The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 4.2

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 4.2 – My World Only Consists of You (4)

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Ye Chen wandered to the steps not too far away, sat down, and looked at the people inside through the window. She opened the bento box and began to eat it herself.

“Host, where are you planning to take him to?” The system said with a bit of worry, “You have to consider, you are still a minor…”

“Just hide him first.” Ye Chen was a bit helpless, “He can’t stay here anymore. No matter who it is, anyone that lived this kind of life would make the same choice as him.”

As Ye Chen said this, she took a bite of food. For an unknown reason, she felt stuffy on the inside.

She looked at that child and didn’t know why but she recalled that cold young man from this world’s synopsis. That person who became powerful enough to destroy the world later was, at this moment, in such a difficult mess.

Ye Chen sighed and could no longer eat anymore.

She finally endured until ten o’clock with much difficulty as someone gradually fell asleep. Gu Jianan’s home turned off the lights first to save on electricity. Gu Jianan sat at the window and looked at the nearby Ye Chen.

She had always been there.

This recognition reassured Gu Jianan.

He shrank by the window, listening to the sound of the clock’s second hand. Then the man’s snoring sounded out. He waited a while and then stood up.

Ye Chen had paid close attention to Gu Jianan’s every move ever since the Gu family turned off the lights. As soon as he stood up, she immediately stood up. With a solemn face, she only raised her hand and saluted saying, “Ah sir, I’m ready.”²

²TN: The ‘Ah sir’ greeting is usually said in HK police dramas when the junior police officer greets their superior officer or when normal citizens call out to police officers (in a casual way).

Her solemnity also infected Gu Jianan as he nodded to her from the side.

This was his first response to her!

She took a big step in saving the world!

A sense that this was her life’s mission spontaneously emerged. Ye Chen felt like a warrior who was given high hopes by the chief command and was full of power. She immediately began to run wildly. When she rushed to the door of the Gu family’s house, Gu Jianan had just opened the door.

Currently, the moon was bright amongst the innumerable stars. The face of the youth appeared within the darkness. The moonlight fell on his cold and delicate facial features inch by inch, bringing about a shocking soul rendering beauty.

Ye Chen’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. She listened to the man’s breath and felt her entire being was extremely nervous, as if she were a thief.

Gu Jianan also trembled a little as he closed the door carefully. The moment when the door lock clicked, Ye Chen finally couldn’t bear it anymore. She pulled over Gu Jianan’s hand and recklessly ran out of the alley.

Gu Jianan was a little stunned, but he did not resist. Even if he felt pain throughout every inch of his body, even if the school bag with all his essentials smashed against him and worsened the pain, he still forcefully endured the pain, patiently rushing out with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s hand was very soft, containing a strange warmth as she held his icy wrist. Gu Jianan quietly looked at the girl’s panicked expression, and somehow felt that the girl with purple hair and thick makeup under the moonlight was extraordinarily beautiful.

“Ye Chen” had always dressed in a ‘smart’ style, completely contrary to everyone else’s aesthetics. The explosive purple afro, the thick makeup that covered up all facial features, she had always felt that only this type of makeup could be considered as unique and could highlight her extraordinary charm as a gal——after all, everyone in their circle dressed like this.

He hadn’t looked at her carefully before. The girl in his memory was just an explosive purple afro, but looking at her carefully today, Gu Jianan actually felt that she had a bit of that…an indescribable undefinable type of beauty.

Gu Jianan turned his head to the side with a bit of embarrassment. When the two rushed out onto the street, Ye Chen finally calmed down and stopped, heavily panting, “They wouldn’t chase after us right? They wouldn’t come right?”

Gu Jianan didn’t say anything but Ye Chen was also not surprised. She put both hands on her knees as large beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. She waved her hand and said, “No worries, I know they won’t come. I’m just scaring myself. I’m a little nervous.”

She originally hadn’t thought about getting a response from Gu Jianan and planned to just chatter alone. After all, Gu Jianan’s problem was not something that could be solved in just a day or two.

But after she said this, the other party actually responded, “En.”

Ye Chen was still in the same knee-supporting posture, and when she heard what he said. She raised her head in astonishment and looked at him blankly.

Gu Jianan looked at her pair of big eyes that reflected astonishment and couldn’t help but think of the kitten he had kept before. His consistent cold silhouette could not help but soften as he continued, “Hungry.”

It has been too long since he last spoke so he was unable to form a complete sentence. Even such a word was said with extreme difficulty. Ye Chen finally reacted, jumped up, and said: “I know, I know! I’ll take you…take you to go eat barbecue!”

Gu Jianan nodded. Ye Chen then remembered his injuries and quickly asked, “Do your wounds still hurt?”

Gu Jianan shook his head, but Ye Chen was still unsettled as she reached over for his bag and carried it on her shoulder.

The two walked side by side on the street. Ye Chen took him to a barbecue stall. Gu Jianan just pointed to whatever he wanted to eat, and Ye Chen would look at what he pointed at before pronouncing out the name of the dish articulately. Thus, Gu Jianan understood what she meant and then bit out the dish’s name with great difficulty the next time it was ordered.

His voice was very nice, but every word was a bit out of tune making it especially difficult to understand. Ye Chen acted like she couldn’t hear his strangeness and treated him like any other ordinary person. She chatted with him and ate barbecue.

The barbecue was very delicious, better than any meal he has ever had so far. Gu Jianan felt his stomach was warm as he smelled the smoke in the surroundings, listening to the surrounding ruckus, and the chitter-chattering voice of the girl. This was the first time in his life that he felt this warm and calm. There was an inexplicable sense of fulfillment, and he felt like right now, he wouldn’t have any regrets even if he died just like that.

Ye Chen didn’t notice Gu Jianan’s mood. For her, it was just like bringing a child out to eat barbecue.

The system didn’t come out to disturb such a warm atmosphere, and shut up entirely through-out. After Ye Chen and Gu Jianan were full, Ye Chen settled the bill, found a street clothing store that had not yet closed, and bought a set of clothes for Gu Jianan at random. She then went to a small-sized supermarket to buy toothbrushes and towels. After that, she brought Gu Jianan onto the bus and went to her apartment.

From beginning to end, Gu Jianan never asked where she was going to bring him to. When he arrived at Ye Chen’s apartment, he didn’t seem to be surprised. The expression on his face remained very cold. It wasn’t until Ye Chen placed the slippers in front of him that Gu Jianan finally changed his complexion.

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