The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 3.2

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 3.2 – My World Only Consists of You (3)

Gu Jianan saw that she was completely awake. There was no longer a chance to strike, so he directly put the knife away and got up to leave.

Ye Chen hurriedly braced herself and stood up. The blood had just clotted around the wound on her head, and her body was hurting all over. She supported herself on the wall and limped behind Gu Jianan, insisting: “Where are you going? Could I trouble you to please take me to the hospital?”

Gu Jianan did not speak and pretended she did not exist. Ye Chen tenaciously followed him.

She had already been beaten. She most definitely would not let this beating be for naught! She insistently followed behind Gu Jianan, nagging: “Why do you always not say anything? Sorry, I was wrong before, please forgive me, okay?”

Gu Jianan remained silent, his face indifferent.

This person was noisy, really noisy. If it weren’t for her family background and the amount of power she had, which he couldn’t afford to offend, Gu Jianan really wanted to turn around and shut her up forever.

“Say something,” Ye Chen pestered and insisted: “I am not an ungrateful person. You saved me so I will treat you as a good brother in the future and will cover you.”

Finally succeeded in saying this, Ye Chen gave herself a ‘like’.

However, the other party insisted on not looking back, directly left the alley, and headed towards their home.

Ye Chen’s whole body was hurting so much that she really wanted to go to the hospital. There wasn’t much of any point in following any longer, so she stood behind Gu Jianan and desperately waved to him: “Gu Jianan, see you tomorrow!”

Gu Jianan completely ignored her.

Ye Chen pretended to skip around like a little girl for a while, and when she saw that she could no longer see Gu Jianan anymore, she quickly hailed a taxi and went straight to the hospital.

“It freaking hurts, it hurts so much.” Ye Chen shouted desperately in her heart.

The system bounced around with a smile: “Host is awesome!”

Ye Chen didn’t feel awesome at all.

To be able to approach the BOSS only after getting beaten up so much, this target was really too difficult to conquer.

Ye Chen laid in the hospital for a week.

During this week, there were a lot of punk-ass friends that came to visit, but not a single family member was seen. They didn’t even bother to give her a phone call. Fortunately, Ye Chen was not really Ye Chen, otherwise, she would have died from heartache.

A week later, Ye Chen came back healthy and lively. As soon as she went up the stairs, she happened to see Gu Jianan walking towards the classroom. Ye Chen hurriedly followed up and said energetically, “Jia Nan, morning. Your school bag must be heavy, do you want me to help?”

Gu Jianan regarded her as non-existent. His face was paler than usual, and his cheeks were still bruised. Ye Chen’s heart flipped and could not help but ask the system: “What happened here?”

“Beaten by his stepfather,” the system said carelessly: “His stepfather’s business is not doing well recently, so he let it all out on him. He hung him up and beat him in the middle of the night the day before yesterday. He was hung for the whole night.”

Ye Chen was slightly stupefied. She then noticed a red mark on Gu Jianan’s wrist. He used his school uniform to conceal it which was why it was only occasionally visible.

She dared not ask him, fearing that his self-esteem would be hurt, and she did not know what to say for the moment, so she just quietly followed behind him. The system noticed that Ye Chen had some sympathy for Gu Jianan, and said, “Go and get him some porridge. He hasn’t had a proper meal for several days. He stole a bite to eat from the kitchen last night and was beaten again.”

Ye Chen nodded and frowned, feeling worried about the physical condition of the target.

She slipped out of class, flipped over the wall to leave the school, and found a relatively good porridge shop nearby from her memory. She packed a box of hot porridge for him, then bought a medical box, placed it in her school bag, and ran back.

After rushing back, it happened to be the time for inter-class exercises. Ye Chen quietly returned to an empty classroom, stuffed the medicine box into his desk, and put the porridge on Gu Jianan’s desk. After some thought, she took a sheet of paper and wrote:

Classmate Jia Nan, eat the porridge slowly, don’t eat until you’re bloated, that way it will not hurt your stomach. The medicine box is in your drawer, don’t thank me too much. O (∩_∩) O ~~

She didn’t dare drop her name, fearing that Gu Jianan would immediately throw it away upon seeing her name. Once she completed all this, Ye Chen hurried back to her spot and then began to sullenly study.

Even if everyone looked down on her, Ye Chen still wanted to be an honor student!

After a while, the students finished their exercises and came back inside in twos and threes. Ye Chen didn’t know what happened, but she suddenly was a little shy, feeling just as nervous as the first time she sent a love letter to her first love in school many years ago.

She held the book upright to cover her face, yet couldn’t help but also quietly peek at Gu Jianan’s spot.

Casting a glance at it, then glancing at it again. As the people in the classroom gradually increased, Gu Jianan finally came in. He and Zhou Yucheng walked in one after another. Seeing the porridge on the table, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

When Zhou Yucheng saw the note at a glance, he also couldn’t help but hesitate. Ye Chen had written a lot of things that were similar to love letters to him. He was still familiar with Ye Chen’s writing. Why would Ye Chen’s writing…appear here?

There was a moment of doubt in his heart. He couldn’t help but look in Ye Chen’s direction and just happened to see her sneakily glance here. Being caught by Zhou Yucheng’s sightline, Ye Chen smiled embarrassedly and quickly buried herself behind the book.

As for Gu Jianan, he quietly looked at this bowl of porridge. In actuality, his stomach was so hungry that it was spasming in pain. He really wanted to eat, but he had no money. Right at this moment, a piping hot bowl of porridge was placed in front of him. Looking at the crooked chicken-scratch, it wasn’t difficult for him to guess who the handwriting belonged to.

These days, the only one who was entangled with him, badgering to repay him, and writing such words despite being in the key class, was just Ye Chen alone.

The person was actually rescued by Zhou Yuchen. Not only did he not want to save her, he even wanted to retaliate against her. But she didn’t know. She just really started to treat him as she said she would, treating him well.

Gu Jianan was starving. He couldn’t resist the food’s charm, even if he felt guilty in his heart. However, he still sat down, opened the lid, lowered his head, and scooped a mouthful of porridge in his mouth.

Very warm and very delicious.

It was also at this moment that “Ding Ding” sounded out in Ye Chen’s mind

“Target favorability increased by 30. Currently favorability: 0.”

“The progress is 2% complete. Current progress: 2%”

“Blackening extent -2. The current extent of blackening is 68.”

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