[TYCDTN] – Chapter 60 Part 1

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng) – Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán )- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞思雨( ) – Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s shu sister

-虞府( ) – the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-林氏 (Lín shì) – Lin Shi

-老太太 (Lǎo tàitài) – Old Madam

-馬嬤嬤 (mǎ mó mo)- Old Madam’s personal maidservant

-虞妙琪 / 沈妙琪 ( Yu miao qi / Shén miào qí) – the original fl of the novel and Yu Pin Yan’s biological sister

Yu Pin Yan didn’t speak, he merely fondled his younger sister’s tender fair hand as he glanced at Lin Shi indifferently and saw her not uttering a word with her head drooped for a long while, probably very unwilling. His originally cold and harsh heart no longer felt anything. Would he covet for that tad of dowry? He was just trying to measure his weight in Lin Shi’s heart. Lin Shi, as expected, didn’t disappoint him and chose to abandon him every time.

Standing at the threshold, Jin Momo was agitated like ants on the hot pan when she saw frost slowly gathered in the Marquis’s eyes. She wished she could run over to press Lin Shi’s head to nod in agreement. What’s that little dowry? Is it more important than the Marquis’s heart? What can’t you get in the future with the Marquis’s protection? Madam is truly imprudent!

Lin Shi was not unwilling to give Yu Pin Yan, she nevertheless was reluctant to give Yu Si Yu and Yu Xiang, thus she couldn’t help but look at Old Madam with implored gaze.

Before Old Madam spoke, Yu Pin Yan, however, laughed brusquely, “Grandmother, there’s no need. I don’t dare to take her things, lest getting blame in the future.”

Yu Xiang immediately opened her mouth to oppose, “How can that be. This is what Elder Brother deserves. How can it lightly benefitted Yu Miao Qi…”

Squeezing the tender flesh of her side cheeks, Yu Pin Yan smilingly said, “That’s fine, Xiang’er. There’s nothing to dispute over with them. What can’t Elder Brother get for you? The East China Sea’s coral pearls or the Western Regions’ gems and spices, Elder Brother can give it to you with both hands anything that can be found in the world. Isn’t it better for her to keep those little things of hers to get by in the future?”  

Such presumptuous words might have drawn mockery coming from an outsider, but they were utterly compelling spoken from Yu Pin Yan’s mouth. He was the most powerful figure in this Great Han Kingdom, besides the Emperor and the Crown Prince, hence getting an assurance from him would be more valuable than any treasure.

The eyes of Yu Miao Qi and Yu Si Yu turned red with jealousy. Yu Xiang, however, pursed her mouth then complained, “That’s not the same. Those are originally yours too. I just feel heartache for you. Why are we treated so differently when we’re obviously her biological children? If it weren’t for you, the Marquis manor would have long succumbed and her dowry would have surely been completely plundered by others. She is enjoying the generous life that you have given her, yet why is she standing here raising hue and cry? We didn’t misappropriate her dowry on purpose. She’s also a member of the Marquis manor, so shouldn’t she contribute a little for the Marquis manor? !”

Those words made Lin Shi unable to raise her head or refute a single verse. Her heart was twisted in entanglement when she saw her son stood up with Yu Xiang in his arms smiling like the spring breeze as he spoke in an extremely gentle tone, “Okay, Xiang’er. Elder Brother knows you feel bad for me. Does an eight-foot tall man[1] still need to covet those little things of hers? To avoid any ambiguous involvement in the future I’ll just as well not take it.” The significance of those words were partially pointed at Yu Miao Qi.

Yu Xiang immediately stopped talking as she lay prone on his shoulder and waved farewell to Old Madam.

Knowing these two siblings were impatient, Old Madam didn’t urge them to stay and asked someone to send them out before she turned to look at Lin Shi who was in dazed, “Since Yan’er and Xiang’er are not willing to take your things, you’ll give some to Si Yu. Regardless of betrothal or dowry, don’t you think as the matriarch, you ought to get everything procure when a daughter is getting married? You can’t just think of being in power and not fulfilling your duty? Then, you should give the household management back to Xiang’er before it’s too late. If you can’t even compare to a child who has yet reached jiji[2], all the salt and rice you’ve eaten over the years has gone into the dog’s stomach.”

 Lin Shi was so ashamed that she didn’t dare to look up yet she still bit her lips relentlessly. Yu Si Yu’s mother had ruined her dreamlike beautiful marital life and she had been kind enough not tossing Yu Si Yu to the countryside to fend for herself, so how could she still give her dowry?

Realizing an opportunity, Yu Miao Qi got up from the ground with difficulty and gently pulled Lin Shi’s sleeve.

Old Madam didn’t care whether Lin Shi was willing or not. Since she dared to come in the door and stirred trouble today, Old Madam would be bound to gouge out a few pieces of her flesh and blood before letting her go. She opened the ledger, her finger continuously pointed, “These four shops on Wuli Pai, Yuqing Street, Ningwang Street and Huanniao Lane, along with three country estate in Shanghe Village, Xiahe Village and Yangjiaping, plus two hundred hectares of fertile fields will all given to Si Yu as dowry. In another year or so, Si Yu ought to get married.”

Hearing that, Lin Shi was so angry that her eyes almost popped out. She remembered those were the most lucrative shops and estates even if she didn’t manage her household for a long time which all the remaining shops and estates added up could not match with these few. It would be forcibly digging out a piece of her heart with unceasing trickling of blood if these were truly given to Yu Si Yu.

Before she could open her mouth to refute, Yu Si Yu quickly got up and curtsied with a smile, “Thank you Grandmother and Mother! Si Yu will not dare to forget such a favor and profound affection.” This was truly the idiom when the snipe and clam grapple, it’s the fisherman who stands to profit[3]. She was getting exhilaratingly pleased.

Old Madam rarely found her somewhat pleasing to the eyes and waved her hand, “Good. You go back. When you get married, I’ll let your mother take out the title deeds.”

Yu Si Yu repeatedly acceded and hurriedly left without looking at Lin Shi, lest there would be unforeseen changes if she walked too slowly.

Shortly after taking a seat, Yu Miao Qi knelt down again and sincerely pleaded for her mother. She didn’t expect Yu Xiang to dig such a big pit and lure her to jump. No wonder she didn’t modify and make up the shortfall before the 21st years of Chengkang’s reign, instead carelessly left it for others’ to probe.

[1] 八尺男儿 (Bā chǐ nán’ér) – in ancient calculation are definitely different from modern ones. The estimated height of eight-foot tall could probably be around 180cm.

[2] 及笄 (Jíjī) – girl reaches age fifteen (come of age when girls at fifteen have their hair bound up and held by a hairpin) / marriageable age.

[3] 鹬蚌相争渔翁得利 (Yù bàng xiāng zhēng yúwēng dé lì) – When two sides contend, it’s always the third party that benefits.

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