The Villain’s Sweet Wife Ch 8

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The Villain’s Sweet Wife

Arc 1 Chapter 8 – Dr. Fu, Please Give More Advice (8)

The shirt was tucked into the trousers and made the waist appear thin and beautiful.

“Not going?”

It wasn’t known when but the male lead had come to stand in front of Quan Nai.

Quan Nai got caught in the act but she did not panic, “Dr. Fu’s figure is very good; almost too much to handle~”

Fu Qingyan’s thick eyebrows smoothed out. His eyes became indifferent as he suddenly closed the distance between them. His perfectly sized shoulders casted a shadow that enveloped the slender girl.

He had a very light scent of mint on him.

If you didn’t sniff it up close, you really would have overlooked it.

Quan Nai raised her head and her smile even reached her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Did Dr. Fu also fall under my dress?”


“You’re blocking the door.”

Fu Qingyan’s hand was still on the doorknob, his deep eyes looking at Quan Nai nonchalantly.

The latter didn’t feel the slightest embarrassment as her small face rushed towards his face.

Close at hand, their breath intertwining together.

Just another step and they could touch.

Just as there was about to be a breakthrough, Quan Nai’s hand went around behind him and casually placed itself on top of Fu Qingyan’s hand, slowly rubbing.

“That’s such a pity.”

Without overstaying too much, she pushed down on the doorknob, and somehow slipped out with a lovely smile.

The girl’s soft breath suddenly disappeared, giving Fu Qingyan no time to react. For a while, he was frozen.

Then he looked at her again.

The girl shook the keys, smiling brightly.

“Come on, Doctor Fu,” Quan Nai raised her wrist and looked at her watch, “Aiya, the Palace Harem TV series is about to start. Does your family have a TV?”

A stream of light swept across Fu Qingyan’s narrow eyes, concealing that flash of throbbing.

So fast that even he didn’t realize.

The man’s eyes were indifferent as his eyelashes fluttered, “How boring.”

Quan Nai quickly chased after him, “Hey! Hey! Slow down Dr. Fu! Dr. Long-legged Fu? Oppa? Big Brother? Why don’t you slow down!”

When standing in front of Audi.

Tens of thousands of alpacas¹ ran across Quan Nai’s inner heart.

¹TN: ‘Cao Ni Ma’(f— your mom…or motherf—er in this case) homonym.

Because there was a piece of paper jammed against the window of the car, the words on it were insolent and bold.

“Chu Xuan, 135*******0, remember to come find me.”

Quan Nai yanked out the note and looked at it.

Holy sh–, this god-like speed.

Even her parking spot was found so quickly!

Overbearing presidents were indeed crazy and cool.


Afterwards, she glanced at that line before tearing it with her hands.

The tearing of white paper sounded out.

The tiny torn pieces were thrown into the trash can.

Quan Nai brushed off her hands: protecting the environment, starts with me.

To be honest, this was the first time that Quan Nai drove. Her license belonged to the original owner.

She had seen other people driving before, so counting that toward her experience, it equaled to herself also having learnt how to.

It shouldn’t be anything difficult… right?

Five minutes passed by.

Ten minutes passed by.

Fifteen minutes passed by.

Fu Qingyan closed the book, raised his eyes, and cast a sidelong glance at Quan Nai, “Don’t know how?”

Quan Nai’s small tongue pressed against her back molar, her eyes shining brightly.

Hold the steering wheel with both hands with her foot on the petal and clutch.


Fu Qingyan narrowed his eyes as a bout of cold air assaulted her.

It was obviously disbelief.

However, he didn’t like to waste time.

Fu Qingyan put the books away and placed them in the back seat of the car. His distinctly jointed hand undid the seat belt slowly.

His Adam’s apple undulating.

“I’ll do it.”

Quan Nai bit her lip but she pushed open the car door very skillfully with her left hand, her tone pleasant, “Okay. Just explaining in advance: My heart is not good that’s why I forgot.”

Sitting back in the shotgun seat, Quan Nai felt at ease.

Blinking her eyelashes lightly, her pupils were like rippling blue waves, seemingly like a spirit but not a spirit.

The man skillfully pulled the handbrake and stepped on the clutch.

Every move was elegant, every frame frozen like a painting.

Beautiful people were just like that.

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