The Villain’s Sweet Wife Ch 7

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The Villain’s Sweet Wife

Arc 1 Chapter 7 – Dr. Fu, Please Give More Advice (7)

The man stood in front of the nurse in the inpatient department. His left elbow seemed not to have responded yet, still resting on the table.

The deep narrow eyes looked past the few people, looking at her charming eyes.

In just a short while, Chu Xuan walked slowly towards her step by step.

Every time he took a step, he had to look at her, as if she would disappear if he raised his eyes again.

The man stood in front of her with a deep voice, “Long time no see.”

Quan Nai tilted her head, the face that didn’t have any makeup covering it seemed to have become even more magnificent with each passing day.

The bright red lips formed a charming arc.

“Do you have business with me? If not, then I’ll…”


Chu Xuan interrupted her words first.

The fists on the side of his body were squeezed, then loosened, and then squeezed again as traces of sweat permeated through.

“Are you free tonight? Let’s go have a meal together?”

Quan Nai lifted her slender white wrist, her eyes glanced lazily at the moving second hand above.

She lightly frowned, as though she was really remorseful and then grinned at him again.

“There are people that are waiting for me. I will make an appointment next time.”

After she finished saying that, Quan Nai turned around and prepared to leave.

Chu Xuan blocked her in front, “If you’ll make an appointment next time, then shouldn’t you leave your new contact information?”

Quan Nai lazily raised her chin slightly with a faint smile hanging on her face.

Her voice was soft and charming, “There are tens of thousands of ways to find out my contact information. Is there any need to find out from my mouth personally?”

The implication behind the words being: I’m not telling you.

While Chu Xuan was stunned, Quan Nai spat out her tongue playfully, circled around him and left.

The sunlight in the after was mild and scattered onto the clean and tidy table through the window’s transparent glass .

Donned in a clean, white like snow coat, Fu Qingyan sat in a soft chair and looked down at the patients’ charts.

Through exquisite gold-framed glasses, his gaze was particularly serious.

The sun was not strong but still warmed up one’s body under its rays.

The light skipped across the man’s defined angular profile and gave the usual cold face a little more of a mellow gentleman’s taste.

Knock knock knock!

Fu Qingyan lowered his eyes. A clear cold voice seeped out from his throat, “Please come in.”

Quan Nai pushed open the door and leaned against the white wall by the door. Her long flowing hair covered a bit of her fair and flawless face.

She had a straight sightline, gazing at him.

Quan Nai shook the Audi key ring in her hand, “Dr. Fu, I’m here to pick you up from work.”

Her ten fingers were slender, just like bamboo shoots.

Fu Qingyan still kept his head lowered. His long white fingers with distinctive knuckles were constantly tapping on the black keyboard; smooth and beautiful.

Although the gaze was soft, they couldn’t hide the alienation and coldness no matter what.

His voice was faint, “Wait a minute.”

Quan Nai raised her eyebrows slightly. Peering at the key in her hand with her peripheral vision, she put it away with a laugh.

“Doctor Fu, an excellent doctor, would not keep his patients waiting for long.”

Fu Qingyan raised that flawless face and confronted Quan Nai’s sightline, who was wearing a long white dress at the door.

Because the girl was standing, her eyes were half closed, like a clear spring, clear, bright and clean.

Her sight was pure and extremely lazy.

She smiled. Her long eyelashes lightly fluttered along with her breaths, as though they were like butterfly wings.

Fu Qingyan withdrew his gaze. His thin lips faintly pursed, the extent was extremely small.


He was a doctor and she was a patient. That was undeniable.

She was his patient. That was even more undeniable.

Fu Qingyan said nothing more.

Five minutes later, he collected the materials on the table and put the pen back in the black iron pen-holder.

Taking off the white coat, he put it into the closet.

Inside, he was wearing a pure white shirt. The button at the very top was properly fastened, revealing only a section of the beautiful neck.

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