[TYCDTN] Chapter 29 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-永乐侯府 (Yǒng lè hóu fǔ)- Marquis Yongle manor

Two years later

A carriage was galloping along the road, but it was shaken by the horse’s ‘neigh’. The coachman brandished his whip and cursed, “Which blind man is it? Was moving well and suddenly rolled under my wheel. What do you want to blackmail? Why don’t you look carefully at whose carriage this is and see whether you should mess with them!” 

The other person was still lying on the ground and didn’t respond. He lightly lifted his arms, seemingly to block the glare of the sun rays above his head. 

The coachman yelled and scolded, “Why are you still lying there? Get up quickly, or you’ll be trampled by the horse!” 

People stopped to point out the ferocious coachman. 

Suddenly, the curtain of the carriage was opened and a pretty face appeared, holding an ingot of silver in her hand. She said, “Here’s your silver. Take it and leave quickly! Don’t waste our time!” 

Then, the other person stood up unsteadily, his jaw slightly lifted, showing an unusually pretty face. The slender sword eyebrow flew into the temples, the narrow and long phoenix eyes slightly quirked up and the black and deep pupil attracted people’s souls. The flawless face could be regarded as peerless. He bowed down and said in a warm voice, “This miss, I’m not blackmailing…” 

The young miss couldn’t help but hissed once, and stammered to interrupt him, “No, it’s not blackmail then you are seeking death? What’s the matter with you? Take the money, so that you can get through the difficulties, do you understand?” This time with a gentle and compassionate tone and it was a big difference from the tone just now. 

The youth waved his hand seemingly wanting to explain. Then, he saw a head sticking out of the window. It was a more delicate and perfect face than the youth. The porcelain pale skin was transparent under the sunlight, and the eyes were big and round. It was full of immeasurable auras and beauty. Her pink lips pouted and vented impatiently, “Why are you spouting so much nonsense for? You aren’t afraid of death but you are afraid of living? Take it!” 

She raised her hand and threw a bigger silver ingot on the young man’s face. The young man who was hit cry out in pain, and soon there was a big bump on his head.

The little girl covered her face with her hands and felt quite embarrassed. 

“Miss, I can’t accept your money. I don’t wish to die, but…” That young man picked up the silver ingot and handed it back. However, he saw that the girl raised her chin slightly and said haughtily, “It’s clear that you are seeking death and have no face to admit it. So cowardly! If you live with the determination to die, how can you live like a person? Take the silver ingot and get out of here. When you have attained great success in the future, you can smash it back on my face. Let’s see if you have that ability.” 

She put the curtain down to cover the bright and beautiful face and said, “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.” 

The coachman quickly agreed and drove the carriage slowly. 

The young man gazed at the carriage disappearing at the corner. Obviously, she was a good girl with a soft heart. She wanted to conceal her kindness in her sharp words. For her to confer gratitude over someone with such an overbearing attitude, he would resent her if he wasn’t sharp enough. 

This disposition was really oddly awkward, but it was also quite awkwardly cute. 

The young man walked step by side to the streets and found a clean place to sit. He wasn’t trying to scam, nor was he trying to die. It was because of the illness, ever since he was young, he would be dizzy if he got up too abruptly or if he had not eaten for a long time. He would feel dizzy, weak hands and feet, and fall in front of the carriages carelessly. However, the master and servant didn’t listen to him and didn’t know how to diagnose his “pathetic” life experience. 

The young man looked down and found that he had soiled his clothes because of the fall. There was also a big hole in his clothes which made him look even more pathetic. 

No wonder. He shook his head and chuckled. He muttered, “To let me smash the silver ingot on your face, you should at least give me your name.” Suddenly, he remembered that no girl would state her name on their first meeting. The other party didn’t covet him to repay her, but suggested for him to live even if this thought was malicious. 

The young man got up and went to the grocery store and asked, “Shopkeeper, whose carriage was that just now?” 

“You saw a symbol of a wolf running on the carriage, right? That’s the emblem of the Yu family.” 

The young man’s eyes flickered slightly and continued to question, “Is it that Yu family?” 

The shopkeeper nodded, “Other than the Marquis Yongle Manor, which young lady would be so crafty and throw ten liang of silver on your head? She isn’t afraid to smash it for good or bad. It’s said that the young lady is a vicious girl. If anyone dares to speak ill of her, she will whip people. No one in the capital dares to provoke her, let alone her elder brother, who is both a commander and a cavalry general. The one who dotes on her is a fierce one. The girls who got whipped almost got their head chopped off.” 

After saying that, the shopkeeper shook his head repeatedly and he looked frightened. 

The young man thanked him in a soft voice, and bought a packet of rice cakes and sat at the door to eat. His expression was a little trance. It never occurred to him that the girl was his own younger sister. These words ‘tricky’ or ‘malicious’ were all slander but with a sharp shell to protect herself. At the age of ten, she lost her legs and destroyed half of her life. How could she live without being strong? 

Thinking of this, the youth lost his appetite and threw the rice cake to the little beggar waiting for a long time and left with heavy steps. 


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