[TYCDTN] Chapter 27 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-老太太(lǎotàitai)- Old Madam

However, after Yu Xiang officially accepted Yu Pin Yan in her heart, she no longer stayed in Yongle Marquis manor with the mentality of muddling through life. If the Old Madam had a headache, she would accompany her. They would recite sutras together and did needlework together. Their relationship was better as the days went by. After half a year, Yu Xiang was finally persuaded by the Old Madam to take over the management of the Marquis manor.

In her previous life, she had managed several small companies, not to make money but just to pass time, and they were all pretty well managed. For her to manage a Marquis manor of two or three hundred people was just a piece of cake.

At first, the Old Madam was worried that she would be fooled or controlled by the group of Momos that was managing the household. She would often check on her from time to time. Seeing that she had not been struggling and instead made several Momos become obedient, she was very satisfied.

More importantly, Yu Xiang knew that she was a fake, and she would leave the Marquis manor one day. Therefore, she made the account books very meticulously. Such that even if it was just a few pieces of copper coins and silvers spent, it was recorded clearly and transparent, which made it easy for one to understand with a glance.

She thought that if she were to handover this authority one day, she didn’t want others to use this to make things difficult for her. 

The Old Madam didn’t know of the little thoughts she had. Instead, she saw her talent in her eyes. In her heart, she was even more fond of her, and thus passed all of the miscellaneous tasks to Yu Xiang and started to live a life of leisure by grooming flowers and taking care of fishes by herself. Her body was getting better from her fatigue, and her white hair by her temples even grew a few strands of black hair.

A year and a half later, Yu Pin Yan had settled the rebellion and Prince Yu and victoriously returned to the capital. He was promoted to a proper fourth rank General Guangwei[1], and had military command that made him in charge of 180,000 soldiers, which was not much but also quite a lot. He was seventeen years old, brave and resourceful and his future was limitless.

On the day the army entered the capital, the Old madam didn’t go to the gate of the city to meet Yu Pin Yan as she was worried about the inconvenience of Yu Xiang’s legs. Both grandmother and granddaughter were still hiding behind the wall as they listened to the sound of horse’s hooves. This time, their eyes were lit up with joy.

As soon as Yu Pin Yan stepped into the threshold, he saw his sister in a wheelchair beaming. The Old Madam stood behind her and originally had a smile on her face as well, but somehow she began to weep. She was afraid that her weeping would ruin the mood, so she quickly wiped her tears.

The young man grew taller and sturdier. He was wearing a crimson combat robe. His face was as beautiful as ever, but he was more mature and resolute. His eyes were still filled with killing intent and ferocity. He was infamous in the capital. Only when they saw him today, then the Old Madam understood why the rebel army called him The Beautiful King of Hell’. 

If he stood there expressionless, his sharp temperament was like a knife after being honed by blood and war, hurting the people around him, and people would be afraid to approach him.

The Old Madam stood on the spot and her eyes looked at him. Without her being aware of it, her grandson has become a braver general than his grandfather!

Yu Xiang seemingly noticed her brother’s changes. She stretched out her arms and called “Elder brother” in a loud voice. If her legs were in a good condition, she would be like a swallow in the forest and would plunge into his arms.

Yu Pin Yan chuckled and his voice was deeper and more attractive than ever. The tenderness in his eyes dispelled all his killing intent. He bent down to hold his more than beautiful and lovely sister in his arms and weighed her in his arms. Then, he said unsatisfactorily, “You have become thinner!”

Eleven years old in the Han dynasty can be said to be a big girl and shouldn’t be in her brother’s arms anymore. But Yu Xiang didn’t have that consciousness at all. She put her arms around her brother’s neck and complained, “If you did not return home safely, Grandmother and I can’t sleep well nor eat properly. How can I not be thinner?! You don’t know that whenever you send a letter back every month, Grandmother and I would stand at the door every day and when we saw the soldiers who sent the war report to the capital we will hurriedly send people out to inquire. Look at our necks. They are three inches longer than before…”

After telling her grievances one by one, Yu Xiang began to stifle, she buried her head and smeared tears and snot all over Yu Pin Yan to vent her anger. 

The Old madam didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she poked her forehead.

Yu Pin Yan couldn’t smile at all. The big droplets of tears seeped into his lapel and fell on his tanned skin, which was so burning hot that it made him tremble. Until this moment, the sound of loud war drums, screams from the intense fighting, deafening gunfire, and the cries of the dead in the war faded away from his mind. It was replaced by the fragile whimpering of grievances and longing for one another. 

Then, he turned from a heartless sword into a man of flesh and blood.

“Don’t cry,” he said in a hoarse voice and rubbed the little girl’s hair, “Elder brother has returned, your elder brother is back alive!” 

Yu Xiang slowly stopped crying and wiped the tears on her face with her sleeves. She pressed her face close to her elder brother’s face and laughed lightly. She couldn’t help rubbing her nose against her brother’s nose, breathing the same air with him. 

“Crazy girl, how is this appropriate. Quick, let your elder brother head inside to rest for a while.” The Old Madam scolded her, but her eyes were full of joy. She kneaded her grandson’s strong arm and sighed, “You’re strong. You are taller than your grandfather!” 

Yu Pin Yan was also surprised to stare at her temples and said with a smile, “Grandmother looks younger than before.” 

“You don’t know. Our Xiang’er is capable. She had been helping me manage the manor for you. She has the final say in management of the manor. I don’t need to be worried at all. I can eat vegetarian food every day,recite sutras, plant flowers, and I can live leisurely. How can’t I be younger…?”

The three of them laughed all the way back. 

[1] 广威将军(Guǎng wē jiāngjūn)- General Guangwei, which may mean General of Great Prestige. One would be awarded with the title General Mingwei(明威将军) that may mean General of Prestige. After being promoted from General Mingwei, one would be promoted to General Xuanwei(宣威将军) that may mean General of Proclaimed Power. And, after being promoted from General Xuanwei, one would be promoted to the title of General Guangwei(广威将军). 

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