her mourning attire.

Yu Miao Qi contemplated for a moment and asked again, “How much longer will she be in mourning for?” 

“Not for too long, by the end of next month she can remove her mourning attire.” Jin Momo counted with her fingers. 

“Alright. I understand. Take Chun Mei and Dong Shui to Mother’s courtyard.” Yu Miao Qi dismissed Jin Momo and smiled with ease. However, her face sank at the thought that there would be a new daughter-in-law joining their household upon marriage, and would be in charge of the management of the manor, and food and kitchen. She contemplated on how to deal with it. 

In any case, as long as Lin Shi did not give up the authority, the daughter-in-law would not be able to forcefully snatch it. She could also give Yu Pin Yan a few more beautiful concubines, then that di daughter of Duke Jingguo manor would have no time to mind about this. Yu Miao Qi leaned against the back of the chair as numerous thoughts popped up in her head, and her expression slowly changed from hesitation to determination. 

[1] 夹缝中求存(jiāfèng zhōng qiúcún)- surviving in the cracks. This refers to someone living in a difficult life or an unfavourable external environment. 

[2] 通房 (tōng fang)- the highest position of a maid but the position is lower than that of a concubine

[3] 加冠(jiāguān)-In historical times, man at the age of 20 years old will take part in a capping ceremony, where their hair would done up and wearing a cap. Credits: Beijing Tourism

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