[TYCDTN] Chapter 122 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead

-虞妙琪 ( Yu Miao Qi) – the novel original FL and YPY’s biological sister

-沈元奇(Shěn yuán qí)- Shen Yuan Qi, Yu Xiang’s biological elder brother. 

-桃紅 (táo hóng)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-张猛(zhāng měng)- Zhang Meng, Left general/general of the left army.

-林杰(lín jié)-Lin Jie, Right General/general of the right army.

-查布城(Zhā bù)- Zhabu City

-孙明杰 (sūn míng jié) – Sun Ming Jie, Lord Sun’s son.

On the other end, Yu Pin Yan really wanted to rip out his own fiery heart for his younger sister to keep. After the tender kiss, he held his sister in his arms. Tightening his grips even more, then he reluctantly let go when he saw Liu Lu took out a silver needle. 

“I’ll do it.” He took the silver needle and held up his younger sister’s tiny jade-like foot. 

“This is an ointment. Put it on after you pierce the blisters, then put it near the fire to heal. It should heal in the morning.” Liu Lu took a medicine bottle out of her wrapped package. 

Tao Hong finished wiping the Marquis’ back. She draped the untied battle robe over his shoulders and went outside to chuck a few sparks to make a fire. If the blisters on her feet were not broken and dried in time, they would become rotten over time and she might not even be able to take a step. 

Yu Pin Yan carefully pierced the blisters, asking from time to time if it hurt. Yu Xiang shook her head repeatedly, holding her cheeks up and gazing greedily at her elder brother. It was good that she finally found Elder Brother. Even if the Western Frontier was dangerous and the war was raging, as long as I can be with Elder Brother, life would be like in heaven. 

Yu Pin Yan looked up and saw that his sister was smiling in a very adorable and innocent way, with a tinge of infatuation in her eyes. He smiled along with her. After taking care of the blisters, he took off his own boots and put them by the fire to dry. Yu Xiang inched towards his side, holding his big hands in her small fingers and rubbing her small foot against his bigger one, sighing in contentment. 

Yu Pin Yan directly took her into his lap and pressed her little head into his arms. His arms firmly hugged her slender waist and whispered, “You’ve lost weight.” 

To be within the familiar and warm embrace once again, Yu Xiang did not even want to speak but only softly hummed. 

Outside, Tao Hong and Liu Lu took out the dry food and broke it up, threw it into the boiling water and prepared a pot of porridge for everyone to share. Zhang Meng and Lin Jie, who had not had a full meal for a long time, drank from the pot and exclaimed in joy. 

“Marquis and Young Miss, eat something to warm up your body.” Tao Hong and Liu Lu each brought in a bowl of porridge. 

Yu Xiang touched her brother’s forehead and found that the fever had gone down. Her tiny face instantly bloomed like a flower. She got off his lap, took the porridge and blew it slowly to cool. Yu Pin Yan was not afraid of it being hot and finished the porridge in a couple of gulps. Then, he smiled towards his sister who was licking the porridge like a cat with her tongue sticking out.

The dry food was made from fried buckwheat, giving porridge a charred flavour with a thick and dreamy texture after being boiled. It was even better than the porridge meticulously made by the chefs in the Marquis manor. 

Of course, Yu Xiang knew that this was just an illusion. Thus, she softly chuckled and said, “People say that love water can make one full.[1] Now, I can finally appreciate the meaning of this saying. After Elder Brother left, even if I was eating the dragon’s liver and phoenix’s marrow,[2] they would be tasteless. Now that I am with Elder Brother, I feel that eating grains and dry food is also a pleasure.” 

Yu Pin Yan let out a resonant laugh. He lowered his head and pecked the tip of her nose. He felt that it wasn’t enough, so he held onto her jaw and seized her lips. He drank away the porridge and said, “It’s really delicious.” 

Yu Xiang complacently shot a flirtation glance and returned the bowl of porridge to Liu Lu. Then, she threw herself into her brother’s arms and snuggled up against him. Yu Pin Yan thrust his five fingers into her hair and combed it gently. His heart full of love almost burst out of his deep gaze. She relied on him, so why shouldn’t he also rely on him? They were each other’s pillars of strength. 

