The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 76

Translated by: Oinkoink

Proofread by: SilkScreen

Chapter 76 – Planning

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That day Lu Heng spent the whole afternoon in Qiu Feng courtyard and only returned in the evening.

When Ye Huaiyang heard him say that Xie Yun’s condition had somewhat relapsed, she immediately sent people to buy a lot of elixirs and drugs from the foot of the hill to be delivered to her. A few days later, she personally made a trip to Qiu Feng Courtyard.

Xie Miao was very courteous when he saw her. After all, Chu Jinglan saved him first while Ye Huaiyang sent the medicine later, which was much better compared to the dispassionate Xie family, that he felt extremely indebted to.

Ye Huaiyang exchanged a few words with him and went to see Xie Yun inside the room. As luck would have it, the patient just happened to be awake. Dressed in a dark blue loose silk dress, she was half-lying and half sitting leaning against the headboard of the bed. Although she appeared a little frail and weak, her complexion was not bad, thus both of them chatted for a while through the gauze curtain.

“Are your wounds all better?”

Ye Huaiyang could not help but banter with her, “Thanks to Lu Heng’s medicine, it’s no longer a problem. Come to speak of it, I used to look down on him. The famous highly skilled superior physician back then is really worthy of the name, ah.”

The clear and moving watery eyes of Xie Yun unconsciously tinted with vividness while the whole person became spirited.

“He has always been this impressive. When the late emperor was still alive, he was the one who prescribed treatments to regulate the body.”

“What about you?” Ye Huaiyang raised her brows with rather a hint of teasing, “These days the medication that you used and drank were all prepared by him personally, don’t you feel even more at ease?”

Hearing that, Xie Yun smiled faintly but not as delighted as she would have imagined.

“That said, do you know, he came every day to deliver the medicine then left. I have not even seen him…actually, I also know that I should now be satisfied with this but I just can’t control myself….”

Her head hung while her hands tightly twisted the silk handkerchief seemingly harboring an unspeakable sorrow. Ye Huaiyang looked at her silently when a wisp of ray flashed in her eyes and her hand gripped Xie Yun’s all of a sudden.

“You should not be satisfied. The situation today was not caused by you, so why do you have to bear all this? You have to understand that the lock in Lu Heng’s heart was not slipped on by you. To unlock it, you must go to the one who holds the key. It’s useless to feel sorry for yourself here!”

Xie Yun instantly understood her meaning but she merely pulled up her dry lips and spoke with a bleak tone, “He is my paternal uncle, what can I do to him?”

Standing up suddenly, Ye Huaiyang’s expression was harsh as flame scurried across the bottom of her eyes as if wishing iron could turn straight into steel.

[T/N: 恨铁不成钢 (Hèn tiě bùchéng gāng) – feels resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations / anxious for somebody to improve]

“Did he ever take you, his niece into consideration when he did those things? Making you serve Great Teacher Lu tea had turned you into the executioner, thereby getting rid of the flesh and blood in your belly and completely caused all the troubles between you and Lu Heng! How both of you ended like this today was single-handedly caused by him. Don’t tell me you do not hate him?”

“I do hate him, but what can I do?” Xie Yun closed her eyes, two streaks of tears trickled down her face, “He claimed what he did was all for the Xie family and had indeed been significantly used by the Emperor. The elders and clansmen have taken all this in that they could not even praise him enough. Who would still remember me, the sacrificed chess piece?”

“For the Xie family?” Ye Huaiyang  laughed coldly and breezily threw out some words, “Was killing your father, Xie Qian also for the Xie family?”

“What did you say?” Snapping her head up, Xie Yun’s round eyes opened widely, unable to believe what she heard.

“I said, your father didn’t die from a sudden heart attack, rather was schemed to death by Xie Yuan.”

“Impossible! My uncle couldn’t have done so!”

Xie Yun straightened her body and using almost all her strength she cried out those words to Ye Huaiyang as if this would prove what Ye Huaiyang said was false but for some reason, she could not help but tremble violently that she did not even notice the split of the wounds on her back.  Masses of blood soon soaked through the silk dress, like dark raging flames burning the consciousness of others. Ye Huaiyang finally could not bear to say more when her line of sight fell on her. Reaching out her hands, she pressed her shoulders hard to calm her down.

