The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 87

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 87 – Abnormality

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Good news finally came from Shuzhong after a tedious long wait. Lu Heng has successfully formulated a remedy for the epidemic. When Ye Huaiyang received this letter, she was greatly relieved and the tension that she felt for days was alleviated too but who knew that this loosening would be like a collapsed mountain.

She thought she had merely caught a chill hence she didn’t care much about it and unwilling to see a physician too, and merely asking Yue’ya to brew some ginger tea for consumption every day. When she got up early as usual this morning with the plan of going to the tea house, she felt a spell of dizziness all of a sudden. Grabbing the bed frame quickly, she vaguely saw several shadows rushing forward who then supported her to lie back down on the bed slowly.

“Young Miss, how are you? Where do you feel discomfort?”

Ye Huaiyang lay down with her eyes closed for a long time. Only then did she feel her body weak and sore while her head was giddy that she could not even get up. She knew she was over exhausted, so she told Yue’ya, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll be fine after resting for a while.”

Weighing down with anxiety, Yue’ya said, “Don’t keep forcing yourself, do you have to wear yourself out till you are sick? There are always endless things to deal with, so you have to let yourself take a breather. Why not stay at home and take a good rest today.”

“Can’t, the tea house there …”

“Why can’t you?” Standing with her arms akimbo, it was the first time that Yue’ya was so firm, “If you don’t listen to my urging again, Nubi will go ask Eighth Young Master and Eldest Madam to come over.”

It is easy to deal with if it’s only Ye Huaixin or her paternal aunt alone but together, they can suppress her unwaveringly. Yue’ya had finally found the ingenious method to deal with her this time by bringing them out that Ye Huaiyang could not help but reveal a wry smile.

Well, I will just rest for a day then.”

Only then did Yue’ya reluctantly agree. She then carefully covered her with a brocade quilt before putting down the gauze curtain and went out. As soon as the door was closed, the long-awaited person in the corridor came forward to greet her.

“Is Young Miss’ illness serious?”

“It’s okay for the time being.” Yue’ya sighed softly, seemingly unable to do anything about Ye Huaiyang at all. “Wait until she wakes up. If she is still unwell, we should ask the physician to check on her. How can she keep holding on like this?”

Ci Yuan frowned faintly and said, “She is overtired. While worrying for Wangye, she has to deal with such strenuous matters, so how could she be able to endure these exertions? How about this, I will go talk to the Eighth Young Master. He will definitely be able to help Young Miss share some of the burdens.”

Yue’ya nodded, “It may not be a bad idea, you go and return quickly.”

Ci Yuan knew she was afraid that once Ye Huaiyang wakes up, she will not allow him to go hence, she decisively let him go. Ye Huaixin should be outside the Imperial City at this hour, he will go look for him immediately.

Ye Huaiyang was already fast asleep in the room, hence she didn’t know what both of them did. Perhaps it was because the heavy burden in her heart had been lifted as she slept extremely well this time. When she woke up, the sky had darkened. Lifting the gauze curtain, it was dark as no oil lamp was lit and only an indistinct dark shadow was sitting in front of the round table.

Without much thought, she called out softly, “Yue’ya, bring me some water.”

The person seemed to look back at her and immediately poured out a cup of warm water. Ye Huaiyang was slightly startled by the lean fingers the moment the hand reached into the bed canopy. When she looked up, Ye Huaixin’s handsome face just appeared in front of her.

“Xin’er? Why are you here?”

Ye Huaixin did not answer but sat down on the edge of the bed. He reached out to help get her up while she stared dazedly and let him manipulate her. As her body was still weak, most of her weight was leaned on his arm that his face could not help but sink when he felt such physical sensation.

“If Ci Yuan did not tell me, how long do you intend to stubbornly hold this up?”

Ye Huaixin, however, did not give her a chance to respond as he brought the cup of warm water to her lips. She took some small sips directly from his hand until her dry throat was soothed before she spoke.

