The Sl*ve of the “Black Knights” is Recruited by the “White Adventure’s Guild” as a S-Rank Adventurer Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Black is Like Being a Sl*ve

Translated by: xxZeiNxx

I’m Gide.

I don’t have a last name. I’m just Gide.

My parents weren’t noblemen, nor famous merchants. Or that’s what I think.

Why do I “think” so, you say?

That’s because I know nothing about them.

When I was around five years old, I came to the woods with my parents. But it was in that forest, in which my parents were killed and devoured by monsters.

I did as my parents told me and escaped. And I’ve been surviving inside this forest for ten years now.

How did I even manage to survive?

I killed monsters and ate them.

Of course, in the beginning, I just killed small animals or Goblin’s that were moving around on their own.

The flavor?

It wasn’t tasty. Not at all. To say at least, in the beginning, I wrecked out my stomach. They’d excrement scattered from top to bottom on their bodies.

But gradually I got used to it.

And as I understood the topography of the forest, I got to know where to find fruit to then realize sweet things also existed.

Well, there were also poisonous fruits, too.

And well, it took me around 15 years to leave that forest. I was finally able to return to the human community. I remember them being quite frightened.

It seemed as if everyone was scared of the clothes I was wearing, for I’d them covered with patches made out of the skin of animals and monsters I killed.

The little kids were crying and screaming, guys who were hit by my scent started to throw up, and to sum it up, they also called a knight and got me arrested.

You may ask, why didn’t I try to explain myself?

It’s been a while since I last interacted with another human being, that I forgot how to use words. The last time I spoke with someone or spoke at all, was when I was five years old. I was so desperately trying to survive on my own that I didn’t see a reason as to why continue writing or even opening my mouth to speak a word.

Ah. It was until later on that I started to wonder.

It’s something I also consider to be weird. Why was it, that no one came into the forest to rescue me? Why was it, that I never met anybody inside the forest?

The forest I was living in is considered to be an S-ranked forest also named “The Forbidden Forest.” I couldn’t help it and ended up asking myself, “How did I even manage to live in a place like that?”. I also thought about why did my parents take me there in the first place. To be eaten by monsters, just like them?

It’s something that happened a long time ago, so there’s no way to confirm it.

Now, here’s the real issue.

The me who was thrown into a facility as a prisoner was told by the knights that I was to obediently stay there; they only gave me food, and the only thing I could do was a bit of exercise… I couldn’t allow myself to be naïve.

For some reason, I was forced to take part in a skirmish with neighboring countries in place of the knights; it was either that or participating in the subjugation of a dragon.

And well, this was nothing compared to what I had to experience inside the forest.

The problem was that it was done every single day and in the worst-case scenario, it ended up being a complete week without being able to sleep a wink.

God. It was really problematic.


Right now you might be wondering, what is my actual progress?

Sadly, it’s exactly that.

I still belong to the Knights Order.

“Gide! You fucker! What are you standing there for?”

An angry roar was thrown in my direction.

It came from Lande Isla, the leader of the First Knight’s Order to which I belonged.

He had a strong body build, blue eyes, and his blond hair was combed back.

According to the story, he has defeated over a hundred dragons all at once, and when a powerful empire invaded, he courageously and single-handedly fought back the invasion. He is what we call a fierce man.+

“I hope you’re not getting all cocky just because you’re allowed to be by my side?! The mission we’re about to do is for the sake of our country! Put your heart into it!!”

Lande’s words were always the same.

His favorite phrase is that the things we do are for the sake of our country.


No matter how loyal someone was, there were things you just can’t force someone to do.

Because, well… We’ve been working for three days straight without sleeping.

Even the other members of the Knight’s Order had dark circles around their eyes and were walking like dying zombies.

And it wasn’t just as simple as that. If anything, a few dozens of faces I’d seen before yesterday’s mission, are now gone.

Were they been taken to the medical team? Or were they taken by the Reaper? It might take some time before I get to know the truth. Though, a lot of times we end up not knowing anything at all.

Ah. Yeah, by the way, we’re the only group that has to work without rest, be it during the day or during the night. Or maybe, so far I’m the only one who has been able to get through it safely.

Our leader, Lande, just joined. It’s rare to see him working because that’s something he does once a month.

I can almost imagine.

Because he is able to eat and rest without any problem, he is able to come to work with all that energy.

That’s also because they can cut us off like we weren’t really someone’s problem with impunity.

“Father. They’re starting to get tired after doing the same thing every day. When the time comes to start marching, they…”

A voice of salvation reached out to us.

It was no one but Sheila Isla, the deputy commander of the First Order. A beautiful girl with waist-length blonde hair and verdant eyes, her skin so white even when the hot sun was burning all over her.

She joined a few months ago and quickly became the deputy commander.

It is said that she has outstanding abilities and that it was her speed that gave her the name of “Senkou (Flash)”.

By the way, I’ve never seen her in action.

Why? Because we’re always fighting on the front lines.

“What are you saying. They’re about to go to war. Is this all the energy they have?!”

“That is… At least, we also need to…”

“You don’t have to worry about any of that! We’re here for when they get useless. You’ll know when it’s time to move! Of course, I can say that too. When the time comes to start moving, I will.”

Lande said, full of confidence.


When will I be able to sleep again?

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