“Younger Sister, you are lying to me, right….”

Ye Huaiyang sighed faintly listening to her weak sobs and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe her tears away as she spoke solemnly, “Sister Yun, I won’t lie to you over such things. If you don’t believe me, I can let Lu Heng come and tell you himself.” 

Xie Yun was slightly startled when another bean-sized teardrop spilled out of her eyes and dripped silently on her lapel.

“You mean… Ah Heng knows about this, too?”

“We’ve all just learned about it not long ago.” Ye Huaiyang vaguely lowered her phoenix eyes while her expression was unaccountably heavy like a wet paper boat, “Originally, I wanted to wait until you have recovered from your injuries before telling you …”

“How did you all learn of it?” With her mouth covered, the words that Xie Yun squeezed out were almost incoherent.

“Do you still remember the words that Great Teacher Lu said before he died? Lu Heng probed it out as he felt dubious. All the signs made people think that Great Teacher Lu was killed by Xie Yuan for knowing what had happened. Regrettably there was no evidence. He then found a booklet among Great Teacher Lu’s belongings, on which noted many suspicious points and several names. We followed the clues and found out it was actually Xie Yuan who secretly replaced your father’s medicine while thinking of ways to trigger his sickness which then led to his death.”

Xie Yuan was shaken violently that her hands were drenched with blood as her slender fingers stabbed into her palm.

“Can anyone … prove it?”

Ye Huaiyang looked soberly at her and said, “The physician who prescribed Xie Yuan’s medicine that year died of a sudden death but his wife and daughter escaped. The people I sent already found them and had settled them down in Tianqi Restaurant.”

Xie Yun abruptly collapsed on the bed. Amid dizziness, she grasped Ye Huaiyang’s arm in a daze. Whiteness permeated all her joints which showed how much force she had exerted.

 “I want to meet her.”

Ye Huaiyang nodded slightly then spat out a clear and firm response, “Okay, I will let you meet once you return to Wangdu.”

After that, no other sound was heard in the room. The moment Ye Huaiyang came out, her expression was calm without any ripples yet she was smothered in sweat. She felt a lot more relief when the cool mountain breeze gust through. Tucking the slightly damp hair behind her ear, she looked back at the deathly still room before gently curling up the corners of her lips and returned to Yulan Hall with Yue’ya.

Once evening approached, the hustle and bustle of the day gradually sank into the mountains’ wilderness, while the halls and buildings shrouded in mist, appearing particularly quiet and peaceful.

Following Ye Huaiyang along the winding path, Yue’ya became bold and whispered when she saw the area deserted, “Young Miss, why did you pin all those things on Physician Lu’s head ah?” 

“If I don’t say so, will Xie Yun believe me so quickly?”

“But even if she believes it, she may not be able to convince Eldest Young Master Xie. What should we do then?”

Ye Huaiyang responded indifferently, “Then we will have to let Lu Heng make an appearance. He and Xie Miao were childhood playmates, while this dispute was not what both of them wished for. They should join forces to deal with him since they now have a common enemy and untie their emotional entanglement.

“Aren’t you plotting on Physician Lu as well …” Yue’ya muttered.

“I didn’t even ask him to kill and set fire.” Ye Huaiyang glared at her afterwards and she immediately fell silent.

As a matter of fact, in Chu Jinglan’s plan, this matter is to be handed over and allow Lu Heng to handle it but she felt that Lu Heng was emotionally unstable and likely to mess it up, so she personally made this trip without telling them and only felt relieved now. In her eyes, plotting on Lu Heng is regarded as nothing — she even dared to coax and hoodwink Ye Huaili, let alone a mere Lu Heng!

It’s just that Ye Huaiyang did not expect Caocao to be there after speaking of him*. From a distance, she caught sight of Ye Huaili sitting in the hall the moment she stepped into Yulan Hall and could not help but flinch when his slightly cold gaze shot her a glance.

[T/N: 说曹操曹操到 (Shuō cáocāo cáocāo dào) – speaking of the devil and he doth appear]

It’s finished, she has been caught red-handed.

Lifting her skirt, she pretended to walk over nonchalantly but before she had time to speak, another big Buddha sitting on the wooden armchair came into her view who stared at her too. The coldness in those eyes whooshed out that her heart immediately cried out ‘no good’.

