Transmigration of Mian [Reluctantly] Becomes His Man [Wife] Chapter 154 (Part 2)


Lei Tie said in a cold voice, “If Double Xiang House loses, it has to publish the secret recipes of thirteen spices and eighteen delicacies to the public. What a big declaration. Wife, we’ll leave in a few days.”

Qin Mian nodded as he was very vexed, too.

They found Yuan Anshi and explained the reason. It was not good for Yuan Anshi to persuade them to stay, so he asked his servant to bring Yuanyuan and Manman over.

Unexpectedly, Old Madam Yuan ran into Yuanyuan and Manman in the garden. Not only did she accompany the two little boys to play for half of the day, but she also sent them to the main hall in person. Later, Qin Mian learned that Yuan Anshi’s offspring from both wife and concubine were daughters. That’s why Old Madam Yuan liked Yuanyuan and Manman very much.

Qin Mian and Lei Tie left a letter to Lei Xiangzhi and Huo Sirui, leaving Lei-Qin Shun and Lei-Qin Cheng to protect them when they go back after the palace examination. They gave Lei-Qin Shun a bottle of specially dyed spiritual spring water and asked him to put it into the medicinal bathwater of Lei Xiangzhi’s group of five in secret, never letting anyone find out. In addition, he was told to pour out the medicinal bath water immediately after they finished the medicinal bath.

After explaining everything, the couple quickly packed up and left the Capital on the same day.

Inwardly, Yuan Anshi regretted the bad timing. Qin Mian’s medical skill was obviously very good, and he had planned to take the opportunity to make deep acquaintance with the other party.

The manservant came to report, “Old Master, Zhao Xianzhi-gongzi and Imperial Doctor Qin have come together.”

Yuan Anshi was taken aback, and then hurriedly said, “Quick, invite them in.”

In a word, this Zhao-gongzi also suffered the same poisoning as Lei Xiangzhi and Huo Sirui. There was a rumor in the Capital that the poisoning of Lei Xiangzhi and Huo Sirui was caused by Zhao-gongzi. However, people who knew the identity of Zhao-gongzi secretly derided this as nonsense. The native people in the Capital knew that Zhao Xianzhi was the son of the Imperial Preceptor. He had been a child prodigy from a young age. Even the Emperor liked him very much, so much so that the Emperor wanted to confer him a government official at the age of 13, but Zhao Xianzhi gracefully declined. Such a person like him, unless he was insane would he poison other Gongshi(s).

After a short while, a 16-year-old youth and a middle-aged man in his forties entered the gate together.

This youth was precisely Zhao Xianzhi. “Sir Yuan, this is Imperial Doctor Qin. I asked him to come to see Lei-gongzi and the others.”

“Imperial Doctor Qin?” Yuan Anshi looked at the middle-aged man and said in surprise, “Is it the Sir Qin Wencai, who is called the ‘Heavenly Doctor’?” It was said that the Imperial Doctor only treated the Emperor and the Empress. For him to be willing to come must be to honor Zhao Xianzhi.

“You flatter me.” Qin Wencai lightly smiled, “Sir Yuan, may I know where the patients are?”

Yuan Anshi came to his senses, “The five patients have eaten Lei-gongzi’s… eldest sister-in-law’s pill, and they have awakened. Now, they are taking a medicinal bath.”

“Oh?” Imperial Doctor Qin could not hide his surprise. “I heard from my colleagues that the poison in the five of them was probably a strange poison called ‘Gate of Hell’. The antidote to the ‘Gate of Hell’ requires several rare herbs, which are not available in the general medicine hall. Now, Sir Yuan actually said that the doctor detoxified them with just a pill?”

“Exactly.” Yuan Anshi said, “This is what I saw with my own eyes.”

For a long time, Imperial Doctor Qin had no words, but he had no doubt. After all, this kind of thing couldn’t be done falsely. The palace examination in a few days’ time would tell.

Yuan Anshi inexplicably felt that the Imperial Doctor’s side profile was similar to Qin Mian’s. He believed he was thinking too much. How could a man in a remote village be related to the generation of Imperial Doctors in the Capital? They were only people with similarities.

Zhao Xianzhi laughed in rejoice, “It’s good that they have woken up. It would be unfortunate if something had happened. This gongzi I1 still want to compete with them in the palace examination.”

Imperial Doctor Qin said, “Sir Yuan, I want to check their pulses personally, may I?”

Yuan Anshi said with haste, “For Imperial Doctor Qin to be willing to do it, this lowly official most welcome.”

The few people sat around for a while before the servant reported that Lei Xiangzhi and the others had finished taking the medicinal bath.

Yuan Anshi took Imperial Doctor Qin to check the pulse of Lei Xiangzhi and the others. Zhao Xianzhi felt bored and also went with them.

Dressed neatly, Lei Xiangzhi, Huo Sirui, and the others sat together and looked at each other with a rejoicing look of a survivor after a disaster.

“Eldest Sister-in-law saved us this time. We owe him too much.” Huo Sirui sighed deeply.

Lei Xiangzhi patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t think too much. In the future, we’ll double our love for Yuanyuan and Manman.”

Huo Sirui smiled with relief, “Well said.”

“Sirui.” Yuan Anshi walked into the door and saw that the five people looked good. He laughed, “Great, it’s great that everyone woke up.”

Huo Sirui quickly got up and bowed with his hands folded in front, “We’ve made Uncle Yuan worry about us.”

“As it should be.” Yuan Anshi said, “Let’s not talk about that. I’d like to introduce you, this is Imperial Doctor Qin, who’s specially invited by Zhao-gongzi to check on you.”

“Then, thanks for the trouble, Imperial Doctor Qin.”

Imperial Doctor Qin felt their pulses one by one. He was inwardly surprised and nodded as he said, “Congratulation. All of you have cleared away the toxicity in your body. Not only that, but you have recovered very well. It won’t affect your participation in the palace examination in a few days. It seems that there are many wonderful doctors among the common people.” He would like to know the origin of the doctor who cured them. He thought that the other party was a woman. If he asked more, it would hurt the other party’s reputation, so he gave up asking.

Lei Xiangzhi and the others said in unison, “Many thanks, Imperial Doctor Qin!”

Imperial Doctor Qin nodded and took his leave.

Lei Xiangzhi’s group of people thanked Zhao Xianzhi, and the six of them had a good talk.

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  1. He refers to himself as this gongzi because he is a son of a high official.

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