The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 4.1

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 4.1 – My World Only Consists of You (4)

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After he finished eating Ye Chen’s meal, Gu Jianan listened to the lecture wordlessly just like before.

After school had let out in the afternoon, Ye Chen quietly followed behind Gu Jianan. When she saw Gu Jianan turn into an alley, Ye Chen hurriedly rushed to catch up, but she saw Gu Jianan standing at the opening waiting for her as soon as she turned the corner. He had obviously found out she was following him a long time ago.

Ye Chen felt a little awkward and Gu Jianan was a little surprised. After the two of them stared at each other for a while, Ye Chen greeted with a thick face: “To have met you here, what a coincidence.”

Gu Jianan had probably never met a woman who was as good-looking as herself before, so he momentarily didn’t give any reactions.

It was probably because the mouth that eats from others is quiet¹, Gu Jianan stayed silent for a while before turning and walking away without doing anything. This seemed to be a type of implied consent. Ye Chen hurriedly caught up and twittered: “Jia Nan, are you going home? Why don’t I take you back? Do you want me to carry your school bag? How about I invite you out for a meal?”

¹TN: So this is a play on two phrases. One is 嘴短 (short mouth) which means that one is unable to speak loudly. The other is part of an idiom 吃人家的嘴软 (The mouth that eats from another is soft) which essentially means that by accepting someone’s help, you now owe them a favor (In other words, there’s no such thing as a free meal). In this case, both were combined so GJN silently did nothing since he accepted YC’s food.

Gu Jianan ignored Ye Chen. Ye Chen followed all the way to the door of Gu Jianan’s home. It was an old-fashioned community. The narrow alleys were filled to the brim of buildings. There was almost no space between the buildings and the alleys were covered with clothes.

TN: For those of you who have trouble imagining this, look up the Kowloon Walled City.

Gu Jianan finally stopped. He looked at Ye Chen silently. Although he didn’t say anything, Ye Chen knew that he was telling her to go.

Ye Chen touched her nose and said embarrassingly, “Then I’m gonna go…I’ll bring you breakfast again tomorrow, what do you want to eat?”

Gu Jianan didn’t say anything. He turned and walked away. When Ye Chen saw him walk far away, she immediately followed him again. Bending her waist like a cat, she squatted behind the steps and saw him enter a house on the first floor of a flat building. The house had a shabby wooden door that had a white worn-out ‘fortune’ character stuck on top. After confirming where he lived, Ye Chen walked out of the alley. The system couldn’t help but sigh: “Host, you are really like a perverted stalker.”

Ye Chen: “…”

She ignored the system and went directly to the restaurant to stir-fry a few dishes. She picked and chose some meat and vegetables and put them together in a bento box with rice before leisurely walking back. As soon as she walked to the door, Ye Chen heard a man’s violent yells and curses together with the sound of whips.

Ye Chen was stunned. She looked up at the ‘fortune’ character and confirmed that this was Gu Jianan’s door.

The man’s yelling inside continued, but there wasn’t any sound from the person who was being yelled at. After a while, a woman’s impatient voice rang out: “Stop your beating, you lost so much money. It’s useless to beat him, come and eat your meal first. “

The man finally stopped his hand. The sounds of eating were mixed in with the sounds of a voice swearing loudly. Ye Chen held the bento box in her hand, and for a while, she didn’t know what to do. She thought about it, and circled to the back of the house to find the window of the house. It was clear that this was a very small house from the view through the window. It was filled to the brim with all sorts of things; a tattered old sofa, an old television from many years back, concrete flooring, newspapers pasted on the wall where the paint had fallen……

The two people who were eating were blocked by the wall so that they were unable to be seen, but Gu Jianan could be perfectly seen, lying on the ground, motionless. There was blood flowing out onto the ground, and he seemed to be in extreme pain, curling up on the ground.

“Still not getting up and scramming back inside?!” The man yelled: “I will beat you to death if you keep pretending to be a dead man there!”

Gu Jianan finally moved when he heard this. He held his stomach as he struggled to support himself up. As soon as he stood up, he saw Ye Chen standing at the window.

Ye Chen looked at him quietly with a complex gaze. She didn’t have the usual mischievous self, and just looked at him quietly like this, as if she was making a decision. Behind her was the glow of the setting sun, bathing her in a warm light, like that bowl of porridge she gave him this morning, and also like that bento box within her hands.

Gu Jianan lowered his eyes and prepared to go somewhere she could not see when suddenly, Ye Chen imitated a cat’s meow. Gu Jianan looked up at her as Ye Chen beckoned him with her hand. Gu Jianan stood on the spot before he finally walked over step by step after a while.

His steps were very slow, and he seemed to be in extreme pain. He stopped in front of her and she handed him the bento box. Gu Jianan touched the bento box that was still warm and shook his head.

There was nothing that could be hidden in the house. He couldn’t accept anything of hers. Ye Chen also seemed to know this, and did not force it. She put down the bento box, pulled out pen and paper from her school bag, and wrote a line of words, “I will always be in a place where I can see you. After they fall asleep at night, you open the door and I will come take you away.”

She tore off the note, handed it to him, and left the window with the bento box. Gu Jianan held this note and momentarily lowered his eyes.

He wanted to throw this note away, but when he thought of the bowl of porridge in the morning, and then to the starvation and beatings every day, he felt that he could already no longer endure it anymore.

This note seemed to be his only salvation. He squatted on the ground, rubbed the paper, looked at the crooked handwriting on it, and quietly embraced that writing, sticking that piece of paper to his heart.

He wanted to leave here. He had to leave this type of life at all costs.

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