The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 4.3

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 4.3 – My World Only Consists of You (4)

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Ye Chen was bewildered. The system finally opened his mouth to remind her, “His socks have holes in them.”

Ye Chen: “…”

So she pretended not to have seen his complexion as she turned around and said: “I’ll go cut some fruit. You sit down first for a bit, after a while, I will take you to the bathroom.”

She turned around and Gu Jianan finally breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly took off his shoes, took off his socks, quietly wrapped them up in paper, threw it into the trash can, and then quietly sat on the sofa.

Ye Chen placed the cut cantaloupe on the table and said to Gu Jianan, “Let’s go, I’ll give you a tour.”

Gu Jianan followed behind her as Ye Chen took him to the bedroom opposite to hers and pointed inside, “This is your bedroom. I will go to buy a desk with you tomorrow after school along with the things you need.”

Having said that, she took Gu Jianan to the bathroom,

Her apartment was huge. All three bedrooms had their own ensuite bathroom. Gu Jianan’s bathroom was in his own room. After carefully demonstrating how to operate the shower and the bathtub, Ye Chen turned and said, “The bath towels are here. Take a shower first, I will bring you the clothes and put them on the bed.”

Gu Jianan nodded.

After Ye Chen walked out, he closed the bathroom door and opened the tap. After hearing the sound of the door had closed, he took off his clothes expressionlessly, sat in the bathtub, and opened the shower. He followed Ye Chen’s instructions accordingly as he pressed the key to play some light music.

The sound of music and water was so loud that he could barely hear his own voice. The hot water beat against his skin. He finally had a space for himself. Sitting in the bathtub, hugging himself, he cried out loud.

He left!

He escaped!

After so many years, someone finally took him away.

There was an endless amount of ecstasy in his heart, accompanied by a huge feeling of sorrow that appeared from who knows where. Those griefs were as if just suppressed normally as he didn’t dare to think too deeply on them or touch them. When he could finally no longer have to face it all anymore, he finally mustered up a great amount of courage like this to stir up all that pain and sorrow that was sealed in ice by him, and then to cry it all out.

He bit his lower lip tightly, fearing Ye Chen could hear it. Ye Chen came in with clothes, and heard the sound of water, music, with faint weeping sounds.

If it was said that everything done before was due to compassion, then at the moment of hearing his cries, all her emotions had changed.

She suddenly discovered that she cherished this child.

She wanted to help him.

Not because of the task. Even if she was just an ordinary person, if she saw a child like Gu Jianan, she would have done everything she could to help him.

She didn’t want to disturb his alone time and quietly retreated, as if she had never been there in the first place.

After much time had passed, Gu Jianan finally came out. At this time, Ye Chen had already taken a shower. Ye Chen, who had her makeup removed, revealed her beautiful face. She had an oval face, her skin was fair, and her facial features were defined and intricate. Especially those eyes of hers. It was as if she could talk with them, slightly tilted upwards, and a natural-born electrifying peach blossom eye.

Boys naturally matured later. Ye Chen had already begun to have a crush on Zhou Yucheng, but currently, even after Gu Jianan saw such a beautiful Ye Chen, he had no other ideas about her. He just silently felt in his heart that this appearance of hers looked much better than usual.

“Come here,” Ye Chen beckoned towards him, holding a hairdryer in her hand. Gu Jianan sat down in front of her obediently. Ye Chen turned on the hairdryer, helped him blow dry his hair, and chatted with him.

“If you just run away like this, will your parents come to the school to find you?”

“No.” Gu Jianan felt a little ticklish from the warm air that blew out. He wanted to behave better, and said with difficulty, “I, am not, important.”

There were still a pair of younger siblings in the family. They go to a private elementary school that could be considered as a noble’s school for their family. They usually weren’t home. The whole family saves frugally on food and expenses, just to provide for these siblings. His parents didn’t want him anymore a long time ago. If it wasn’t for the fact that his studies had to be interrupted if he left, he was afraid that he would have walked out ages ago.

Letting him go to school was the greatest kindness from these parents. He also knew that to leave this kind of life, he had to go to school.

But he was already at the point where he could no longer tolerate it.

He was constantly worried at all times that he could explode at any moment and drag them all down to hell together. But his reason kept telling him that he couldn’t. He had to continue his studies and continue to walk forward. His life was still very long. He cannot live his life like a pile of mud like those two good for nothing.

He wanted to tell Ye Chen all of this, but he couldn’t say it. Listening to his answer, Ye Chen nodded and asked the system: “Is what he is saying true?”

“It is indeed given that there are no surprises.” The system used a simulation to calculate it, and said seriously, “If you hide him well, there shouldn’t be any big issues.”

“Then, what should we do if your parents do come to the school?” Ye Chen was still a bit worried, and asked Gu Jianan. She has always been very confident in the BOSS’s IQ, and has long been ready to make full use of it. Gu Jianan heard this and said nothing.

The warm wind blew onto his neck as that soft warm hand combed through his hair.

He ate until he was very full. He could take a quiet bath. He could wear clean clothes. He could sleep in a warm bed…

He had a new life, and this was all given by Ye Chen.

She gave him all this because she mistakenly thought that he saved her, but he already could not let go. He would not let go no matter what.

“I am very smart,” he opened his mouth and said each word one by one. He raised his head, looked up at Ye Chen, and said seriously: “I can do, a lot of things. I will be, very outstanding, and rich, in the future. I will, repay you.”

Ye Chen froze for a moment, only to discover all the unease reflected in his eyes, looking at her nervously as he slowly said, “So, don’t, let me go back.”

Ye Chen finally understood what he meant. No matter how powerful the BOSS was, at this moment, he was but a sixteen-year-old boy.

Her brows arched with her smile, her eyes gleamed full of smiles.

“Okay.” She turned off the hairdryer. Even though it was said in a tone like she was joking, it brought about an indecipherable seriousness as her voice fell clearly into his ears, “I won’t let you go back. Gu Jianan, I will protect you.”

“Gu Jianan,” Ye Chen looked at him seriously: “I will let you know how good this world is.”

The author has something to say:

【Small Theater · Our Female Leads】

Mo Shubai: “Dear Female Leads, what do you all think of the female lead in this new novel?”

Su Qingyi: “Um…a little weak. This is a bit more of an understatement too. Believe it or not, if it was me, I would’ve long drawn my sword and cut down Gu Jianan’s entire family!”

Wei Lan: “It is indeed a bit weak. If you want someone like this man, of course you’d have to draw a sword to help!”

Su Qingyi: “Come on, Wei Lan, let’s high-five.”

Wei Lan: “Rejected.”

Su Qingyi: “Why?”

Wei Lan: “I don’t talk to women who don’t escort men home.”

Su Qingyi: “…”

Wei Lan: “To be honest, I think Ye Chen is much better than you as a woman. She would at least escort the man home and help the man carry the bags. How about you? It’s always been Jingyan Daojun who helped you with bags and sent you back home! Trash among women! “

Su Qingyi: “…”

Ye Chen: “Hehehehe, you guys continue to argue. It’ll count as my loss if I change a little bit.”

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