The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 85

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 85 – Busy

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The impact Ye family sustained in this disaster was not small either. So after Chu Jinglan left, Ye Huaiyang dedicated herself fully into sorting out the family businesses and lessening the losses. She spent more than half a month in the clan home discussing business matters with various merchants and the chief shopkeepers. Without having these discussions, she wouldn’t even know that her own younger uncle, Ye Hong, is truly downright a troublemaker!

It turned out that as early as when the flooding first occurred, the tea house’s shopkeeper in Shuzhong felt something was not right and wrote to warn repeatedly. But not only did Ye Hong not take his words seriously, he even took it upon himself not letting them report it, thus Ye Huaiyang was kept in the dark all along. She only knew about the matter today and out of anger, she threw the paperweight on the spot.

“Uncle, you want to let this matter off with just a word of ‘inattentiveness’ but there were loss of more than a dozen lives and tens of thousands of silver taels! It was no big deal for the loss of money as I can use my personal silver to fill up the loophole, but how are those human lives compensated? Those were all our Ye family’s long service workers who had worked hard for decades! Tell me how am I to face them?”

Her words were without breather and every sentence was a reproach which she bombarded like the barrage of gunfire that Ye Hong could not even lift his head up. The gentlemanly and youthful face was even more flushed up because just a door apart in the outer hall was roomful of the chief shopkeepers and this time, he had embarrassingly lost his face.

But he did not answer back either. After all, he did cause the people in Shuzhong not to leave in good time. There are no ways to salvage those lost lives no matter how much is given. Although he is greedy for money and works half-heartedly, he still has a clear conscience of what’s right and wrong. It’s precisely his fault so he should not resort to sophistry. Even though Ye Huaiyang’s tone was a little harsh, he did discern from her words that she would take up the lead and bear the responsibilities hence, the one shouldering the most burden is not him but Ye Huaiyang.

He did not know what to say and just at this moment, Ci Yuan, who just returned from Youzhou a few days ago, came in with a letter.

“Young Miss, there is a letter from Shuzhong.”

Catching sight of the familiar embossed seal, her face immediately eased up and spoke to Ye Hong soon after, “You go back first, Uncle and in days to come, you don’t have to manage the family matters.”

This is stripping the power that is in his hands then.

Ye Hong’s face turned slightly pale but he did not say anything more. He turned around and left.

Ye Huaiyang then opened the letter. As she was too occupied to read it, she just scanned to the bottom immediately where the vigorously flourished word ‘safe’ which soothed all her worries and anxieties making her feel incomparably at ease like all the previous letters.

As long as he is well, all these difficulties in front of her are nothing.

“Ci Yuan, go and call all the shopkeepers in.”

“Yes, Young Miss.”

Ci Yuan turned and walked to the outer hall. With a low voice, he said a few words when the shopkeepers then walked in one after another. After paying their respects, they sat down on the wooden armchairs on both sides of the room. Ye Huaiyang handily placed the letter on the bottom of the books then began to discuss business matters with them.

“Uncle Xing, the things I asked you to transfer from Ye family pharmacy in Qu, Guan and Ding states to Shuzhong, have it been arranged?”

Ye Xiang stood up and replied with hands cupped before him, “It has all been arranged. The first batch of medicinal herbs will arrive in Shuzhong three days later with dozens of guards escorting them all the way and Shopkeeper Rong will personally coordinate with them. There will not likely be any problem.”

“That’s good.” Ye Huaiyang faintly breathed a sigh of relief then carefully exhorted, “As soon as the medicinal herbs are delivered, distribute them to the six counties in Shuzhong, particularly Lin’an county where Wangye is. Make sure to have everything ready and if Wangye has other demands, spare no effort to cooperate with him, but remember to act secretly, understand?”

“Do rest assured Matriarch. I know.”

Ye Huaiyang nodded then turned to the other side and asked the chief shopkeeper who is in charge of tea trading, “Uncle Sheng, what is the situation of those tea plantations now? Have all the people been evacuated?”

“Reporting to Matriarch, all the infected tea trees had already been rooted out and burned in accordance with your instructions. The people have also mostly been evacuated, just … “ Ye Sheng paused with hesitation on his face, “There are several long service workers whose families had died in Shuzhong who are not willing to leave, so they still stay in the tea plantation.”

“…since this is the case, then leave more money and food for them. There’s no need to force them to do what they are unwilling to do.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The several major matters that had been weighing in her heart were finally about to be resolved while the remaining problem was the deficiency.

The current situation in Shuzhong is critical and all six counties are completely sealed off. Not knowing what kind of miasma has fused in the plague that even such a highly-skilled practitioner like Lu Heng has yet to develop a remedial formula, so perhaps this still needs more time to completely overcome it. While the food, clothes, medicine and other local trades of Ye family that are stranded have basically distributed all their commodities in stock to the common people affected by the disaster. These money could be dismissed but many trade routes leading to the southwest have to pass through Shuzhong and without this transfer point, large numbers of goods are being held up enroute. It is inevitable that bandits will seize this opportunity to make trouble once the route is changed and conversely, merchants will have to face the loss for delayed goods distribution of which is indeed a dilemma.

The shopkeepers listed several feasible routes based on their experiences while Ye Huaiyang considered each of them and finally chose the safest path. She then allocated a sum of money for the shopkeepers to make the arrangements and when everything was properly set up, it was already dark outside.

When Yue’ya pushed the door in, Ye Huaiyang was dozing off while propping up on the rattan armrest. She immediately lightened her steps and was about to turn around to get a thin quilt when the slightly muffled voice of Ye Huaiyang drifted to her ears.

“What time is it?”

“It’s already xushi (7pm-9pm). Young Miss.” Seeing that she was not moving, Yue’ya asked gently, “You’ve been tired out after a whole day, why don’t you stay the night in the clan home?”