“Why did you talk like Elder Brother?”

Ye Huaixin was instantly defeated by just one sentence which reduced a lot of his imposing manner, but his voice was still full of displeasure, “It’s without doubt that I should look after you since Wangye and Elder Brother are not home. You are already sick due to exhaustion and still want them to cover it up, are you deliberately distressing me to death?”

Pursing her lips, Ye Huaiyang laughed lightly, “So now I have the lowest status in the family?”

“Don’t you jest about it!” Ye Huaixin glared at her and spoke in an irrefutable tone, “Let the family physician come over to take a look at you later and no more dallying!”

Ye Huaiyang called out to stop him hurriedly, “Don’t! Do you want to alarm Uncle and Aunt?”

This matter might not be over if they know that she is sick and all the works in her hands will then be removed.

“Then tell me what’s to be done?” Ye Huaixin said with a stern face.

“I’m just a little tired and feel much better after I’ve slept.” Rubbing her waist, Ye Huaiyang rarely showed her weakness. “Actually, it’s not that I haven’t been so busy before. Like when Father has just left and I have only learned the ropes. I had to browse through the ledgers all night for several days and had not been unable to shoulder it like I am now. Perhaps the phrase that once people have soft spots, they will become frail is right.”

Ye Huaixin sighed and extended his hand to squeeze her shoulder, the strength was extremely well grasped as if he was familiar with it.

“Why don’t you think about it, you are also the soft spot for our Elder Brother, brother-in-law and I. If you are to fall gravely ill and never to recover, then what should we do?”

The corners of Ye Huaiyang’s lips pulled up a smile yet it seemed a little weak, “I don’t want this too but there are so many things at home which can’t afford a day of delay. You should understand too.”

“I have already taken leave of absence from my mentor before I came here.” Ye Huaixin stroked her shoulder and said in a deep voice, “Leave these matters to me for the time being while you take several days of good rest.”

Ye Huaiyang did not hold out this time, instead agreed immediately.

“That’s good. You just don’t know, I have been listening to the shopkeepers’ report about the situation in Shuzhong every day, saying that it is like a ghost town littering with corpses everywhere while those victims who are struggling on death’s door not only went crazy with looting and killing, but even consuming human flesh … but these things were never mentioned in Wangye’s letters to me. He wanted to ease my mind but I can’t help not thinking about it. Now that I have you to help share the burden, I can also slow down a bit.”

Ye Huaixin’s expression unfolded a little yet it could not hide his distress, “I’ll have Yue’ya bring in some food then you can nap a little while more after the meals. Don’t think about anything else but amply recuperation first. As for the clan family there, I will take care of it so you do not need to worry about it.”

Ye Huaiyang smiled thinly and nodded.

It was rare to see her so obedient that Ye Huaixin was very pleased. He got up immediately to call for Yue’ya but who knew he would bump into the hasty looking Ci Yuan, as if there was something to report. The corners of his eyes sank a little and before he made a sound, he heard Ye Huaiyang asking Ci Yuan to enter. As he could not stop him, he just turned back to follow in wake.

“What is it?”

Ci Yuan replied through the screen, “Young Miss, something is amiss at Lanyan Pavilion.”

Lanyan Pavilion is precisely where Meng Chen lives, which is located at one east and one west corners from Fuyu Xuan in the King mansion, whereby on the whole, they usually won’t run into each other. Not to mention that since her last marriage proposal was rejected by Chu Jinglan, she has been behaving very well that Ye Huaiyang did not pay her any heeds. She inevitably felt surprised now that Ci Yuan spoke of her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Her maid, Jin’er has been going out at the same hour for these past two afternoons and the guards who tailed her were quickly thrown off by her. Feeling dubious, this subordinate comes to consult you.”

