[TYCDTN] Chapter 25 Part 1

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-林氏(lín shì)- Lin shi, Yu Pin Yan’s biological mother

-桃紅 (táo hóng)- Female lead’s little maidservant

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s little maidservant

-金嬤嬤 (jīn mó mo)- Jin Momo, Ninth Princess’s wet nurse

-小球兒 (Xiǎo qiú er) – Little Qiu’er, Ninth Princess

-邓彩明(Dèng cǎi míng)- Deng Cai Ming, Seventh Princess’s study companion

-邓昭仪(Dèng zhāoyí)- Deng Zhaoyi, Deng Cai Ming’s aunt who is currently an imperial concubine. 

-九儿(jiǔ ér) – Jiu’er, the Ninth Princess. 

The Emperor questioned Jin Momo in detail and found out that Deng Cai Ming, the niece of Deng Zhaoyi[1], was the person who swindled the Ninth Princess with several fried chop rice cakes. She was currently the study companion of the Seventh princess. 

Although this matter wasn’t that serious, it reflected Deng Cai Ming’s audacity and greedy nature, which were qualities the Emperor disliked the most. Because Deng Zhaoyi had given birth to the Third Prince and the Third Prince had attended imperial court, and had done a good job with several tasks that were assigned to him. The Emperor was very pleased and planned to promote her rank on Empress Dowager’s birthday . After all, the biological mother of a prince should at least be conferred to the title of an Imperial Consort. 

However, after this incident, the Emperor immediately removed Deng Zhaoyi’s name from the list of imperial harem conferral.[2] It was evident that it wasn’t the first time that Deng Cai Ming had cheated Little Jiu’er, and the Seventh Princess couldn’t be unaware of it. Instead of stopping her, she watched the play on the sidelines. Did Deng Cai Ming give the seventh princess all the things that the Ninth Princess had given her? 

While the two of them played with the Ninth daughter’s jewellery, they also laughed at her stupidity? Where was the respect for your superior as an inferior? Where was the relationship between sisters ? How could a mere princess be so shallow? 

The Emperor’s imagination wouldn’t stop running wild. He was disgusted with Deng Zhaoyi, who didn’t educate her children well. He ordered a box of jewellery to her palace and said that he would like to trade it for a box of fried chop rice cake to taste it. 

Deng Zhaoyi didn’t understand what was going on. She glanced at her daughter and saw that her daughter’s face suddenly went pale. She then caught her and questioned her. In the end, she was so angry that her pretty face was deformed. 

At this critical moment of promotion, suddenly a matter like this happened. Not only was she unlucky, but her son’s impression in the Emperor’s heart had also deteriorated. These two useless things kept messing up her plans! 

The next morning, Deng Cai Ming was sent out of the palace by two old Momos. It was ordered that she could never enter the palace ever again. 

Everything was well organised, and the Empress was reading the new list of names who are being promoted. The Third Prince’s outstanding ability had put him in the limelight recently. This was the so-called mother who depended on the son. To elevate the Third prince, the Emperor wanted to promote Deng Zhaoyi, and this was something that the Empress knew all along. This pair of mother and son were a significant threat to the East Palace. 

As she thought about how to deal with this matter, she didn’t expect that the enemy who was just one step away from victory was defeated on their own because of a few pieces of fried chop rice cakes. Thinking of this, the Empress laughed unkindly and sighed to her trusted Momo, “Yu Xiang is really a decent girl. She should come to the palace earlier to accompany the Ninth princess.” 

Momo immediately agreed in response. 


Yu Xiang didn’t know that because she had taught Qiu’er to report to the Emperor, it had caused a storm in the palace. When she got home, she went straight to the Old Madam’s courtyard to accompany her to chant sutras. 

Both of them were very anxious, and they could only calm themselves when they recited sutras. Eating, drinking and leading a life of pleasure together wasn’t able for them to cultivate feelings for each other, but they were able to learn how to cherish each other when they go through difficulties together. Because of Yu Xiang’s earnest feelings for the Old Madam’s grandson, the Old Madam liked this cheap granddaughter more and more. 

“You are back.” Hearing the sound of the turning of the wheelchair, the Old Madam stopped chanting sutras and turned her head to look. 

“I’m back. Did my Elder brother send a letter today?” Yu Xiang asked. 

“No.” The Old Madam shook her head and sighed.

Yu Xiang’s expectant expression immediately fell. She let Tao Hong and Liu Lu carry her to the futon. Then, she knelt and took out a rusty ancient coin from her purse as she placed it between her palms and started to recite the sutras.

“Why are you holding that piece of copper coin?” The Old Madam gave her a strange look.

“Ancient money can drive away evil spirits, avoid disasters and promise peace. I hold onto it as I recite the Nirvana Sutra every 7 days, 7 times for 49 days and then let my brother bring it to the North West. Miracle Doctor Pu had sent me all these panacea. I have also let Elder brother bring all of them along.” Yu Xiang explained softly. 

The Old Madam was delighted and took out her five-blessing[3] bag and passed it to her, “After reciting the Sutra, you can put the copper money in it to keep it safe. Afterwards, have someone bring it to him when they send the panacea. We can’t really help much so let’s keep praying for him.”  

Yu Xiang nodded her head solemnly.

Yu Pin Yan left suddenly and he hadn’t had the time to return home since the beginning of spring. Yu Xiang and the Old Madam could only hide behind the door, weeping while listening to the sounds of the horse’s hooves as the military troops left. Lin Shi didn’t even see him off, let alone send letters or send items to him. It was as if she didn’t have this son. 

The Old Madam was already sad. When she saw her being so heartless, she couldn’t help but get angry. The Old Madam went to her courtyard personally and burnt all the belongings left by her late son. If she wouldn’t come to her senses, maybe even her son’s tablet should be burnt. 

Lin Shi knelt at the gate of the Main courtyard and cried all night. Yu Xiang wore a thick coat as she watched for half the night. In the remaining half of the night, she had many dreams, in which all had Yu Pin Yan. 


[1] 昭仪(zhāoyí)- Lady of Bright Deportment. An imperial consort title. 

[2] 晋封名单(jìn fēng míngdān) – List of Imperial Harem Conferral. It is a list of imperial concubines that would be promoted/conferred.

[3] 五福(wǔ fú)- Five blessing is a concept signifying a grouping of certain good fortunes and luck in Chinese culture. There are two interpretations of five blessings. Firstly, according to the definition in Book of Documents, it is defined as follows:- (1) 寿(Shòu)- Health; (2) 富(fù)- Wealth; (3) 康宁(kāng Níng)-long life; (4) 攸好德(yōu hào dé)- Love of virtue; and (5)考终命(kǎo zhōng mìng)-peaceful death. Secondly, according to New Discussion, it is defined as:- (a) 寿(Shòu)- Longevity; (b) 富(fù)- Wealth; (c) 贵(guì)- prosperity in government (refers to the allotment and mandate of one’s share in government position and society); (d) 安乐(ānlè)- health; and (e) 子孙众多(zǐsūn zhòngduō)- fertility. 

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