“No, it is better to go back. Xie Yun is coming to the King mansion tomorrow and proper business cannot be delayed.” Opening her phoenix eyes and braced herself up, Ye Huaiyang’s body inadvertently swayed that Yue’ya hurriedly supported her yet she waved her hand and walked out of the study.

After all, these reasons are merely said for others to hear as only she herself knows that if the bed is not filled with Chu Jinglan’s scent, she perhaps will not be able to sleep for even a moment.

This is the only way for her to feel at ease while he is not here.

Her whole body felt even more tired once they had returned to the King mansion, so she went back to her room to take a nap. Merely taking off the muslin skirt, she just fell asleep once her head touched the soft satin pillow. Knowing that she had not eaten anything in the clan home just now and keeping in mind that she would want some porridge when she woke up in the middle of the night, Yue’ya closed the door quietly and went to the kitchen.

Although Yue’ya is young, she is someone very thoughtful. Seeing Ye Huaiyang working round the clock between the King mansion and the clan home these days while her whole person has lost a lot of weight, she feels so distressed that she keeps asking the kitchen to prepare nourishing food every day for her meals. As a pot of taizi ginseng boiled with chinese yam and perch fish soup which whet the appetite had been prepared today just before they left home, it would be nice to be served together with the porridge and side dishes later.

While pondering about it, she unconsciously walked to the kitchen door and pushed the door to go in when she saw a little maidservant and the cook were waiting there but the claypot of soup on the stove was missing. Her probing eyes swept over where everybody was a little evasive. Seeing this situation, she immediately became angry.

“What’s going on?”

Looking at her critical appearance, all the maidservants dared not utter a word. It was still the senior cook who answered which few words explained the whole affair in detail.

“Miss Yue’ya, Jin’er from Miss Meng’s courtyard came here just now and insisted on taking the soup back for her family’s young miss once she saw it. We could not stop her and almost got splashed all over by her … “

Yue’ya was full of wrath hearing this. She admonished them first, then she spoke with extreme anger, “She is already freeloading here while Wangfei is disinclined to pay her any heeds but she still press her nose to the face*!”

[T/N: 蹬鼻子上脸 (Dēng bízi shàng liǎn) – means climb all over someone / insatiable / to take advantage of somebody’s weakness]

Just at this moment, a figure with swinging hips approached and had heard all these words clearly. She was seen kicking the door abruptly and throwing the pot on the stove then glaringly asked, “Who are you calling a freeloader!”

“There’s no need to mention the name to know who.” Yue’ya snorted coldly.

Jin’er was choked, then pointed at her angrily and shouted, “You petty little maid dared to insult my family young miss? Wait till Wangye comes back, I’ll definitely tell him and you will not be able to get away with it!”

Yue’ya laughed instead of being angry, “Go ahead and tell! As it happens, I also want to settle the score with you for this pot of soup. Let’s see if Wangye feels distressed about my family’s young miss or if he will stand on your shameless family young miss side!”

“You — I’ll rip off your rotten mouth!”

Jin’er lunged forward and her sharp nails scratched on Yue’ya’s face which instantly left two red streaks. Yue’ya did not expect her to actually strike out, so she pushed her away while raising her voice to call for the guards. Several sturdy men soon caught her and hearing the news, Ci Yuan rushed over too. He was shocked and angry when he saw that Yue’ya was wounded.

“Is it serious?”

“It’s fine.” Yue’ya took out a handkerchief and pressed it on the wound. There was somewhat a faint stinging pain but she looked calm, “Throw her back to Lanyan Pavilion. Don’t make any noise, so as not to disturb our Young Miss.”

Ci Yuan nodded with a cold face then tilted his chin when the guards took the person out. On the way, Jin’er kept struggling and shouting but once the guard stuffed a ball of linen cloth into her mouth, she became completely quiet.

But that did not stop her from complaining to Meng Chen after she regained her freedom.

“Young Miss, it’s fine for them to bully Nubi but who are you? They actually dare to vilify you in secret! Saying something about freeloading and shameless … truly is a group of vile slaves! For Wangfei to indulge them like that, she obviously wants to take advantage of Wangye’s absence to teach you a lesson, you must let Wangye vent this anger out for you!”

Meng Chen’s face immediately turned unsightly after hearing those few words — she is the dignified eldest young miss of the Meng family. When has she ever been subjected to such humiliation? Those last few words of Jin’er made her feel even incomparably uncomfortable. The more she thought about it, the more intense the flame raged in her chest that completely charred her heart and lungs, causing her unbearable pain.

How would he still vent out for her? When he left, he deliberately exhorted her to stay home obediently and the implication was not to have conflicts with Ye Huaiyang. She complied with a forced smile but her heart seemed to be dripping blood.

Admittedly he was indifferent when he was in Northern Land but he obviously never placed her beneath any other woman like this, so how could she have endured this? Thinking of this, she secretly gripped the embroidered handkerchief tightly while the hostility on her face was so potent that it could hardly be diffused.

The more prudent he guarded Ye Huaiyang, the more she wanted to kill her while he was away!

“Jin’er, I remember that after the last incident at the vacation palace, isn’t the Empress started investigating who the messenger was?”

Jin’er replied, “Yes ah, Young Miss. Didn’t you instruct me to be careful not to be discovered by them.”

“I’ve changed my mind.” Meng Chen curled her lips while her expression became more solemn, “If she wants to investigate, I will show my face openly. Isn’t it better knowing who the collaborator is?”

Jin’er was shocked and could not help asking, “But won’t you hinder the crucial cause of Wangye?”

Meng Chen smiled coldly hearing that.

The crucial cause can be planned again but Ye Huaiyang, she never wants to see her even for a moment more.

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