[TYCDTN] Chapter 1 Part 2

Translated by: Jellylynn

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the glossary):

-虞襄(yúxiāng)- Yu Xiang, the female lead

The young monk held his breath and sneaked into the main hall while no one was paying attention. He climbed up the eight treasure lotus altar and took out a book that was under the jade box. He said to himself, “It’s already a struggle to send a spirit to the world with the four or five hundred years of cultivation. Moreover, guarantee her luck and fortune? The eight uncle-masters have an inflexible personality, they will certainly do their best. If they perform badly, they will pass away one after another. To save the lives of all my uncle-masters, I have to. Please forgive me, Buddha.” 

He pressed his palms together and bowed to the Buddha statue in the temple. He straightened his body and rubbed away the cinnabar used for the carving of the dharma of passage of time. He comforted himself and said, “As a secular woman, she doesn’t need spiritual cultivation. A small thousand realms or a big thousand realms wouldn’t matter to her right? This is just a love story without much twists and turns. The author also categorised and labelled it as sweet and pampered love[1] story, HE[2], and a loyal male lead. With the four or five hundred cultivation, she can easily attain a first female lead. I can’t believe that a young lady from a well-known household would love to read this kind of little white novel[3]…”

He skimmed through the two pages indifferently, his face was gradually green, and he turned back at a very fast speed. After a long time, he collapsed on the lotus platform, covered his face and sighed. He was also a prodigy. Otherwise, how could he become the abbot of the Millennium Temple at a young age? Reading a four or five hundred page novel in three minutes is as simple as eating and drinking water.

But even the prodigy of heaven has stumbled, this time that is. He asked the man for the relics of the female donor to perform rituals. This book was part of the things he brought. When he picked up the book, he immediately had the idea of making from a big thousand realms to small thousand realms. He glanced at the summary and thought there was no problem to make it the intermediary. 

But, as he looked at it again, he was filled with regret. 

This novel is indeed sweet pampered love, HE, but unfortunately, the cannon fodder girl in the book has the same name as the female benefactor, Yu Xiang. Moreover, Yu Xiang hurt her leg when she was young, where she wasn’t able to move. This would make the fate of the female benefactor the same as the female cannon fodder. It can be imagined that both the soul and the body have a high degree of compatibility, with a percentage of eighty to ninety percent. 

Thinking of the fate of Yu Xiang in the book, the monk lamented again. 

This is a dog blood[4] story about two children switched at birth. Once a merchant household and a noble household went out at the same time, their madams[5] was pregnant, and the month was almost the same. On the way, they met a bandit who robbed the road, escaped from the boundary of the family guards. They hid in the cave, and both of them were born prematurely. Because everyone was frantic, the situation was critical, and both families had given birth to a daughter. The wet nurse of the noble household accidentally carried the wrong baby. After returning to the house, she found that although the baby clothes were of the same colour and pattern, it was of cheap quality. That was why it was found out. 

The master of the family died of banditry. As the madam was heartbroken if she was to confess the truth, she would be buried with the master. Then, a pair of children would also be affected. As she thought carefully, she finally chose to not mention it. As time went by, she had heart disease. She passed away after a few years. Before she died, she told the Madam. 

Since then, Yu Xiang has been reduced from a young lady in the Marquis’s residence to an illegitimate child that has unknown parentage. She was always despised and bullied. Yet, because of her inability to move on her own, she developed a gloomy personality and inferiority complex. When the female lead returned, she saw how the female lead was extravagant, pampered and happy. The resentment that she had accumulated in her heart broke out completely, and she went on the road of no returns by fighting against the female lead. Finally, she was devised by the female lead to marry a coyote and was tortured to death.

The female lead had luck and was scheming. Her personality was very ruthless. In the end, she supported her husband to ascend the throne and wore a phoenix robe. This female lead sold people and helped others to count the money. Even her older brother and Crown prince, who were extremely capable and talented, were fooled around by her and failed. 

How would Yu Xiang, who has been paralysed since childhood and had never had many interactions with the outside world, compete against such a person? 

The monk held his cheek and his teeth started to hurt. He murmured, “Four or five hundred years of cultivation would be enough to turn the situation around for the female benefactor, right? She has been paralysed since childhood. She should be able to get used to changing into a body which was unable to move on her own. It won’t be a problem. It will be ok! Buddha will surely bless her!” 

As he was thinking about it, a little monk dashed into the hall and shouted, “It is bad, Abbot. The lotus plant has sunk into the water. We are afraid to damage the roots and dare not scoop it up. You should have a look!” 

The monk ran to the backyard and saw the upright stem slanting into the water. Only the tip of the remaining flower bud appeared on the water. Several leaves also had signs of withering, which looked very pitiful. 

The monk hurriedly jumped into the pond to help him and then inserted a bamboo branch into the water, which was tied together with a thin stem of the lotus flower. After working for a long time, he finally resolved it. 

The little monk looked at the withered lotus and said sadly, “Benefactor Yu said that he will stay in the temple for a few days every month. If he is to see this scene, he will not help in rebuilding our golden Buddha statue! Abbot, what should we do?” 

The monk wrung his wet clothes and said, “Take all my spiritual stones and throw them into the pond. Even if the lotus flower was broken, it would grow again with four or five hundred years of cultivation added with a pond of spiritual stones. Quick!” 

The little monk agreed quickly and threw all the spiritual stones collected by the master for more than ten years into the pond. In a small area, the green water in the pond gradually becomes clear, and a layer of fog that is white and misty emerges. It made the beauty of the budding lotus stand out in the dust. 

The monk then heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Amitabha”. Buddha is right. It’s impossible to cheat people…

Translator’s notes: Hello. Thank you for reading the first chapter. I am relatively new to translating. Thus, please feel free to correct me on any mistakes. 

Also, please note that the first chapter is merely a back story explaining the situation of the female lead. The plot will start in the next chapter. 

[1] 甜宠文(tián chǒng wén) – Sweet pampered love. It refers to a novel that the female lead or male lead would be very pampered and has a sweet romance.

[2] HE- happy ending

[3] 小白文(xiǎo bái wén)- Little white novel. It refers to a novel that doesn’t have much depth in the plot and can be understood easily. 

[4] 狗血(gǒu xiě )- Dog blood. An internet slang that usually refers to a plot that is ridiculous and exaggerated that commonly appears in plot.

[5] 主母(zhǔ mǔ)- The madam of the household

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