The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 80

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 80 – Plan

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Perhaps it was the arrival of spring that caused the raccoon reared in the Xie family’s backyard particularly irritable and restless. Not only did it throw food everywhere but also gnawed a big hole in the bamboo fence then sneaked out several times and almost injured others by scratch. Xie Yun was so troubled by this that she later invited three professional breeders to come over to take care of it before it settled down.

However, outsiders were not easily allowed into the Xie family’s clan home. Taking liberty placing these three people in her courtyard is already a violation of the rules, thus Xie Peng came to Xie Yun’s door no less than two days later.

Xie Peng is a child of a servant, who is responsible for training the Xie family’s guards and in charge of the mansion’s security. He excels in martial arts and is good at using the nine-segmented whip, hence is highly used by Xie Yuan. Even the concubines and those Shu children are courteous when they see him. Although Xie Yun is the veritable eldest young miss with higher status than them, she is genially gentle and also will give a little precedence to Xie Peng. Therefore, she did not hold any unyielding attitude on this matter but merely talked over it amiably.

“Commander, do you think you can allow me to keep them for a few more days? I’ll let them leave once the racoon’s condition stabilizes, okay?”

Xie Peng replied woodenly, “Eldest Young Miss, this does not conform to the rules.”

“I know it’s against the rules, but they are all decent craftsmen whom I’ve had someone probe around. If you’re unsure, you can have someone check again. I assure you that there won’t be any problems.”

Xie Yun originally was half-squatting by the bamboo fence teasing the raccoon. Inevitably tensed up, she straightened her body but seeing him so stern the shiny red delicious apple in her hand was squeezed tightly, vaguely revealing her inner turmoil. Xie Peng saw her reaction in his eyes yet he was unmoved. The fingers hanging by his sides moved slightly and the two guards at the back immediately came around, ready to ask the breeders to leave.

“Eldest Young Miss, please do stand back and don’t make things difficult for this subordinate.”

“Don’t.” Xie Yun abruptly extended both her hands to block the doorway. Her eyes were brimmed with shimmering water while her moist lips quivered slightly too, seemingly most aggrieved. It took a long while before she spat out a sentence, “When Younger Sister Qian comes back to stay for a few days, just solely the makeup ladies who she brings back are four to five persons. Aren’t those people found from outside too … “

Saying such, the glistening tears that swiftly filled the rims of her eyes would trickle down like fragmented stars should she blinked. Xie Peng could not help but frowned upon seeing this.

This eldest young miss is usually not contentious no matter what she encounters and rarely falls out with anyone. Although it has something to do with her circumstance, most likely it’s due to her gentle temperament. Unexpectedly, she was aggrieved to this extent because of this matter today.  It seems she loves this raccoon wholeheartedly and if he insists on making things difficult, he most probably will be criticized should this be blown out of proportion.

Thinking as such, Xie Peng had been looking unconsciously at Xie Yun for a long time while her appearance of wanting to weep seemingly aroused tenderness that imprinted in his heart which he unexpectedly seized with bewilderment for a moment. The other two guards were not aware of what their leader was thinking when they rushed over directly to take the people away by force. Xie Yun obstructed in a flurry but was accidentally shoved that her whole person instantly lost balance and tumbled to the ground!

No sooner said than done, Xie Peng strode over and caught her. He originally wanted to get away swiftly but hearing her soft whimpering of pain, he looked intently at the tightly knitted brows of her tightly as if trying her best to endure pain.

The previous injury on her back has yet to heal and after this big gesture, the wound perhaps has split open again.

Xie Peng inwardly shouted out ‘damn’, he would surely be subjected to punishment if mishap occurred. He was about to reprimand his two subordinates who didn’t know the gravity of things when Xie Yun unexpectedly tilted her head up all of a sudden to look at him. Tears rolled down both her cheeks, leaving behind streaks of watermarks against the snow-white flawless face, appearing truly despondent and moving.

 “Commander, if you really want to take them away, my raccoon will not be able to survive … “

The pupils in the long and narrow eyes of Xie Yun slightly constricted as some kind of emotion that shouldn’t have actually surfaced. The hand that supported Xie Yun felt scalding hot all of a sudden and amidst his thought, he seemingly caressing the milky white skin through the thin satin gauze and could almost imagine how tenderly smooth it was to the extent that he could not tear himself away, wanting to explore deeper and lost within the fragrant body.

The maidservant’s shout jolted him out of his reverie.

“Young Miss, are you alright?”

Xie Peng instantly released the hold of Xie Yun and retreated a few steps back. His expression was a little unnatural but the uncanny light at the bottom of his eyes remained for a long while. He stared at Xie Yun for a long time before raising his voice to wave off his men, “They did not mean to impinge on Eldest Young Miss, requesting for your forgiveness.”

There was no sound from the side as Xie Yun was still weeping quietly.

“ … this subordinate will come again another day, hope Eldest Young Miss will take care of your health.”

Xie Peng left promptly with his men after saying that. The steps were hasty as if a mass of evil flame was chasing behind to burn his butt. When he had completely disappeared under the corridor, Xie Yun grasped a silk handkerchief to slowly wipe the water stains on her cheeks and spoke indifferently, “Help me up.”

Her personal maidservant, Xiang’er immediately supported her arm while those three breeders who seemed terrified from the beginning also moved before her at lightning speed from the bamboo fence. Their bearings were vigorous and composed like a mountain as all of them were martial arts practitioners.

“Miss Xie, is everything okay?”

“No problem.” Xie Yun smiled thinly. The previous weakness and panic no longer visible in her glistening eyes instead calm like the gentle breeze, “The stuff has already scattered on his body. If there’s no mishap, it will take effect at night.”

