[TYCDTN] Chapter 61 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s mother

-虞妙琪(yú miào qí)- Yu Miao Qi, the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-金嬷嬷 (Jīn mó mo) – Jin Momo, Lin Shi’s personal maidservant

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

Yu Miao Qi and Lin Shi stayed up all night. When they finally finished checking through the account book the next morning, they could not even find a faint trace of mistake, let alone loopholes.

Yu Xiang’s account books were so detailed that the margin of errors were calculated to within a millimeter. Not to mention Lin Shi, even the Old Madam, who had raised Yu Pin Yan, and taken care of the Marquis manor all by herself, were not as good as her. 

If her legs were in a good condition, she would have been an astonishingly beautiful and talented figure.

Lin Shi’s self confidence vanished by the time she finished checking through the ledger, and she almost opened her mouth to return the management of food and kitchen when the Old Madam came over to drive her out. If she lost to a fourteen year old girl, then she wouldn’t need this face[1] of hers. 

However, Yu Miao Qi held her back and firmly tugged her hand to hint at her not to renege on her promise. After bidding farewell to the Old Madam, both of them returned to the main room with haggard faces. 

The first thing Lin Shi did was to burn three incense sticks to the tablet placed in the hall, and then knelt down and muttered. It was unknown what was being said but her facial expression looked like she was in extreme pain. 

Yu Miao Qi held her forehead and closed her eyes to rest, and when she finished reciting, she asked, “Mother, are you trying to shirk your responsibility again? Is it because you don’t want to be in charge of the manor anymore?” 

“I .. I can’t be in charge. I’ll be letting Yan’er and Jun Jie down…” Lin Shi said and started wiping her tears again.   

When she herself cried, she didn’t feel much about it. But when she saw Lin Shi cry, Yu Miao Qi felt inexplicably annoyed. She suppressed her annoyance and comforted, “Mother, you and father shared a profound affection for one another, and it’s inevitable that you will grieve for his loss. In the Yellow Spring[2], he would only be touched when he knew what was going on, why would he criticise you? If you genuinely feel that you let him down, you should become stronger and manage this family well. I have to get married someday. What will I do without you to help me? You are the only person I can count on in this Marquis manor.” 

She knelt down beside Lin Shi and said seriously, “Mother, don’t be afraid. I will help you.” 

Lin Shi was immensely touched and nodded as she wiped her tears, then she urged her daughter to hurry back to her room and have a rest.

Yu Miao Qi took her leave and slowly entered the side room. But instead of going to sleep right away, she summoned Jin Momo to ask about the situation in the Marquis manor, especially about how Yu Xiang was running the household and refused to disclose any minor details. 

Jin Momo brought a thick book of family rules for her to read through, and she stood next to her to explain them in detail. She knew in her heart that Lin Shi was unreliable, and in the future, she had to rely on the Second Young Miss, who had a strong personality. 

“These 108 house rules are all personally hand-written by Third Young Miss. Every servant in the manor is required to memorize them and subjected to random checks. If one doesn’t remember the rules, their salary would be deducted. Look at this, she even raised the monthly salary of a servant, who is in charge of disposal of night soil, beating the night watch, and washing clothes and so on, to an equivalent salary of a third-rank maidservant. What a squanderer! She also organised all the servants into groups and elected a team leader for each group. The team leaders would supervise their group members, where if one makes more than three mistakes, their monthly salary would be deducted and if more than five mistakes were made, regardless of whether they are born in the manor or had signed a living contract, they would all be kicked out of the manor. There’s also a bimonthly rotation of people in charge of purchasing. Before one is even familiarised with the job, one would have to pass over to someone else. So what great things can one achieve? Having the servants have a holiday roster of taking two days off every seven days, wouldn’t there be no one left when the master needs attending to…” 

Jin Momo complained about it incessantly and finally concluded, “How is Third Young Miss even managing the Marquis manor? With so many rules and regulations that cannot be broken, this is a management of  barracks instead, which lead to voices of discontent everywhere in the manor. Second Young Miss, you must not follow her old path, or else you would be scolded to death by others.” 

It was true that there were some people in the manor who were dissatisfied, but most of them were Momos-in-charge such as Jin Momo who couldn’t reap any profits. While the rest of the servants were respectful of Yu Xiang. Even those Momos-in-charge wouldn’t dare to criticise Yu Xiang in the slightest, they realized that she was like her elder brother, a master who won’t make any allowance for the needs of one’s relatives[3]. She didn’t care if you were born in the manor, how hard you worked, or how much merits you have, you would still be punished if you make a mistake, beaten if you make a big mistake, and eventually kicked out if you were unrepentant, other people could not pick out any wrong. 

Four years had passed, and the Marquis manor was ruled by her like a barrel of iron. 

Yu Miao Qi could see that as well. Yu Xiang’s means were extremely ruthless, and she would always strive for fairness and justice in all matters and deal with them according to the rules with absolutely no mercy and no misjudgement. Thus, it could be said that she was a person who placed heavy emphasis on rules. 

Along with that, the servants that were trained by her were very disciplined, weren’t lazy and skive, wouldn’t lie and hide secrets, and wouldn’t flatter one’s superiors and trample on their juniors. However, because they were so well-disciplined Yu Miao Qi was caught in a difficult situation as she couldn’t even train a few as her trusted aides. Therefore, even though she knew that Yu Xiang’s management regulation was a good thing, she must abolish it. Because she could gain a foothold in the Marquis Manor by breaking the balance and bringing up her own trusted aide.  

Nowadays, she wasn’t as naive as when she first arrived, back then, she thought that she could rely on Lin Shi to live well. Lin Shi always wanted to escape at crucial moments, such a cowardly nature was truly abhorrent and it was no wonder her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s relationship were at odds with one another, and resulted in a rupture in the relationship between mother and son. 

As such, it would be impossible for her to gain her foothold by flattering the Old Madam and Yu Pin Yan. After today, they would only compare her to Lin Shi. Afterward, they would neglect her, becoming estranged, treating her coldly, and finally, sending her out far away once she was old enough. Compared to Yu Si Yu, her status was even more shabby.  

The situation was unfavourable for Yu Miao Qi, and the only thing she could do to hold on to her power was by making herself strong enough before she married, and then find a husband from a distinguished family. In the future, when she had already become very affluent, she would definitely make the Old Madam and Yu Pin Yan regret this. In addition, she would also make Yu Xiang pay back everything that was owed to her. 

After dismissing Jin Momo, Yu Miao Qi pondered for more than a shichen (2 hours) and wrote down new regulations, before taking a nap after. 


[1] 面子(miàn zi)- Face. It would refer to dignity as well.

[2] 黄泉(Huáng quán)-Yellow Spring is the underworld of Chinese mythology, or the equivalent of Hades or Hell.

[3] 六亲不认[liùqīnbùrèn]- not recognising one’s family; self-centered and not making any allowances for the needs of one’s relative

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