The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 71

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 71 – Spring Hunting

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Spring breeze once again drifts ashore on the green river where the grass grows, the warblers fly while fishes swim in the shallow depths, a scene that is full of vitality.

Every year this time Chu Sanghuai would go spring hunting in the getaway palace and this year was no exception. It also coincided with the turnover of the first batch of taxes to the national treasury and half was immediately allocated to the Department of Imperial Residence. Under such circumstances, the spring hunting event became even grander. Many important ministers and their dependents followed along too where myriads of glorious and luxurious carriages lined up for many miles.

It was Ye Xuan who brought the Ye family along in the past. Even though the family status was there, he was, after all a low-ranked official with not much sense of presence. But this year was different as Chu Sanghuai not only appointed Ye Huaili to escort him, Ye Huaiyang had to take part with Chu Jinglan and even Ye Huaixin who had only recently joined the royal court as an official went along with his teacher, Yue Ting which caused everyone to say the Ye family’s stature is about to rise.

This, however, was not a good sign in the eyes of Chu Jinglan and Ye Huaiyang. Although Guanzhong side is now very peaceful as the generals under Ye Huaili are rigorous in governing the troops which would not prompt much trouble even if he was not around for a few months. Nevertheless, this move of Chu Sanghuai was somewhat really bizarre and aroused others’ wariness to let a frontier general stay by his side without rhymes and reason.

As for the drama of disharmony between husband and wife, it is still ongoing as usual. It happened that Meng Chen had mentioned to Chu Jinglan about going out for some fun, so Chu Jinglan brought her along too. On one hand, it was for the sake of covering Ye Huaiyang while the other was to atone to her. Ye Huaiyang was well aware of all these, so she did not say anything.

In addition, Lu Heng followed too this time. Since Tang Qingfeng was not around, he made and put on a human skin-mask pretending to be Tang Qingfeng to escort the entourage. Even though he does not know martial arts, his height and figure are about the same hence it was indistinguishable.

As such, the whole group arrived at Boyang Palace after several days of trekking.

After Chu Sanghuai succeeded the throne, he has built many getaway palaces where each of which is more luxurious than this but in terms of hunting, this place is considered second to none. Halfway down the mountain from the getaway palace is the wide expanse of fertile grassland and mountain forest with lush vegetation where many rare and exotic beasts roam which is enough for hunting lovers to have lots of fun.

On the day of the roundup, the getaway palace became lively early in the morning. Many descendants of the noble families were already eager and impatient to go down the mountain that even Ye Huaili took Ye Huaixin to wait outside the imperial hunting ground yet only two people from Yu Lan Hall had dawdled to come out.

“Vomiting like this, you’d better not go today.” Chu Jinglan looked at the pale looking Ye Huaiyang as he raised his hand to untie the girdle of his riding outfit, “I’m not going either and will stay here with you.”

Ye Huaiyang held down his hand hurriedly and said, “I’m fine, just not acclimatized yet. Chu Sanghuai has summoned you to go, how can you resist the decree? Don’t worry, I’ll actually sit on the observation tower where you can see me whenever you turn around, okay?”

Eyebrows wrinkled tightly, Chu Jinglan only spoke after a long while, “If I come out and do not see you …”

“Then you can smack my butt when you come back.” Ye Huaiyang curled her lips and smiled then pulled him outside without listening to his protests.

Once the door opened, they were both stunned seeing Meng Chen dressed in a sturdy outfit. Only then did they remember she is also good at riding and archery. Perhaps she had waited a long time for Chu Jinglan to come out yet Ye Huaiyang seemed not to mind as she greeted her with a smile before she took the lead in spurring the horse and left. Meng Chen looked surreptitiously at the wilful elegant back and involuntary clenched her horse whip tightly.

When they arrived at the imperial hunting ground, Chu Jinglan and Meng Chen went over to the crowd while Ye Huaiyang went up to the observation tower on her own.

This tall and towering building with curved ivory eaves that shaped like a lone pine is built on the slope of a higher terrain. All of its four sides are deserted where the breeze is clear and the air is refreshing. This is known as the best place for viewing as there are panoramic views of multi peaked mountains and open wilderness once the eyes are raised to look into the distance. It’s just that this building does not have too many partitioned small rooms like Youlong water veranda and at most, the imperial harem is roughly separated on the upper level while the rest will be on the bottom floor.

It is usually still cold in the early spring and high places are particularly windy. Noblewomen would mostly hide in the rooms at both ends of the corridor to sip tea and chat. The sound of laughter was constantly made out that Ye Huaiyang could hear it from a distance. As she dislikes noisiness, she did not go there but sat alone on the colored-glazed bench railing. Yue’ya quickly gathered her into a cloak then stuffed a water muffler to warm her stomach.

“Young Miss, you can’t stay here for too long. Otherwise, I’m afraid you will vomit more if you catch a cold.”

“I know. I’ll just watch for a while. Once they enter the woods, I will return to the first floor and sit there.”

As soon as her voice faltered, the sound of light footsteps came around the corner again when a wave-like skirt first flashed into sight followed by a graceful figure only to see her stop at the fork in the path. Hearing the noisiness at the end rooms, she also knitted her dark brows and immediately walked towards this side without the least hesitation. Just as she raised her eyes, she was slightly startled when she saw Ye Huaiyang sitting in front of her.

Ye Huaiyang, however, greeted her calmly, “Sister Yun.”

Only then did Xie Yun reacted with a slight curve at the corners of her mouth and responded, “Younger Sister, you are here too.”

In between their exchange pleasantries, the noises on both sides got louder again. They both looked at each other and instantly understood why the other party was here and could not help but feel a little jovial.

