[TYCDTN] Chapter 61 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-金嬷嬷 (Jīn mó mo) – Jin Momo, Lin Shi’s personal maidservant

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

Compared to the completely deserted main courtyard, the east courtyard was bustling with life. The Momos-in-charge continuously came to her door, asking Third Young Miss what they should do with a new master in the manor. They heard the rumor about Second and Third Young Miss were extremely hostile with each other, and had recently fought a few times. Lin Shi had a deep hatred for Third Young Miss. If the two of them were in charge of the manor, the situation would be very disadvantageous for the Third Young Miss. 

However, Third Young Miss’ backer was the Marquis. Therefore, whether she was in charge of the manor or not, no one could bully her. On the contrary, as long as Yu Xiang showed a bit of intention to do so, the Momos-in-charge would be willing to plot against Lin Shi and Second Young Miss, to help Third Young Miss take back the reign.

Although, in the beginning, it was true that they were really dissatisfied with Yu Xiang, when they could no longer grease their belly. Nevertheless, as long as the work was done well, Yu Xiang would provide additional silvers every month and there would also be generous bonuses annually during festivals. Compared to the little profits they took here and there, this money was taken with a peace of mind, righteously, and taken without biting their hands. Thus their lives were more comfortable than ever before. 

If a new person was in charge, there would be different kinds of regulations and they would be at loss as to what to do so they came to seek advice from Third Young Miss. 

Yu Xiang was lazily lounging on the couch. She held a random book in her hand, waved her other hand and said, “Don’t ask me about it. In the future, these matters are not my responsibility. You must not forget the rules of the manor, and it is only right that you keep your head down and do your job well so that no one can catch you making a mistake. All of you can leave now, I’m going to sleep.” She yawned as she covered her mouth. 

Not letting anyone catch you making a mistake? That’s trueThe new person in charge cracks the whip three times[1], who knows what Second Young Miss was thinking? She was not like Third Young Miss who was always fair, impartial and abided by the rules in everything. If she didn’t like someone, she might just find an excuse to bring them down and replace them with one of her own. The days ahead aren’t going to be easy!

The Momos-in-charge benefited from the advice, apologised and quietly exited the room. Before meeting Yu Miao Qi, her impression of her had already deteriorated a bit, but it also increased with the Momo’s vigilance. 

When Yu Pin Yan returned home, his sister was already asleep with her little mouth slightly opened revealing a little ‘pink tongue’ as she mumbled a few words in her sleep from time to time. She looked indescribably lovely and delicate. He sat on the edge of the couch and stared at her for a long while. Only when the Old Madam sent someone to invite him over did he quietly leave. not forgetting to move his younger sister’s exposed arm under the blanket and gently rubbing her red and full lips. 

In the main courtyard, the Old Madam received her grandson solemnly and didn’t even smile when she saw him. She got to the point and bluntly said, “Yan’er, I didn’t take back your mother’s right to be in charge of the manor, but I was hoping that she would make a big mistake so that I could repudiate her marriage for her and kick her out of the manor. I’ve endured fourteen years, and I’ve had enough. She disobeys her parents[2] resulting in going against morals. She is jealous[3] which results in disharmony in the family. She talks too much or gossip about other people[4] causing distance between the family. Take a look, out of the seven rules[5] she had already committed three. If she sincerely repents this time and focuses on taking care of the manor, I’ll let her off. But, if she doesn’t repent and stir up trouble, I’ll have to give her a letter of repudiation. Yan’er, what do you think?” 

Yu Pin Yan sat down and slowly sipped the tea. He said indifferently, “If she does not have any mistake, no one can do anything about her. If she makes a mistake, she would naturally be punished and disposed. Grandson has no second thoughts on this.” 

Who is Lin Shi? It doesn’t make a difference if the manor has her or not.

The Old Madam nodded, and said tiredly, “Good, it’s good that you can think it through. You haven’t received any love and care from her since you were a child. And now you don’t need to protect her, you don’t owe her anything. Just wait. Yu Miao Qi is greedy yet her life is thinner than paper. Sooner or later she will make a commotion.” 