The person in lead nodded, “We’ll take care of the rest. Miss Xie should go find Physician Lu as soon as possible. The stuff can’t stay on your hand for too long.”

“I know.” Xie Yun curtsied and immediately walked away gracefully.

Back in the side courtyard, Lu Heng had been waiting at the door for a long time. Looking from a distance, Xie Yun’s heart was emitting joyful vitality like a field full of fresh grass buds.

Earlier when she heard Ye Huaiyang said wanting to sneak a few people into the Xie family to act in the dark, she did not expect Lu Heng would also be one of them. Using a different face mask, he just came under the pretense of treating her wound. The moment he appeared in front of her, the feeling of euphoric simply caught her by surprise.

She knew that Ye Huaiyang is trying to bring them together and she will bear this intention in mind.

In a trance, Lu Heng had already come over in large strides and seeing her dazed look, he couldn’t help but asked urgently, “Was it done?”

“Yes.” Xie Yun smiled gently, her slightly dazzling eyes were like the autumn moon on the calm river.

Looking at her smile, Lu Heng’s heartstrings seemed strummed by something that the repercussions almost tore his aloof mask to shreds. He was silent for a long time before he spoke, “Go back to your room. I will help you wash the drug off your hands.”

After saying that, he took the lead as he turned towards the bedroom while Xie Yun followed silently. Yet unexpectedly before she took a few steps, she stumbled forward when the quick eye and deft hand Lu Heng held her in his arms, only to find her face pallid like paper and covered densely with cold sweat.

“What’s wrong? Did you inhale the powdery drug too?”

Xiang’er spoke bluntly, “Definitely not, it’s all that bastard Xie Peng’s fault! Not only did he indulge his subordinates to shove Young Miss but also held Young Miss without letting her go. The wound on Young Miss’ back must have long split open and she has endured it for a long while …”

Lu Heng immediately enraged hearing these words.

She is still somehow the Young Miss of the Xie family. Even a house slave now dares to covet her. What kind of life is she actually living?

“Talking too much.” Xie Yun reprimanded Xiang’er lightly. Propping her arms up, she was about to stand up when she felt a burst of tears on her back and bit her lips tightly. Before the wave of pain passed, her body suddenly felt lighter as her whole person was carried horizontally by Lu Heng.

“Ah Heng, I’m fine. You put me down …”

Xie Yun persuaded gently but Lu Heng ignored her and walked straight into the room. He bent over to put her down on the side of the bed and immediately tore open her clothes. She shuddered the moment she heard the ripping noise. A few streaks of blood ran down her back. Staring at those shocking red, the sockets of Lu Heng’s eyes almost popped out.

Her body was originally as smooth as satin and he still remembered the tactile impression of his palms that caressed her.

Enduring the pain, Xie Yun turned her head and caught sight of the indistinguishable dark gaze. Her heart quivered at once and without care, she stretched her hand out to pull her clothes back to cover her body. Lu Heng, however, tugged at it unwaveringly as he stood absolutely still seemingly taken root there. She became anxious. Teardrops the size of beans seized the rims of her eyes and trickled down choking her with the sense of self-abase and shamefulness.

“You don’t look…. Don’t look…”

She is no longer the same flawless white jade as she used to be.

Lu Heng finally regained his senses. Releasing her, he let her pull her clothes as she hurdled into the corner of the bed where the lighting was obscure by the raw silk bed canopy. He was vaguely seen closing his eyes while emitting an emotion of a puzzling-like fuzzy dark shadow that drifted upon a grim pool which aroused others to explore yet did not dare to approach.

“I’ll go get the medicine. Let Xiang’er help you.”

After squeezing out those words, Lu Heng turned and left the room. Like the broken qin’s string or the abrupt cessation of rainstorm leaving not a shred of leeway for he understood in his heart that he is already on the verge of losing control.

But before the revenge of his father and elder brother is avenged, he is not able to get along with her without any misgivings even if his heart aches unto death.


Under the silent and vast sky, the guards who are not on duty have already gone to sleep in the guard courtyard far from the main house, including the guard commander, Xie Peng. Trained to be vigilant since childhood, Xie Peng had his eyes opened in the dark as he stared at the intricate pattern ceiling of the bed canopy, revealing a sudden sense of fearfulness.

 Why can’t he move his whole body?

As if responding to him, an agile person flipped in from the window and strode before him in two or three steps. The looming moonlight reflected a rugged face who seemed familiar.

He recognized this person, he is the personal bodyguard of King Lan!

In great shock, Xie Peng did not know why he would appear in his room or what intention he was harboring. But looking at those cold eyes seeping with acute radiance, he knew that it had to be very bad. The next moment, what dazzled before his eyes was sharper than those acute radiance, the edge of a knife.

“Commander Xie, I need to trouble you to do something for me.”

Xie Peng wanted to ask what but opening his mouth became an even difficult task. Endless dreadful questions lingered in his heart which instantly caused him to sweat profusely when Tang Qingfeng soon spoke again.

“Trouble you to be my scapegoat for killing the province governor of Jiangnan.”

Soon after those words faltered and a flash of silvery light, a hand raised while the knife dived and Xie Peng merely felt a slight tingling numbness on his neck as something gushed out violently dispersing a dense piscine smell. He realized that it was his own blood and his pupils dilated abruptly yet nothing could stop it. A heavy sluggishness then spread from his fingertips to his whole body before it gradually disappeared and he felt nothing anymore.

Tang Qingfeng took a glance at the dead with eyes wide open, Xie Peng. He then rolled him in the quilt before carrying him on his shoulder and flashed out of the room swiftly.

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