Xie Yun approached with her maidservant and slowly took a seat next to her then glanced towards the imperial hunting ground and said, “Younger Sister has always been good at riding, why don’t you go with Wangye for some fun?”

The question asked was tactful but would Ye Huaiyang not heard the meaning of it?

Looking out as far as possible, there were many people in the imperial hunting ground but Chu Jinglan nevertheless was the most eye-catching one. Standing imposingly tall and dressed in a silver-blue riding outfit, the halo of ray engulfed all the edges where only the dagger on his waist and a bow carried on his shoulder were vaguely seen. He was clearly dressed ordinarily yet inexplicably heroic that no one could overlook with an emerald figure by his side who was clinging closely without quitting.

The golden boy and the jade maiden were truly too conspicuous.

Naturally, Ye Huaiyang would not tell Xie Yun that this was all a pretense and merely replied with a thin smile, “I don’t know how to draw a bow and shoot arrows, so I won’t go cause trouble on the ground to avoid dousing their excitement.”

Hearing her said without the least care, Xie Yun skipped the topic of conversation too and talked about her thoughts instead.

“I actually wanted to follow my elder brother but my riding skills are really bad and I’m not feeling well these days, so I can only come here to feast my eyes.”

Ye Huaiyang raised the tip of her eyebrow hearing what was said and teased, “What a coincidence, I have been throwing up for some days too. It seems this place is really incompatible with our Bazi.”

“Didn’t you ask … Ah Heng to take a look?” Xie Yun saw Ye Huaiyang’s face stiffened suddenly and revealed a bitter smile, “Don’t look at me like this. I have been with him for so many years, it would be strange if I could not even recognize his figure.”

As a matter of fact, Ye Huaiyang is somewhat not able to read her.

Lu Heng had an official position back then and will have to be punished for leaving just like that, hence he has always worn a human skin-mask whenever he goes out since returning to Wangdu. Now that he has slipped under the Emperor’s nose, Chu Jinglan will certainly warrant adversity should Xie Yun go to report him directly. Yet what does this mean for her to take the initiative admitting it frankly to herself? Trying to win her trust?

Watching her not saying anything, Xie Yun explained slowly, “I don’t mean anything except to request for one thing. If he is here to do something dangerous, please make sure to help me stop him. He does not know any martial arts … “

“Sister Yun, you’ve asked the wrong person.” Ye Huaiyang interrupted her without the slightest hesitation, “I don’t know what Wangye brought him here for and he won’t listen to me too. You might as well keep these words to speak to him in person.”

“It would be great if he can stop and listen to a word I say.” Xie Yun sighed. There was a little desolation appearing on her beautiful face but she did not speak anymore.

At this moment, a maid ran up to the third floor in a hurry and raised her head to look around for a moment before her eyes lit up at once when she caught sight of the two people in the corridor and immediately rushed forward to speak, “Young Miss, it’s not good. The Eldest Young Master is injured!”

Standing up staggeredly, Xie Yun then grabbed her shoulder sleeves and asked anxiously, “What happened? Where did my Elder Brother hurt?”

The maid did not even have enough time to wipe the sweat on her forehead as she spat out a string of words like continuous firing, “Eldest Young Master accidentally ran into a white-fronted tiger in the woods which he could not evade and was bitten by it on the arm. The person has been taken care of at this moment and on his way back. Little Sanzi came out first to get a physician and let me come quickly to look for Young Miss to go back.”

White-fronted tiger!

Xie Yun’s face paled with a sudden burst of dizzy spell that she could only stand firm holding on to the wall.

There is a custom for the royal hunt where a tiger will be released which is supposed to be a trophy for everyone but in actuality, everybody knows that it is the prey that only the Emperor can hunt. If anyone’s arrow is not heedful and shoots it dead then that person perhaps will not have any good outcome. As the white-fronted tiger was unusually ferocious this time, there is no reason one could escape unscathed with only a wounded arm after getting entangled with it and so, this tiger is most likely dead. Thinking of the heavy punishment Xie Miao may possibly suffer afterwards, how could Xie Yun not be afraid?

She closed her eyes and asked with a trembling voice, “That tiger …”

The maid was startled then revealed a smile and responded with a relaxed tone, “Don’t worry, Young Miss. It has been shot dead by His Highness King Lan and can’t hurt anyone anymore.”

Xie Yun was stunned as she turned back to look at Ye Huaiyang whose eyes were tranquilly calm except the water muffler in her hand was bulging and almost burst.

“Come take a look with me.”

No longer hesitate, Xie Yun pulled Ye Huaiyang’s hand to go downstairs but Ye Huaiyang shook her hand off and spoke indifferently, “Sister Yun should go see for yourself. I’m going back to Yu Lan Hall.”

Only then did the maid saw the presence of Wangfei Lan and was immediately dumbfounded as she secretly sighed in her heart, those saying that King Lan has little affection with Wangfei Lan seems to be true and she is truly heartless for not even caring a little that her husband almost lost his life in the mouth of the tiger.

Her expression naturally manifested with this thought in mind which was accidentally seen by Xie Yun that her mind jolted like electric shock and immediately told the maid, “You go first. I’ll come over later.”

The maid did not suspect anything and curtsied before turning around to go downstairs. It was only after she completely disappeared at the end of the stairways did Xie Yun pulled Ye Huaiyang’s hand back and spoke solemnly, “I forgot that you can’t go to the imperial hunting ground. It’s not a bad idea to go back first. I will go take a look. You don’t have to worry, they will surely be fine!”

After saying that, she gave Ye Huaiyang a calm determined look and left the corridor. The long skirt rippled like a flower as it fluttered complacently and disappeared around the corner. Standing there silently, Ye Huaiyang looked for a long time before two words softly escaped, “Let’s go.”

Yue’ya just kept her head buried and followed, not daring to ask half a word more.

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