“I’m not afraid of having a commotion, but I just can’t let her put the blame on Xiang’er. I’m often outside performing my duties, so I’ll have to trouble Grandmother to look after her a bit more.” Yu Pin Yan cautiously pleaded. 

The Old Madam didn’t notice anything wrong, she smiled after putting her worries aside. She waved her hand and said, “Look at what you’re saying. In my heart, Xiang’er is no different from my own granddaughter. Even without you asking, I would also protect her. I’m sure you are overthinking, Yu Miao Qi was a little more scheming than the tigress Xiang’er, but their capabilities are still far apart. It’s fine if she doesn’t have any delusions, but if she has a thought which she shouldn’t have, then Xiang’er will hit her face until it is swollen.” 

Recalling his little sister’s appearance of making threatening gestures, Yu Pin Yan lowered his gaze and smiled. 

Yu Miao Qi woke up when it was shenshi. She couldn’t be bothered about her headache and immediately got up to find Lin Shi to order her to summon all the Momos-in-charge. 

“Let’s wait a few more days, what will Grandmother think of us if we rush to take over control of the manor after just upsetting her?” Lin Shi was very hesitant. 

Yu Miao Qi sneered, “No matter how much time we wait, Grandmother and big brother’s opinion of us won’t change, so it’s even more imperative for us to try to hold the family together, and use our actions to make them change their opinion about us. Mother, get a hold of yourself, Father is still watching you from the heavens!” 

Hearing the last sentence, Lin Shi immediately agreed and sent someone to inform the Momos. 

Yu Miao Qi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Lin Shi was someone that was very easy to persuade. This was one of the many fortunate things amongst all the misfortunes she came across after she returned home.  Moreover, with Lin Shi in front of her, it was easier for her to make a move

She had always been a ‘take charge’ kind of person. No matter how big of a blow she might suffer, she would be able to quickly pull herself together. When the Old Madam and Yu Pin Yan disliked her, she would never feel sorry for herself and shrink away like Lin Shi. Instead, she would stir up even more ambition and fighting spirit. If she was unable to rely on others, then she would do her best to make herself stronger. 

No matter what, she refused to believe that she could not take down a bastard. Besides, that bastard was a useless person with broken legs. 

[1] 新官上任三把火(xīnguānshàngrènsānbǎhuǒ)- The new person in charge cracks the whip three times is a metaphor that new officials must do a few influential things first to show their talent and courage/a newly appointed official makes bold changes on assuming office. 

[2] 不顺父母(bùshùn fùmǔ)- Disobeying one’s parents is one of the seven rules to repudiate a wife. A wife’s disobedience to her husband’s parents. The reason provided in the “ Records of ritual matters by Dai the Elder” is going against morals. In ancient China, after a woman got married, her husband’s parents were more important than her own parents, so violating the moral of filial obedience was considered a very serious matter. 

[3] 妒(dù)- Jealousy is one of the conditions part of the seven rules to repudiate a wife. The reason being that it will cause disharmony in the family. It is believed that the wife’s strong and fierce jealousy will lead to family disharmony and marital disharmony, and that the wife’s jealousy to the husband’s concubines will be detrimental to the continuity of the family. 

[4] 口多言(kǒu duōyán)- A wife who talks too much or gossips about others is one of the rules out of the seven rules. In a traditional Chinese family, women, especially those that have less seniority, shouldn’t express their opinions too much. Moreover, as a member who joined the family, a wife who talks too much is considered to be at risk of breaking up the family disharmony.

[5] 七出三不去(qī chū sānbù qù)- The Seven Rules and Three Exception is the ancient laws, rituals and customs in China an parts of parts of East asia that stipulates the conditions and restrictions that couples for a divorce. When a wife breached one of the seven rules, the husband and his family can request to repudiate his wife.(i.e. divorce/renounce his wife). On the other hand, if the wife fulfills one of the three exceptions, the husband and his family can’t repudiate his wife. 

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