When he noticed that his younger sister was not moving and her breathing had become shallow and drawn out, Yu Pin Yan looked down and realised that she had fallen asleep. Her brows were relaxed and the corners of her mouth were slightly curved. Her dream must be sweet and he must be present in it. 

Yu Pin Yan squinted his eyes and wrapped his younger sister carefully in his war robe and held her in his arms. 

Liu Lu washed the porridge bowl and saw that Zhang Meng and Lin Jie were both taking a nap. Ku Hai, Ku Hui and the other masters were meditating with their eyes closed. Only then did she lift the monk’s robe and knelt and the Marquis’ feet. She said in a soft voice, “Marquis, Young Miss had two dreams when she arrived. Both Marquis Yongle and Crown Prince manor were raided…” 

After detailing the dream, she asked anxiously, “Marquis, when we arrived the Han army had retreated to Zhabu City and was surrounded by the Western barbarians. We probably will not be able to enter, where should we go now? What about the Old Madam in the capital?” 

Yu Pin Yan remained silent. Even if Liu Lu didn’t say anything, he knew that Marquis Yongle manor would definitely be implicated because of himself. Since that man had dared to collaborate with foreign enemies and betrayed his country, his intentions would definitely not be small. Getting rid of him (Yu Pin Yan) was only the beginning, the one he really wanted to deal with must be the Crown Prince. Who would benefit most after the fall of the Crown Prince? The remaining imperial princes were all suspects. 

He was now a defeated general, and with a tarnished reputation of collaborating with the enemy. He could not easily return to the capital. The army he led was now retreating to Zhabu City, the city walls were surrounded by the Western barbarians and hidden spies, so he could not return there either. 

Therefore, he could only mobilize the troops near Zhabu City to attack the Western Barbarians. Not only to regain the two lost cities, but also to drive the Western barbarians out of the Wu River valley in order to clear his name. He must fight, and he must  fight to the very end. 

As for the besieged city of Zhabu, he was not worried at all. If this defeat was indeed the work of one of the imperial princes, he must have reached an agreement with the Second Prince of the Western Barbarians. The royal court of the barbarians were also in turmoil, with several princes immersed in a battle for the throne. Killing himself and conquering two cities would be a political leverage for the Second Prince, and he would not stay at the border for long to rush back and fight for the throne. The siege of Zhabu City was only for show, and the two sides would probably meet for negotiations in a few months’ time. 

So he had to get to the nearest garrison as soon as possible to send his troop back, and the garrison general had to be someone he could trust. Yu Pin Yan pondered for a moment and beckoned towards Liu Lu, “Don’t worry. This Marquis will take care of it.” 

Liu Lu nodded her head and wanted to say something. 

“Is there something else?” Yu Pin Yan raised his eyebrows. 

“Reporting to the Marquis, after you left, Second Young Miss told the Old Madam that you and the young lady are engaged in an affair. The Old Madam secretly betrothed her to Sun Ming Jie, the di son of Lord Sun of the Ministry of Works. However, that Sun Ming Jie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who takes pleasure in torturing women. When Lord Shen heard of this, he visited and took her away. Now, Young Miss is already a young lady of the Shen family…” 

Seeing the Marquis’ grim face, cold gaze and the murderous aura surging out from him, Liu Lu’s tone became increasingly low until it went completely quiet. 

“Yu Miao Qi and Sun Ming Jie?” He uttered these two names quietly. His thumb silently rubbed against the sabre at his waist. He already had a clue as to who was responsible for the incriminating evidence that had inexplicably appeared in his study. When he returned to the imperial court, he would make sure that the person’s bloodline belonging to the Yu family would be drained from her body. 

[1] 有情饮水饱(yǒuqíng yǐnshuǐ bǎo)- As long as two people have affections for each other, even if the circumstances were bad, water would make them full.

[2] 龙肝凤髓(lóng gān fèng suǐ)-’Dragon’s liver and phoenix’s marrow’ is a metaphor which means the most precious food. 

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