[TYCDTN] – Chapter 40 Part 2

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄( xiāng) – Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言( pǐn yán )- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead (YPY)

-虞思雨( ) – Yu Si Yu, the female and male lead’s sister

-老太太 (Lǎo tàitài) Old Madam, the grandmother

-馬嬤嬤 (mǎ mó mo)- Old Madam’s personal maidservant

-虞府( ) – the Yu manor

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

-柳绿 (Liǔ lǜ) – Female lead’s main maidservant

-桃红 (Táo hóng) Female lead’s main maidservant

-方志晨 (Fāng zhì chén) – Pei Shi’s son

-裴氏 / 裴逆鳞  (Péi shì / Péi nì lín) – Old Madam’s good friend daughter in law / current guest in Yu manor

While Yu Si Yu had her wish fulfilled, Fang Zhi Chen however couldn’t sleep the whole night. When he saw the return of Pei Shi, he urged her to pack up and hastily leave the Marquis manor. Pei Shi told him about the premature labor of the Crown Princess, the Heaven-sent auspicious sign and so forth, yet he was too impatient to hear.

“Son, why are you in such a hurry to leave? What had happened? Look at your complexion, it’s really bad.” Pei Shi inquired with uneasiness.

“Mother, don’t ask anymore, we must leave as soon as possible.” How could Fang Zhi Chen mention the occurrence of last night. His eyes were already reddened with anxiousness. He had never suffered such humiliation since young that he had a sense of despondent momentarily. Thinking back when he was still in Yangzhou, he would attract the admiration and respect of others wherever he went. Why wasn’t he even qualified to carry others’ shoes since arriving in the Capital? He somehow was still the third-ranked scholar that His Majesty appointed. The third-ranked scholar that was adored by countless noble daughters! Who did Yu Xiang think she was! Only a crippled!

After a profound pondering, the affection he had towards Yu Xiang completely turned into resentment.

Pei Shi became more worried and kept interrogating him until Fang Zhi Chen was on the verge of tears that he incoherently disclosed the rendezvous he had with Yu Si Yu last night which was caught by Yu Xiang.

Pei Shi scolded him annoyingly, “Son, you are too muddled-headed! She asked you to go and you went? Why didn’t you use your brain to think, this is the Capital and the Marquis manor which isn’t like our own residence. That kind of inner courtyard is not possible for you to enter! What to do now? I’m afraid your marriage between the Second Young Miss Yu would be impossible! No, I have to hastily ask for forgiveness from the Old Madam!” As she talked, she rummaged through the luggage looking for a valuable gift.

“If it’s not possible then it’s not possible, I don’t want to marry her anymore.”

“You’ve ruined the reputation of the Eldest Young Miss, who else can you marry now? You are in the wrong on this matter. We still need to placate the Old Madam, even if we can’t be related by marriage, it will also not turn into enmity.” Pei Shi found a set of priceless jade head ornaments and packed it in a brocade box.

“It’s impossible to judge one’s true nature from one’s look. I really do not dare to ask for the hand of either the two Marquis manor’s young misses.” Fang Zhi Chen couldn’t hold back his grievances and denounced, “Mother, Second Young Miss Yu actually said I don’t even qualify to carry her shoes. Mother, son feels truly awful!”

“What? She really said that?” This was her, Pei Ni Lin’s son, who couldn’t tolerate others criticizing him. She slammed the table and cursed furiously, “What a despicable bitch that doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. She is only a crippled, if it’s not for the sake of….”

“For the sake of what? Eat and live in our Marquis manor yet condemning our Marquis manor. We can’t afford to accommodate such a big Buddha like Madam Fang, so please leave hastily.” Ma Momo entered with several maidservants as she spoke impolitely, “Please point out which are your things. These maidservants will help you pack up for the convenience of carrying out. The carriage is waiting outside the side door. Don’t delay everybody’s time.”

“No. I want to see the Old Madam!” Pei Shi was getting anxious now. She had received a letter from Master Fang a few days ago stating they must marry the Yu family’s daughter and it would be better if it was the Di daughter. It was well-known by everyone in the Han Dynasty that Yu Xiang had risked her life saving her Elder Brother while Yu Pin Yan’s unprincipled doting on her was no longer a news, thus marrying Yu Xiang was tantamount to holding Yu Pin Yan’s weakness.

Who was Yu Pin Yan? He was the All Commander who killed under the imperial orders where his authority overrode the three divisions and only obeyed the Emperor’s command. His assistance was equivalent to having several more brains. Not mentioning Yu Xiang merely couldn’t walk, even if she was totally paralyzed, they would still carry her into the bridegroom’s home.

Pei Shi was fully aware she would definitely be in deep trouble if she didn’t complete the errands that her husband had given her. She charged to the main courtyard after pushing Ma Momo and several of the maidservants away.

When Yu Pin Yan returned from the royal court, he saw a group of people clamoring around piles of luggage. Pei Shi was dragged by the sleeves and pushed out from the side door by Ma Momo while Fang Zhi Chen with dark circles under his eyes stood by the side awkwardly.

“What’s happening?” Yu Pin Yan glanced at the gatekeeper.

Yu Xiang had tenaciously suppressed the scandalous news of last night’s rendezvous in the boudoir, thus the gatekeeper had no way of knowing about it. He shook his head and replied, “Responding to the Marquis, Nucai doesn’t know. Probably have offended the Old Madam.”

Yu Pin Yan nodded his head then turned around as he walked towards the west chamber. He however heard Pei Shi’s loud shout, “My son went to meet the Second Young Miss privately in her boudoir last night. If you don’t allow me to see the Old Madam, I will propagate this scandal out and see who will be ashamed!” Didn’t Yu Xiang said her son was undeserving to even carry her shoes? She would make her reputation stink and see who would dare marry her! When the time comes, the Old Madam would have to cry and beg me!

Yu Pin Yan steps halted. He turned and walked to the crowd of people while his thumb pushed the scabbard of the Xiu Chun knife in his hand where the shimmering blade made a humming sound.

The sound was very subtle yet it sounded like a deafening thunderous strike to everyone’s ears, let alone the cold killing intent that pervaded him which somewhat froze the surrounding air.

Pei Shi instantly quieted down and looked at him with an extreme terrified expression.