This is such a nuisance. Individually these two men are not easy to deal with but together, they could admonish her to death! Would it be better for her to kneel down immediately and beg for mercy now?

Ye Huaiyang was calculating gingerly when the sulky voice of Ye Huaili poured into her ears like thunder.

“The injury has not even healed yet, who allowed you to go wander around?”

“I … “ Ye Huaiyang was tongue-tied momentarily and instinctively cast a glance of cry for help at Chu Jinglan but who knew she was jabbed shiveringly by the ice ridges in his eyes instead.

“Did you go to Qiu Feng Courtyard?”

Ye Huaiyang replied cautiously, “Yes, I went to see Xie Yun …”

It was fine if she did not say it but the moment it was mentioned, Chu Jinglan’s face sank a bit more, “Qiu Feng Courtyard and Yulan Hall are situated south and north of each other.. It’s okay for you to walk over there but what is it that you want to do without bringing even one shadow guard?”

As soon as the voice faltered, the other side also chastised her right in the face, “The last incident has not even been clearly investigated. If the Empress really wants to harm you, aren’t you fulfilling her wishes exactly by doing such? Did your mind also become idle after falling sick?”

Ye Huaiyang looked back and forth at the two of them before her small face collapsed then spoke with a subtle crying voice, “I didn’t mean to …”

“No feign crying!” Chu Jinglan exposed her mercilessly that her heart immediately felt cold.

Oh no, she’s done for. It’s inevitable for her to justify herself.

At this critical moment, the thought of playing one off against the other flashed in her mind. She, who usually committed to maintaining the relationship between the two of them, now could not care so much for the sake of self-preservation. She opened her mouth and complained tearfully to Ye Huaili, “Elder Brother, Wangye chided me. Can you bring me back to Winter Courtyard as I do not want to stay here anymore…”

“Okay, let’s go.” Ye Huaili brushed his lapel and stood up. His handsome brows instantly de-iced as if spoken lightly, “As it happens, he can’t keep watch on you then I will do it.” 

Legs weakened, Ye Huaiyang almost unable to stand firm.

What a joke! According to the military training of Ye Huaili, she will probably be locked up until the end of the spring hunt before she is released then she can’t do anything at all! Thinking of this, she waved her hand vigorously and said, “Don’t bother, Elder Brother. I’ll stay in Yulan Hall. I promise …”

Before she finished her sentence, Chu Jinglan strode over like an arrow to grab her hand and asked, “How did you get this?”

Looking down, Ye Huaiyang almost wanted to cry. It was the mark that Xie Yun scratched just now, which coincidentally revealed when she waved her sleeve. She looked at the two men in front of her whose faces were getting colder and colder that she decided to give up resistance.

“I was wrong. I should not have run out. You guys just beat me up …”

“How could I dare to beat you? I’m afraid before the person has even arrived home, a letter has already reached the Elder Uncle.” Ye Huaili snorted coldly then turned to face and spoke to Yue’ya. “Why have you not left to get the medication for your Young Miss?”

Yue’ya had not been able to stand there any longer. Once she was addressed, she immediately rushed into the room and didn’t take long for her to come out with the Yuling cream.

Supporting Ye Huaiyang’s hand, the stern face of Chu Jinglan did not relax for a moment. He knew exactly what Ye Huaiyang had gone to do. Not only did she act without permission, she also ruined his intention of not letting her get involved, which was simply audacious. He will surely settle the score with her later! Ye Huaili spoke again while he was still thinking of this.

“This is not to be repeated. If I am to find out you went running all over the place, I’ll lock you up. Do you hear me?”

“I heard you…” Crying without tears, Ye Huaiyang accepted the unequal treaty but the next sentence of Ye Huaili made her raise her head abruptly.

“My men just came to report that a few days before the tea party someone secretly sent a confidential letter to the Empress’ chamber, perhaps this relates to the matter of your burn.”

“Did you find out who that person is?”

Ye Huaili shook his head gloomily, “Not yet. The sky was too dark and the time between had elapsed too long, so it’s difficult to find out.”

Ye Huaiyang remained silent and merely thought the whole thing was fishy. Who went to send the confidential letter, what did the letter say and why did the Empress do this. She absolutely could not analyze this at all, like being trapped in a cluster of fog where the way out could be distinguished amidst the muddled chaos.

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