He has the guards keep a closed eye on Jin’er to avoid any more trouble since she wounded Yue’ya the last time and Jin’er seemed to have noticed it herself as she has been behaving well for quite a few days. But unexpectedly something like this happened today which took him by surprise — the guards from Tianqi Restaurant are all well-trained, so how could a little maid throw them off so easily without anyone’s help?

Ye Huaiyang stiffened then instructed without the slightest hesitation, “Tell them to keep a tighter watch on Lanyan Pavilion. Don’t let anyone out of the mansion. Bring someone with you to check the place where Jin’er went this afternoon and look for any clues.”

“Yes, this subordinate will handle it.”

Ci Yuan left as hastily as he came. The lower hem of his black robe swept past the corner and disappeared in a flash, leaving only a blurred shadow on the window screens.

Ye Huaixin also forgot about going to order the meal as he sat back on the bedside and spoke in a deep voice, “Sister, do come back to the clan home with me. As brother-in-law is not home, I’m afraid Meng Chen might be up to mischief against you.”

Ye Huaiyang shook her head slowly, her expression was sullen and seemingly pondering about something.

If not for the fact that Ci Yuan found something was amiss, she had almost forgotten about this person, Meng Chen. Although Chu Jinglan was trying to make up for what he owed her by bringing her along for some fun in the vacation palace a while ago, she inevitably still became a tool to cover up for Ye Huaiyang which she should have been furious about, yet she did not react at all. And this time she did not clamor to follow him like she used to when Chu Jinglan left for Shuzhong, instead she was unusually quiet, why is it then?

Pondering about it for a long time, there is only one answer in Ye Huaiyang’s mind — she is planning to retaliate.

Although they do not interact much, Ye Huaiyang knows very well that Meng Chen is an extremely composed person. Just like the last time when she only returned after more than three months following Chu Jinglan to Jingzhou to suppress the rebellion, Meng Chen was still able to put on a smiling face when she greeted them and was actually able to endure until after New Year before she made trouble which could clearly discerned her scheming mind. Perhaps it is the same this time too, so she must be wary against her.

Thinking of such, Ye Huaiyang eventually felt that she had missed something and the bright light was like a flash in her mind that vanished all of a sudden. She tried to seize it but her head started to feel heavy again. Feeling unwell, she kneaded her temples but it did not get any better.

“Unwell again?”

Ye Huaixin frowned seeing this. Without any explanation, he helped her lie down which such a small movement caused her giddiness that she immediately closed her eyes and stopped talking.

On the other side, the master and servant of Lanyan Pavilion were plotting something.

“Young Miss, they must have surely noticed a thing or two. Look, there are many more guards from Tianqi Restaurant outside the courtyard. What should we do? We can’t get out now!”

Jin’er was pacing up and down in a state of agitation but Meng Chen who was beside her was calmly sipping her tea and completely unconcerned.

It will be even strange if Ye Huaiyang is not suspicious with such an obvious move but it’s better this way. She just wants to leave King Lan mansion right under Ye Huaiyang’s eyes and let her have a taste of defeat.

Meng Chen smiled deviously and tossed the tea cup in her hand before walking over to the window side. Jin’er did not know what she wanted to do, so she asked timidly while following behind her, “Young Miss, what are you doing? We can’t get away as there are guards outside.”

“Who said we can’t get away? When I came here, I installed many contraptions in this mansion. One of which is a secret passage that leads out of this square. I originally prepared it for fear of my cousin’s failure but never thought that I would end up doing myself a big favor.”

Meng Chen looked over at Fuyu Xuan. There seemed to be millions of poisonous needles amidst her gaze that was dying to riddle everyone there into sieves.

Ye Huaiyang, you just wait for the entire Ye family to be buried with you tomorrow. So what if my cousin loves you very much? He can only watch on helplessly as you die in Wangdu and won’t even be able to see you for one last time!

Thinking of such, Meng Chen’s smile gradually deepened but her facial features became all the more distorted, like a poisonous red spider lily that dispersed the aura of death everywhere.

That night, Lanyan Pavilion was vacantly quiet.

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