The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 73

Translated by: Oinkoink

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Chapter 73 – Scalded

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Mother earth is warming up again and the air is refreshingly clear that the getaway palace is surrounded by the scene of spring. As such, it’s inevitable to have revelry for string instruments, chess-games, poetry-reciting and tea parties. So, on a certain warm sunny afternoon, the Empress invited all the womenfolk to attend a tea party.

In previous years, Chu Sanghuai always took Bai Zhixuan and other imperial concubines to play in the vacation palace while the Empress stayed in the Imperial Palace to preside over the internal affairs. Perhaps she was valued highly for having a child that for the first time, she was the only one who was brought along this year. The Empress’ liveliness has also become more and more comfortable under such extreme doting while the fetal development becomes all the more stable too. Hence, she has such leisure to hold a tea party.

At the early hour of shenshi (3pm-5pm), the womenfolk had successively taken their seats at the feast. Although the Empress has yet to arrive, there are already palace maids in the garden to welcome the guests and some holding jade jars treading gracefully as the green silk ribbons fastened on their arms fluttered along the wind whenever they turn and bow, appearing pleasantly nimble.

The vacation palace is built precisely halfway up the mountain and the garden here is certainly not as spacious as the imperial garden. Nevertheless, dozens of square tables were scattered around separated by begonia trees and half moon-shaped screens at various distances, thus forming several small social circles. Musical instruments, calligraphy and paintings were randomly arranged inside for people to enjoy, which was extremely ingenious.

This sort of situation is naturally suitable for close friends to gather for fun in twos or threes and also to strengthen the family bonds between relatives of the noble women but for noble ladies like Ye Huaiyang, who is the head of the family, it is considered an exceptional existence. She did not have time to make friends when she was unmarried and stayed at home while others avoided and ran away after she became Wangfei Lan; hence, the area where she was in now was somewhat inevitably deserted.

Xie Yun probably was the only one who was not afraid to get into trouble when she arranged the hem of her skirt before sitting with self-possessed calmness in front of Ye Huaiyang and even held up a cup of tea to drink, not knowing how familiar she appeared and seemingly without the slightest care of others’ point of view.

Ye Huaiyang also seemed used to her course of actions as she drank her tea and looked at the landscape below the mountain before turning her head around the moment she spoke.

“Please thank Wangye for saving my elder brother.”

Though her voice was low, her earnest tone discerned her sincerity in expressing her thanks. However, there was not much reaction from Ye Huaiyang as she merely asked indifferently, “Is your elder brother’s injury better?”

“A lot better. It’s just that the bite was too deep and injured the tendons. I’m afraid he still needs to recuperate for some time more.” Xie Yun lowered her eyes as fear still lingered once she recalled the bloody wounds, “My elder brother told me that white-fronted tiger was extremely ferocious. Not mentioning how scruple he was but even if he was free to deal with it, he probably would have had difficulty defeating it. If it was not for Wangye’s arrow, he would have certainly died there.”

“The matter had passed, so don’t think about it anymore. Just focus on taking care of your elder brother for a full recovery.”

Xie Yun nodded in response, then realized suddenly that Ye Huaiyang’s attitude today seemed to be a little more gentle and not as aloof as before. Raising her eyes abruptly, she was somewhat astonished and a little delighted but before she could discern anything from Ye Huaiyang’s face, the solemn voice of the palace maid-in-charge resounded from behind.

“The Empress Niang-niang[1] has arrived –”

Everyone stood up successively to welcome and utter their courteous greetings in unison. The Empress walked over leisurely with the support of Wang Wanting amidst the flowery path. In her hair was a precious emerald inlaid double-phoenixes hairpin while she was attired in a gold silk inlaid with peony phoenix-tail dress and holding a string of multicolored beads chain. With a wave of her sleeve, a sweet-scent assaulted the nostrils and followed by a gentle clear voice.

“Everyone need not be overly courteous.”

