[TYCDTN] Chapter 36 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-永乐侯 (Yǒng lè hóu)- Marquis Yongle, referring to Yu Pin Yan

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-靖國公 (Jìng guó gōng) – Duke Jingguo

-靖国公夫人(Jìng guó gōng fūren)- Duchess Jingguo 

-常雅芙 (Cháng yǎ fú) – Yu Pin Yan’s prenatal betrothal, Duke Jingguo’s 2nd daughter

-常琦(Cháng qí)- Chang Qi, Duke Jingguo’s legitimate son 

-琦儿(qí ér)-Qi’er, referring to Chang Qi.

When the Duke Jingguo and Duchess Jingguo arrived at the courtyard, the little maidservant sent by Liu Lu to inform the Old Madam had just left. The Old Madam was suppressing her anger. There was not even a hint of a smile on her face. 

Duchess Jingguo opened her mouth and began to reproach him, “Old Madam, Yu Pin Yan was a little too ill mannered. He asked someone to pour a basket of snakes on Qi’er when Qi’er and Yu Xiang were only bickering and making a scene. What’s he trying to do? How could he, as a commander of the capital, make such a fuss over some trifles with a young child?” 

The Old Madam’s were closed and she was sliding the beads of her Buddha beads in her fingers. She was about to open her mouth to speak when Duchess Jingguo finished speaking.  However, Yu Pin Yan strode in with his damp hair and said in a deep voice, “My younger sister’s body was covered in caterpillars by him, and now she is in a state of unbearable pain and itching. He doesn’t have any wounds and was only slightly frightened, so I have already been merciful. If all of you still are unable to recognize my good intention, watch out and I will peel off his skin!” After saying that, his lips curved into a smile. 

Everyone knew that the smiling Marquis Yongle was far more terrifying than the expressionless Marquis Yongle. His expression was as gentle as spring breeze and rain, but in fact, his smile was full of indifference towards life. 

Duke Jingguo suddenly remembered that the person in front of him was no longer the same gullible boy who was in dire straits in the past, but the commander appointed by the Emperor. He could bypass ranks and kill someone and execute one on the spot without prior approval by the imperial court. In the whole imperial court, the Emperor was the only person who could control him. There were countless innocent souls who had died in his hands, both inside and outside the imperial court. If they all fell into the nine abyss of hell, he was afraid that even the palace of hell would collapse. 

At this moment, Duke Jingguo remembered to be afraid.  He straightened up as his calves trembled.

Duchess Jingguo doesn’t know much about the affairs of the imperial court. She still thought that Yu Pin Yan was the child that she could easily make use of.  She even assumed the posture and attitude of his mother-in-law and began to reprimand him incessantly. 

Yu Pin Yan was not in the mood to finish hearing what she was going to say. He sneered and said, “Why do you think he and Xiang’er squabble? It was Xiang’er revealed the fact that Chang Ya Fu had exchanged love tokens with Yu Pin Hong at the Lantern Festival. That pair of siblings were so ashamed that they became angry and attacked Xiang’er. Madam, I’m sure you are aware of this. But didn’t you make an agreement with my Third Aunt that you would look for me and cancel the engagement once my Third Uncle inherited the title, and Yu Pin Hong became the noble heir? I’ve been waiting for you all this while! Unfortunately, as fate would have it, my Third uncle’s family was imprisoned soon afterwards, and the marriage was never consummated. Who do you think I, Yu Pin Yan, am? A wimp who picks up broken shoes?” 

Duke Jingguo and Duchess Jingguo widened their eyes abruptly, as if they had seen a ghost. 

The Old Madam clenched so tightly to the Buddhist beads that it broke.  She hurriedly asked, “There’s such a thing like this? Exchanging love tokens as love promises? Good, good, good! She is indeed my good granddaughter-in-law, so shameless, lascivious and shameless, lewd and wanton! And you still have the face to seek for an explanation? Somebody come, chase them out! Quickly chase them out!” 

The Old Madam stood up and roared at the top of her voice. She knew that the Chang family wanted to marry Yu Pin Hong but she didn’t know that Chang Ya Fu already had an affair with him! The Chang family actually wanted to foist off their damaged goods on their Yu Manor.  In their dreams! 

The servants answered loudly and went out to look for sticks. 

If they stayed any longer, not only would they be beaten up, but their reputation would also be ruined. With their heads buried and their faces covered, Duke Jingguo and Duchess Jingguo  flee as if they were escaping.  

The Old Madam was filled with anger and had nowhere to vent. She slammed the table and sternly questioned, “You already know of this? Why didn’t you tell me? If I had known Chang Ya Fu was so unrestrained, I would have cancelled this engagement when old Duke Jingguo was still alive. How could I have tolerated her for so many years?! No,  I’ll immediately cancel the engagement when she takes off her mourning attire next month. That’s outrageous!” Recalling that she was almost persuaded by the Duchess Jingguo to agree with the marriage, she suddenly broke out in cold sweat. 

Yu Pin Yan gently patted her back and said in a warm voice, “Now, I have told you, you are still angry. If I told you back then, wouldn’t you be so mad at her that you would be lying in bed for months? How could grandson bear to see that?” 

For a moment, the Old Madam was so distraught and hateful that she gritted her teeth. She took her grandson’s hands and wiped her tears. How much had this child suffered while she was unaware of this? She can’t even imagine it! How could his grandfather have arranged such a bad marriage? When she arrived at Yellow Spring[1], she would look for that old fool and settle accounts with him!

Yu Pin Yan smiled slightly as he wiped the Old Madam’s tears. When Xiang’er knew of this, she was more agitated than her grandmother, and even took out the dagger he had given her  saying that she will stab Chang Ya Fu. It was enough to have two people by his side who treated him wholeheartedly. It was only after many years of hard work when he really figured out what should be completely given up, and what he had to cherish and firmly held on to.

The Old Madam and her grandson remained silent for a while, which made her feel much better. When she saw that his hair was half drenched and his clothes had been changed, she was about to ask him why he would bathe on such a cold day. However, she saw a Dragon Scale guard rush in and reported, “Commander, the Crown Prince has asked for you to hurry over!” 

The Old Madam felt that the situation wasn’t good and urged her grandson to quickly leave. 


[1] 黄泉(Huáng quán)-Yellow Spring is the underworld of Chinese mythology, or the equivalent of Hades or Hell.