The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 75

Translated by: Oinkoink

Proofread by: SilkScreen

Chapter 75 – The Truth

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Ye Huaiyang’s injury appeared scary at first but in fact, it was not as serious as imagined. Once the blisters busted, scabs began to form and basically, there was no pain under the miraculous attending of Lu Heng. Therefore, she became lively again in less than two days.

The only inconvenience was that it was too troublesome to wash up, not to mention the need for others to help but also because she could not indulgently bathe in the pool. Since she always cherish cleanliness, she really could not bear it after enduring for a few days and begged Chu Jinglan to take her for a bath. Chu Jinglan could only give in to her wishes as he could not withstand her tiresome pestering.

“Hands on my shoulders and do not flail about, do you hear me?”

“I know.”

Standing by the side of the pool, Ye Huaiyang watched with a grin as Chu Jinglan undressed her. Ye Huaiyang already could not wait to toss her slippers away as soon as the last piece of clothing fell on the ground but when Chu Jinglan looked up and glared at her, she immediately behaved herself and let him lead her slowly into the clean pool. She tilted her head and sighed in contentment once every inch of her skin submerged in the warm water.

“Although this pool is not as good as the one at home, I still love it to death now….”

Lowering his eyes to look at her, a sporadic smile surfaced at the bottom of Chu Jinglan’s eyes, “That hyperbole?”

“How not!” With a defeated façade and a look of self-loathing, “Can’t go out but stay in the room everyday. My heart is stuffy while my spirit is restless that I keep sweating. Don’t tell me you didn’t smell my body odor?”

Chu Jinglan gently kept the pouted lips in his mouth and sucked it for a moment before saying, “Husband is used to sweetness. It’s also good to have a different taste for an occasional change.”

“Hateful.” Ye Huaiyang punched him with a smile yet she knew he was comforting her in disguise that honey imbued her heart, so sweet that it was indescribable.

The two of them stayed affectionate for a long time when unknowingly the floating platform which held the amber-colored soap and a silk ball floated before them. Chu Jinglan stretched his arm out to fetch it then lathered thick suds on Ye Huaiyang’s body while she scooped at will dollops of bubbles in her hands to play and occasionally blew at him mischievously, causing the white foam to scatter around and almost dazzled his eyes.

If she was to mess around like this in normal times, Chu Jinglan would have long smacked her buttock but given consideration to her injury today, he did not do it and merely exhorted her helplessly to not touch the water. She was having a good time but sulkily thought he was just too naggy.

“You are really becoming more and more like my father.”

“You have even called me King Uncle, so I naturally have to do something that commensurate with my seniority.” Grasping the scented soap, his hand slid and pushed between her legs, “Part.”

Crossing her arms, Ye Huaiyang immediately took a step back and cried out alarmingly, “What do you want to do? I’m injured!”

Chu Jinglan grabbed her back in amusement and wrapped his arms around her waist firmly, “Do you feel intolerable without play-acting for a day? I will let you know what I want to do when you are better.”

“King Uncle is really a beast in human clothing…” Ye Huaiyang giggled as she squirmed in his arms.

“If you flail around again, don’t ever think of allowing me to bring you to bathe next time.”

A certain someone immediately behaved herself seemingly having tapped at the acupoints as soon as the threatening words were out. Her head then lowered and leaned softly against Chu Jinglan’s chest while consciously she cooperated with his movements without raising the least bit of ripples. There was still roguish delight when Chu Jinglan lifted her small face to look, leading him to bend down involuntarily to bite her lips, which caused peals of giggles from her once again.

Both of them became somewhat restless after messing around for so long that Chu Jinglan had to take a deep breath before he quickly rinsed themselves and took her back to the washroom. He then placed her on the bamboo couch to dry her body with a soft towel while she lay there obediently when something suddenly came to her mind as the pair of bright black pupils gazed at the spiral patterns of the ceiling.

“Jinglan, say, what does the Empress really want to do? I have thought for a long time these days and have no clue. She would definitely not use such a substandard method if she wanted to teach me a lesson. Besides, I have not been in contact with her recently so this does not make sense. But if there is another purpose, I really can’t think of it …”

“You just take good care of your injuries and don’t think about these things.” Chu Jinglan took her into his arms with eyes full of coldness, “Whatever the purpose, since she dares to hurt you, I will surely make her pay the price.”

Ye Huaiyang patted his shoulder and comforted, “It’s just a small injury and does not matter. You must stay calm as we have other things to do.”

Silently, Chu Jinglan hugged her tightly with great strength seemingly wanting to crush her into his body.

Other ladies who have suffered some injuries would have coquettishly cried out in pain for a long time then urged their husbands to go give vent for their anger but she repeatedly persuaded him to take into account the bigger picture and not to be impulsive, as if her injury was not injury and the grievances she suffered was not called grievances. In her view, it is just necessary to undergo darkness before welcoming the light. How could he not be heartbroken by such thoughtfulness?

Yet how could Ye Huaiyang not know what he was thinking? Quietly, she hid the scalded arm behind her back and changed the subject.

“By the way, did Lu Heng go see Xie Yun?”

“He went while you were asleep just now.” Chu Jinglan looked at the lush bamboo forest outside the window with a noticeable stagnation in his eyes, “At this moment … he should have met her already.”

Qiu Feng Courtyard.