She then slightly supported her waist and sat down on the phoenix seat while the main palace maid at her side immediately placed a soft cushion on her back. With such support, her belly became more prominent and did not look like she was in her first trimester of pregnancy. At once, some womenfolk smiled fawningly and started brown-nosing.

“From the appearance, Chenqie[2] thinks Niang-niang seems to be having twins.”

“Exactly. It is said that it’s a boy if the belly is pointed and a round belly means a girl. With it sticking out like this, it’s undoubtedly a little prince!”

Covering her mouth, the Empress smiled thinly without responding to them and only caressed her stomach gently. The contentment at the tips of her eyebrows were unconcealable, which evidently verified the effectiveness of these words.

When the crowd saw this, flattering words continued incessantly. Ye Huaiyang and Xie Yun who sat farthest away now turned their heads to quietly view the scenery and drink tea, then no longer looked over there. Since they were blocked by layers of screens and flower clusters, no one noticed them and they had a moment of peacefulness.

Xie Yun somehow lamented softly. If Ye Huaiyang was not sitting next to her, she probably could not hear her.

“With a child, even the stagnant water surged up clear ripples while dead woods bounced back to life. Everything will be different.”

“It’s not appropriate to lament, as such, in this kind of place.” Ye Huaiyang’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly with visible wariness as she stared at the beautiful figure walking over but Xie Yun who was staring blankly at the blurry reflection in the cup seemed completely unaware as she spoke out in a low voice.

“If my child with Ah Heng survived, it would be running all over the place now.”

Ye Huaiyang’s eyes widened suddenly. Before she could fully digest her words, Wang Wanting, who was swaying a tapestry lotus fan, had already walked up to them. She raised her eyebrows and looked at them with a wry smile, “I wondered how come I have not seen Sister-in-law. It turns out you are hiding and drinking tea with Sister Xie in this corner nook. Looking at this situation, it’s really being leisurely and carefree ah.”

Regaining her senses, Xie Yun hurriedly got up to salute, “Greetings to Wangfei Lu.”

Ye Huaiyang, nevertheless, did not move at all but merely raised her eyes to look coldly at her and said, “Is there anything else? Don’t block me from admiring the scenery if there’s none.”

“You–.” Being choked with humiliation, Wang Wanting flew into a rage, “How dare you be so rude to this Wangfei!”

“The one who’s rude is probably you. Since you call me Sister-in-law and according to seniority order, you should be the one who greets me but you interrupted my chat with others once you came over. Is this also the kind of preposterous rule taught by your King Lu mansion?”

Thinking about what Xie Yun said just now, Ye Huaiyang just wanted to send Wang Wanting away hurriedly so she could ask clearly that was why her tone was unavoidably a little sharp. It went without saying Wang Wanting was simply here to pick a fight but who knew, she was made a fool again in the name of etiquette and instantly trembled with anger. Realizing the noble ladies kept looking this way, she felt even more embarrassed. So when a serving palace maid passed by at this moment, she abruptly lifted the whole pot of boiling hot tea from the tray then just splashed it at Ye Huaiyang and Xie Yun!


The palace maid shrieked loudly in fear. In an instant, Ye Huaiyang merely felt someone shoved her from under the table before falling down on the cobblestone path followed by splatters of water droplets on her left arm as stinging pain accompanied by burning sensation swept over a few seconds later.

As the household servants were not allowed to be brought along to the tea party, there were no one around Ye Huaiyang at this moment. Biting her lips, she endured the pain and propped herself up with her right hand. Ignoring the frantic figures in front of her, she managed to turn her head to look at Xie Yun and only saw her lying there without moving for a long time with soaking wet back which showed she might have suffered more serious injuries.

Wang Wanting!

Ye Huaiayng’s gaze was like drenched with fire that shot towards Wang Wanting. She could not help but retreat a few steps back while the hands holding a silk handkerchief shook, seemingly not expecting herself to cause such a big trouble in her rage. The Empress, as well as the others, have already rushed over at this moment and turned pale with fright seeing this scene.

