The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 79

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 79 – Meeting

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After investigating for quite a few days, the shadow guards discovered a very high pavilion a few hundred meters from Yulan Hall that was located in a remote area which usually no one used and perfect as a lookout. So, the shadow guards hang around in a hidden place quietly to keep watch when not long after, they indeed saw the people of Wang family.

This made sense, after all the deputy commander of the Imperial Guard, Zhang Chi, who forced his way in yesterday is known to be on friendly terms with Wang Jian.

Ye Huaiyang did not panic after learning about it. All in all, it was so far away and the incident also happened during night time. They might have seen two people leaving Yulan Hall but could not determine who they were. While in Fengdu, they merely tailed them according to their body shapes without catching sight of their actual faces. Besides, they were in the hall when Zhang Chi forced his way in, so she felt that presently the Empress couldn’t be sure the two people were her and Chu Jinglan.

As such, the crisis was considered over for now but she eventually felt something was still amiss. But before she could figure it out, a major event unexpectedly happened at the royal court — the province governor of Jiangnan, Wang Feng was attacked and killed.

On the day of receiving the urgent message Chu Sanghuai urgently summoned the cabinet ministers for an audience.

“Your Majesty, please give justice to this Old Minister.”

Wang Jing knelt in the middle of the main hall with an inconsolable grief. His aging eyes were cloudy while his head of grey hairs were disheveled. The usual shrewd and reserved appearance has completely gone, as if he has aged ten years in just one night.

It, however is not surprising as Wang Feng was Wang Jian’s only son who he has always cherished in the palms of his hands, plus Wang Feng could be called a tyrant in Wangdu with the Empress who is the elder sister as his backer. Wang Jian nevertheless is old in age and inevitably will want to hand over the family business to him, hence he fought for him to get this lucrative post as the province governor of Jiangnan, thinking that it will ensure him a rapid advancement and a great prospect. But who would have thought, this has become the talisman that sent him to his early grave, so how could Wang Jian not regret bitterly?

Several high-ranking officials from the six ministries also knelt down with him, imploring Chu Sanghuai to investigate this matter strictly while those who were standing were each unto their own expression.

There was needless to dwell on Xie Yuan. Since the official post did not fall upon the Xie family, he has eagerly been looking forward to Wang Feng stirring up troubles in his post yet now that he’s dead, it exactly goes well with what he wants. He is here today merely to find out Chu Sanghuai’s intention and waiting for the reshuffling. He doesn’t care the least bit of how Wang Feng died, thus he just looked indifferently at the group of people uttering their cries of anguish in the hall then appeared as if looking at Yue Ting by chance.

This old man has always been well-informed as he was the one who told him about the reinstatement of the salt and iron last time. Did he also know some inside information this time?

Just at the time of his covert deduction, Chu Sanghuai also happened to turn his attention to Yue Ting and asked, “What does Minister Yue think about this?”

Yue Ting bowed and said, “Your Majesty, there aren’t too many leads at the moment. We have to wait until the people from the Ministry of Justice arrive in Qingzhou and contact the local authorities before we can deduce the whole incident. Therefore, this minister can’t determine what caused Lord Wang’s death.”

“Tell the Ministry of Justice to hurry up and report the situation as soon as possible.”

Chu Sanghuai was obviously very nettled by this matter. Not to mention that the Empress has been bedridden for three days due to excessive grief while these people of the Wang family are not easy to deal with either as they will come to the palace every day to make noise and ruin his hunting mood.

As astute as Yue Ting is, he has long perceived this yet he was not in a hurry to speak, “It takes ten days to go to and forth before the message is delivered to the vacation palace, so it will probably take much longer time. By no means should Your Majesty be anxious, this Minister believes that Lord Hu from the Ministry of Justice will supervise and urge them stringently.”

The Minister of Justice himself is in the vacation palace, how effective can his supervision and urging which had been mentioned be?

Wang Jian’s heart is like scorching by flame. One moment, he bitterly hated Chu Sanghuai’s ruthlessness, the next moment he was anxious to find out the real culprit behind the scene, so he instantly lamented on purpose, “Your Majesty, according to this Old Minister’s opinion, this must be the work of those mobsters who disobey the government’s orders! It’s naked revenge and provocation ah!”

Chu Sanghuai narrowed his cold eyes slightly without saying anything.

“Your Majesty, this Minister thinks so too.” Xie Yuan lightly echoed some words too, only because the sooner this matter is clarified, the sooner the new province governor of Jiangnan will take office.

Sure enough, Chu Sanghuai was somewhat displeased. He could bear the sudden death of the important officials of the royal court but he could not endure the slightest rebellion of the common people.

“Convey Our decree, We will return to Wangdu tomorrow and have the three divisions jointly investigate this case. We want to see the results within 15 days!”

Everyone in the main hall replied in unison, “Minister obeys the decree.”

Just like that, the spring hunt trip swiftly ended and the group rushed back to Wangdu without stopping.

On a certain warm and sunny afternoon, Xie Miao left the mansion under the pretext of taking Xie Yun to see a doctor, then avoiding all eyes and ears, they quietly arrived at Tianqi Restaurant in a carriage.

Xie Yun’s injury has yet to fully recover when she hobbled along and took as much as a quarter of an hour to walk up three flights of stairs. As Ye Huaiyang watched from the attic with her velvety eyebrows knitted in a fast knot, Chu Jinglan patted her shoulder and said, “We have agreed to leave everything for Ah Heng to handle, so don’t be impatient.”

“Just look at Lu Heng’s inattentive look!”

Inexplicably, Ye Huaiyang felt vexed as she said that while Lu Heng just stood there coldly watching them climbing up each and every step without even lend a supporting hand once Xie Yun arrived in front of him, as if that pale face covered with fine sweat was a stranger who he never had amorous dalliances with or whom poured her heart filled with love for him.