Many people from the Xie family had come along for the spring hunt this time. Xie Yuan’s only son and a large group of harem are staying in Qiu Zi Courtyard while Xie Miao and Xie Yun resided a remote distance away. Lu Heng did not run into anyone on the way there. He only saw two or three maids once he entered the single household compound and when he thought of Xie Yun’s predicament, his chest inexplicably choked up.

It so happened that an older maid came out of the bedroom and saw Lu Heng standing alone in the middle of the compound. Unavoidably feeling somewhat strange, she went up to him and asked after extending her courtesy, “Sir, may I ask what your business is here?”

Lu Heng responded blankly, “I am her to deliver medicine to Miss Xie and to express gratitude  on the order of Wangfei Lan.”

“It turned out to be like this.” The maid’s face slightly unfurled, seemingly very happy, “Please wait for a moment, Sir. Nubi[1] will immediately go ask the Eldest Young Master to come out.”

Saying that, she placed the tray in her hand on the square stone table by the side then entered the bedroom slowly and Xie Miao came out from inside soon after. There were circles of faint bluish color under his eyes, probably lacking sleep from keeping watch over Xie Yun these several days yet he still tried his best to brace himself up when he saw the visitor.

“It turned out to be the Imperial Guard Tang, please come in for a chat.”

Lu Heng nodded then followed him into the parlor. His steps stalled slightly when he passed Xie Yun’s bedroom while his train of thought also became confused for a moment. Before he could sort it out properly, the door was slammed shut all of a sudden by Xie Miao and he was subsequently pressed against the wall.

“What are you here for?”

His expression was stern and mingled with a hint of wariness. He evidently recognized Lu Heng, who originally was a little surprised but soon calmed down. After all, Xie Yun had already known his identity and it was reasonable for her to have informed Xie Miao.

“I’ve already mentioned that I came to deliver the medicine.” Lu Heng yanked his hand away then took out a porcelain bottle and placed it on the table. Only after a long time did he ask again, “How’s her condition?”

Xie Miao flared up once he looked at his appearance and could not help blurt out, “No need for you to be concerned about! Aren’t you treating her as your enemy? You should be very pleased with the way she is now!”

“You–” Stifled by him, Lu Heng’s anger surged up and coupled with the hatred from long standing past events caused everything to pour out at once, “Yes, I earnestly wish death to all of your Xie family!”

After saying that, he rushed out the door when Xie Miao’s furious voice immediately sounded from behind, “Yun’er is really blind to bitterly wait for someone like you for six years!”

The last two words were like a cluster of whizzing fireballs that lit up Lu Heng’s memory as a certain sentence popped up word by word in his mind.

Lu Heng, do you know that you both once had a child six years ago?

He stopped abruptly and stood motionlessly for a moment before turning back to look at Xie Miao. He walked back step by step amidst his flaming line of sight and hissed a sentence through the gaps of his teeth, “What was the matter with the child?”

Xie Miao was dumbfounded at first then suddenly realized that he was here for the child; hence, his face became even more unsightly while his voice was all the more callous, “The child died, the same day as your father.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Heng seized his lapels abruptly.

“It literally means precisely so.” Xie Miao brushed his hand away with no intention of explaining but was stopped by him on his way back.

“Don’t think of leaving if you don’t make it clear today!”

At these words, Xie Miao finally exploded and slammed a fierce punch into Lu Heng’s face. Lu Heng was knocked to the ground, raising countless dust while Xie Miao’s angry low roar rang in his ears amid his dizziness.

“You were not clear what you did back then? She was cajoled to give you her innocence before getting married and she got pregnant without knowing it. When your father came to the Xie residence to discuss marriage, she didn’t even know that cup of tea was poisoned and naively served it up. But she was frightened by the death of your father, which eventually led to a miscarriage! At that time she had a massive haemorrhage and almost… so close to go along with the child…”

Towards the end, Xie Miao’s throat choked that he could hardly speak the word out. He then looked at Lu Heng who still had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth yet became stupefied due to excessive shock, as if unable to digest what was just said.

“She then went crazy for a long time, not talking every day and just shrank in the corner of the bed without recognizing anyone. I took the jade pendant you gave her to get close to her and spoke to her about both your past everyday. It was not until half a year ago that she regained her sanity. After all these years, she has been waiting for you and finally she waited for your return but you treated her as your enemy and wanted her life to pay for your father’s … Heh, Lu Heng, you are truly heartless and I really regret giving Yun’er to you!”

After saying that, Xie Miao no longer paid attention to Lu Heng and turned to go back to the room when unexpectedly, Lu Heng got up and grabbed his arm all of a sudden as he said, “Who…who is the one who made her deliver that cup of tea?”

“Who else could it be?” A little bitterness appeared on Xie Miao’s face, but before he could spit those two words out, the previous maids rushed out from the room.

“It’s not good, Eldest Young Master! Young Miss just vomited all the medicine out!”

The complexion of both men changed as they charged into the bedroom one after another, only to see a mess on the ground while a person lay lopsided at the headboard of the bed inside the snow-white canopy who was motionless and obviously had lost her consciousness.


Xie Miao ran over in a frenzy but Lu Heng stopped where he was. He, who usually scrapes bones and cuts flesh without batting an eye, was now trembling because of the crisscrossed wounds on Xie Yun’s back. What was even more frightening was that he actually dared not step forward to feel her pulse.

How could she be so badly injured?

In an instant, the past turned into a void and his heart was empty as if cold wind had leaked in.

[1]奴婢 (Núbì)  – this servant / self-address of female maidservant

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