[TYCDTN] Chapter 121 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yú xiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

-虞品言(yú pǐn yán)- Yu Pin Yan, the male lead 

-桃紅 (táo hóng)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-柳綠 (liǔ lǜ)- Female lead’s main maidservant

-阔水林(kuò Shuǐlín)- Kuoshui Forest in Western Frontier

-张猛(zhāng měng)- Zhang Meng, Left general/general of the left army.

-林杰(lín jié)-Lin Jie, Right General/general of the right army.

-苦慧(Kǔ huì)-Ku Hui, referring to Great Master Ku Hui

-苦海和尚(Kǔ huì héshang)- Master Ku Hai

Left with no other choice, the two men escorted him towards the edge of the dense forest. About half an hour later, birds suddenly scattered in the forest, followed by the crisp sound of a branch being broken by someone and the faint sound of voices speaking. 

Yu Pin Yan quickly climbed to the top of the three, while Lin Jie and Zhang Meng also lurked in the shadows. All three of them placed their hands on the bowstrings and pulled back, and their eyes were filled with murderous intent. 

“I can feel that my elder brother is here, and he is getting closer to me. He’s having a fever and his back is wounded. We must find him soon.” Yu Xiang said as she held onto her burning forehead. 

Ku Hai and Ku Hui softly comforted her. Seeing their master charging forward with all her might, Tao Hong and Liu Lu, who were already on the verge of exhaustion, had no choice but to follow. 

Yu Xiang pushed aside a thick shrub and a sudden feeling of good fortune came over her, compelling her to look up abruptly. 

Yu Pin Yan was aiming at the group of people while using the leaves of the tree as cover.  The person walking ahead of the group was wearing a dirty monk’s robe, her hair was tied firmly in a bun behind her head with a string. Her face was speckled with mud, hiding all her features, except for a pair of large, round, almond-shaped eyes that shone with determination. 

Even though the person’s appearance was beyond recognition, Yu Pin Yan would not have mistaken those eyes that had appeared countless times in his dreams . He shouted incredulously, “Xiang’er?” 

“Elder Brother?” Yu Xiang also raised her head, her expression filled with joy. 

Zhang Meng and Lin Jie, who were in hiding, loosened their bow strings and hesitantly stepped out. They were both aware that The Commander’s most precious sister was called Yu Xiang. But they could never have imagined that the legendary arrogant and domineering young lady would appear in such a wretched state in the deadly Kuoshui Forest. 

“Elder Brother, quickly come down!” Yu Xiang waved her hands while she screamed and jumped. Her face was filled with the most radiant smile, but the tears kept flowing, thus, creating two tear-trails down her face and making her look very comical. 

Yu Pin Yan leapt down from the branch and walked over to her. His emotions were in a mess, and he opened his mouth to berate her, “How can you come to the Western Frontier alone? Are you seeking death?” 

“I didn’t come alone. The senior monks from Zhen Guo Temple escorted me here. Look!” Yu Xiang pointed behind her and Ku Hai and the others bowed with their palms together. 

Zhang Meng and Lin Jie were overjoyed. The monks of Zhen Guo Temple were known for their trekking skills, and they travelled on their own foot. Although Kuoshui Forest was vast and treacherous, it was not enough to stop them. This was a lucky star rained down from heaven!

The two of them hurriedly greeted and paid their respect. 

Yu Pin Yan, however, did not care about the Masters and grabbed the little girl who wanted to jump into his arms and asked, “Are you hurt? Why didn’t you obediently stay at home?” 

“I am not hurt. I dreamed that you had been hit by a stray arrow and had fallen into the river. So I went to look for you. I didn’t have any other thoughts. Even if I were to seek death, I will die together with you.” Yu Xiang wiped away her tears and added, “But I know you’ll be fine. Can we stop talking about this nonsense? You are running a fever and you are still wounded. We need to hurry and find a shelter. Come on!” 

She carefully held her brother’s arm for fear of touching any of his wounds. She wanted to use more strength but she forced herself to suppress the urge as she pulled him forward.  Yu Pin Yan stared at the side of her anxious face, finally revealing the first smile in days. 

Although Zhang Meng and Lin Jie were exchanging pleasantries with a few masters, their ears perked up to pick up the sibling’s conversation. To come all the way to the Western Frontier to find him regardless of life and death based on a mere dream, this kind of sentiment was too unfathomable. Only then did they understand why the Commander was so fond of his arrogant younger sister. 

If their loved ones had risked their lives for them, no amount of pampering would be rendered sufficient. 

Ku Hai led everyone to look for a cave. Inside, the cave was spacious and dry. Yu Xiang untied her brother’s robe, and her big eyes filled with tears once again when she saw the scars on his body and the arrowhead on his back. Tao Hong and Liu Lu took out a matchstick and lit a roaring fire as they boiled water in the alms bowl the great monks had brought with them. 

“Don’t cry. Seeing the way you shed your tears makes me feel worse than being hit by an arrow.” Yu Pin Yan wiped away the tears, the mud and dust from her face with his fingertips. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ku Hai was examining her wound, he would have pulled his sister into his arms, cuddled her and given her a kiss. 

“I won’t cry.” Yu Xiang immediately wiped her tears with her sleeve. However, due to her clothes being too dirty, the fair face became even dirtier, and it streaked like a bobcat. 

Yu Pin Yan couldn’t help laughing. 

Zhang Meng and Lin Jie were helping Tao Hong and Liu Lu to boil water. They were greatly surprised to hear that Commander’s laugh. It was the first time they had seen such a tender and affectionate side of this ‘cold and heartless’ Commander. It was said that the Commander loved his sister more than his life, and it seemed that the rumours were true. 

In that case, the Third Young Miss wasn’t arrogant and domineering. If she could venture into dangerous situations for her elder brother without hesitation, and risked her life twice for him, then her feelings for him were not in the least insignificant.  

The pair of siblings had such deep love and affection for one another, such kindred spirits,  that one could only be envious. 

Yu Xiang glanced at her elder brother and asked for some water from Tao Hong to clean her face. Ku Hui looked at the half-cut arrow and said slowly, “It only missed the heart pulse by a small margin. Benefactor Yu is indeed greatly blessed and very fortunate. This poor monk will help you to pull out the arrow. It may hurt a lot. So Benefactor Yu please prepare yourself.” 

“Wait, don’t pull it out yet.” Yu Xiang hastily stopped him. She folded a handkerchief into a strip from her wrapped package and stuffed it into her elder brother’s mouth before saying, “Pull it out.” 

Ku Hui nodded and was about to pull the arrow when she stopped him again, “Wait!” 

“Benefactor Yu Xiang, if you have anything to say, please say it once and for all, lest this poor monk’s hands fumbled.” Ku Hui was feeling very helpless. 

“I’m sorry.” Yu Xiang apologized sincerely and suggested, “Count one, two, three before you pull it out. It’s frightening to pull it out all at once!” 

Yu Pin Yan couldn’t help laughing as he spat out his handkerchief, “As long as I have my little sapling with me, I am fearless. Master Ku Hui, pull it out as you like. I can withstand it.” 

Right now was undoubtedly the most bitter moment in his life. But with Xiang’er by his side, all the hardships and sufferings had turned into pleasure and sweetness. She came, so he had more reasons to stay alive. Who says that having a weakness makes a person weak? Quite the contrary, it is because of his weakness that makes him stronger. 

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