Chu Jinglan asked in a shallow voice, “Are you fighting for Xie Yun’s injustice?”

“I want to help her as much as I can without getting in the way of the important matters. After all, she saved me.” Ye Huaiyang said so.

Chu Jinglan stroked her black hair with a sigh, “You are not Lu Heng and don’t understand how unbearable the pain of losing a loved one. After all, Xie Yun’s last name is Xie and she played such a role in that incident. So, this hurdle is not as easy as you might imagine to step over.”

“What about you?” Ye Huaiyang caressed his peerless handsome face, with dull pain and worries mingled in her heart.

Does he also try his utmost to suppress the whizzing sharp knife that almost come out when he faces Chu Sanghuai, who plotted the murder of his Emperor Father and Concubine Mother? Or concealing the hatred that surges ceaselessly like a torrential river?

“Me?” The black eyes of Chu Jinglan were harshly cold for a moment when layers of soft radiance soon rushed out, “With you the golden remedy by my side, I’m already much better.”

Unfolding her expression, Ye Huaiayang smiled softly.

“Not only me, but also the entire Ye family. Once we have children, there will be more and more relatives.”

“Yes, I will rely on Missus then.” Chu Jinglan tenderly kissed her cheek and revealed a smile too.

The two of them spoke intermittently for a while when the sound of door opening and closing was heard from the third floor, presumably the matter over there had ended. Ye Huaiyang got up to look below the suspended window. Xie Miao’s face was extremely unsightly yet he was still calm talking with Lu Heng in a low voice about something while Xie Yun seemed not. As if her soul had lost, she was sitting on the rosewood bench by the side with tears flowing like streams allowing the droplets to trickle down the lapels of her clothes without realization.

Such a fact that his paternal uncle killed their father in order to assume the official position and the head of the family was difficult to accept no matter what.

This situation and scene inevitably caused Ye Huaiyang to sigh faintly and said, “Jinglan, I miss my paternal uncle and the others.”

“I’ll take you back to your clan family for dinner tomorrow.”

Such straightforward words caused her to undoubtedly laugh out when something just came to her mind that her index finger kept drawing circles as if somewhat awkward, “What’s to be done if Elder Brother squabbles with you again? I’m embarrassed to show partiality while mediating in the brawl …”

Chu Jinglan responded lightly, “The squabble won’t last long anyway, isn’t he going back to Guanzhong?”

“That’s right.” Ye Huaiyang leaned into his arms and happily hooked her arms around his neck, “Then we’ll go back after we’ve dealt with the matter here. Consider it a send-off for Elder Brother.”


A knock at the door resounded just at this moment when Lu Heng entered with his sleeves rolled up while his face was noticeably somewhat solemn. He roughly imparted what he had said to Xie Miao and things that should be made clear had already been explained. Ye Huaiyang immediately stood up and smoothened her sleeve with the appearance of her turn to come on stage. Chu Jinglan did not stop her either, apparently there was a pre-arrangement.

Lu Heng is already no stranger to this. If Chu Jinglan is said to be a sharp sword that needs to be restrained, then Ye Huaiyang will simply be his hidden sharp edge. He is responsible for the overall arrangement while she is in charge of the action. Under his strict control, she is given free rein and performs brilliantly every time. This kind of tacit understanding can’t be emulated by normal people and her approach has always been incontestable who by no means inferior to any of his men. At this point of time, Lu Heng has to admit that the two of them are simply born compatible.

While he was still dazing, Ye Huaiyang had already gone downstairs and walked gracefully towards Xie Yun. There was no utterance of words when they saw each other. She first pulled out a silk handkerchief around the waist and placed it in her hand. Once she caught sight of the embroidered lofty green stem on it, several drops of tears relentlessly trickled down as she covered her eyes and stayed motionless.

Lu Heng stood watch on the terrace, the grip of his five fingers on the lacquered-red carved railing unconsciously tightened even more.

“Sister Yun, I actually envy you sometimes. You can cry whenever you want without the need to restrain yourself while I rarely cry since I was a child. The most recent was when my Elder Brother refused to let me marry Wangye and slapped me by mistake.”

Xie Yun replied mutedly, “What’s there to envy about that.”

“Of course there is. Being able to cry unrestrainedly shows that you can be weak without the slightest scruple which also proves that people beside you will render you comfort and support, who will unlikely letting you fall into an emotional abyss.” Ye Huaiyang lifted her chin towards the ramrod rear view of a figure downstairs and spoke with a faint smile, “Look, isn’t that so?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t have any?” That said, Xie Yun’s gaze was fixed on Xie Miao without moving away anymore.

“I do, but I don’t allow myself to be like this.” Ye Huaiyang raised her head seemingly looking at the room where Chu Jinglan was as her eyes brimmed with fragmentary soft radiance, “At home, I am the head of the Ye family who settle the life and work of my clansmen. By his side, I am his sharp edge that cleave thorns and hack brambles for him. No matter which identity I am, I have no time to be vulnerable.”

Xie Yun whispered, “I want to be like you too, for Ah Heng but also for myself and my Elder Brother.”

Ye Huaiyang smiled more and more brightly, “I believe you can do it.”

“Really …” Xie Yun casted a sidelong glance at her then smiled bitterly, “I don’t even know what I can do.”

“Don’t you have a racoon? I heard it’s making a lot of trouble lately. Why don’t I introduce a few breeders to you and have them come to Xie mansion to help you control that naughty little fellow.”

Dumbfounded, Xie Yun looked at the deep arc at the corners of Ye Huaiyang’s mouth when she suddenly understood her meaning and immediately nodded her head firmly.

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