“Quickly go get the imperial physician!” The Empress ordered sharply then looked at Wang Wanting, who stood rigidly by the side and could not hold back her anger, “Restrain Wangfei Lu for Bengong[3] to wait for punishment!”

Wang Wanting panicked when the Momo and palace maids rushed over at once, she shoved them and shouted, “Niang-niang, I know I’m wrong. I don’t want to be imprisoned, please forgive me!”

Steadfastly standing her ground, the Empress’ face was as cold as frost with hints of indistinct intense rage.

Wang Wanting was dragged away soon after. She struggled all the way while her piercing voice continuously echoed in Ye Huaiyang’s ears like a hacksaw that killed her sanity. Gasping heavily, she let the palace maids pour cold water on her body. Amidst the fusion of hot and cold, she seemed to see the corners of the Empress’ mouth slightly curled, which was so fast that it appeared like an illusion. She wanted to look more closely but lost her consciousness right away when another burst of acute pain struck her.

She did not know how long she slept.

It was not like she had never been sick during childhood amid feverishness, her person would feel dazed and only felt better after she had fallen asleep but this was the first time she was awakened by pain like this. Ye Huaiyang struggled to open her eyes. In the midst of blurriness, she was gently supported by a calloused palm.


The layer of white veil that covered her sight seemed lifted once she rubbed her eyes revealing a familiar handsome face that was covered with a heavy frost.


Ye Huaiyang tried to get up, a steady strong arm immediately encircled from behind her waist and held her slowly to his chest while his other hand carefully supported her left arm. Feeling a distinct sensation, she turned her head to look when a large blister immediately greeted her eyes.

Then the memory came back.

Damn Wang Wanting! She cursed to herself and tried to move her left hand at the same time. The result was gasping pain. Restraining her promptly, Chu Jinglan urgently reprimanded her, “Why are you flailing around?!”

“It hurts …” She mumbled quietly with tears flooding the bottom of her eyes.

Chu Jinglan had never seen her cry out in pain so overtly that he felt terrible stirring in the chest cavity with throbbing surging anger yet was actually incomparably restrained as his soothing action was as if handling a fragile porcelain.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll call Lu Heng over and let him think of a solution.”

After saying that, Chu Jinglan strode out of the room and soon brought Lu Heng in. He was still wearing the mask and only glanced slightly at the arm that was extended out from the bed canopy to understand the condition.

“It’s blistering now which will get more itchy and painful than before. It might be better after another change of dressing.”

The medication he mentioned was naturally not the bottle left by the imperial physician rather the one that he personally went down the mountain to blend himself which was safer and more effective but Ye Huaiyang seemed to have suddenly forgotten her pain that she softly asked through the hazy curtains, “How’s Xie Yun’s injuries, do you guys know?”

Lu Heng stiffened and did not answer. Chu Jinglan stroked her shoulder and responded with three words in a deep voice, “Not very good.”

That’s right. One would have known thinking about it. She herself was already this painful with just this little splash. One could well imagine her plight. Ye Huaiyang took a deep breath then turned to look at Lu Heng with a steady gaze and said, “Ah Heng, can you help me go take a look at her? If she had not pushed me away, perhaps I would be the one in bed with serious injury.”

“I’m not going.”

Lu Heng simply refused then turned around to walk out but unexpectedly Ye Huaiyang’s next words made him stop abruptly.

“Ah Heng, you had a child six years ago, did you know that?”

[1] -娘娘 (Niáng niáng) – a kind of respect for women in Chinese . It is generally used to address queens , imperial concubines , princesses and other royal and aristocratic women.

[2] 臣妾 (Chén qiè) – I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female)

[3] 本宮 (Běngōng) – the self-proclaimed master of the palace in ancient times

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