The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 63

Translated by: Oinkoink

Proofread by: Silkscreen

Chapter 63 – Confrontation

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Ye Huaili did not expect he would set foot in King Lan’s mansion one day. He avoided it when she got married yet now he had no choice but to come because Ye Huaiyang was ill.

The incense drifted faintly and the candle burnt quietly while the slight sounds of occasional crackling were particularly jabbing to the ears amidst the silence.

When Lu Heng came out after completing his diagnosis, Ye Huaili and Chu Jinglan were waiting together outside. As a doctor, he naturally was unhappy seeing his patient’s condition getting worse, so his words were a little too harsh. Both of them listened in silence when Ye Huaili rushed in without uttering a word, only to be blocked by Tang Qingfeng in front of the door.

“Get out of the way, I want to take Yang’er away.”

Chu Jinglan got up slowly and walked to him before stating solemnly, “She’s not going anywhere. This King will take good care of her.”

Ye Huaili’s anger burst out all of the sudden, “Are you calling this taking good care of her by letting her go out in this kind of weather?”

Hearing that, Chu Jinglan chided coldly, “Who did she brave the snowstorm to go pick up? You are really good to suddenly just turn hostile and leave her alone in the snow. Have you ever thought about her feelings?”

“Aren’t you clear why I turned hostile? If it wasn’t for you, would we brother and sister be in this situation?”

The moment he recalled all the grievances Ye Huaiyang had suffered previously, he became agitated. His handsome eyes seemed to have flames surging within them and went straight at Chu Jinglan, not caring what his status was with the intention of settling old scores with new ones.

“In that case, you and I have nothing to say.”

Chu Jinglan’s face sank and the scene was on the verge of breaking out. Right at this moment, thunder and lightning suddenly flashed outside the window where small cracks split the dark canopy of heavens with striking heavy downpour. The eaves tiles were rattled by bean-sized raindrops and masked the sound of low coughing which however, did not escape the ears of them both.

Ye Huaiyang has woken up.

The stalemate of their confrontation was instantly lifted. The two men pushed the door to get in one after another and saw Ye Huaiyang propping her arms trying to sit up on the bed, so they immediately strode over to support her.

“Yang’er, what are you doing up? Lie back down quickly.”

After Ye Huaiyang had taken the medicine, she had taken a nap again. Her rosy small face looked resplendently moving, appearing a lot better than tise morning and merely her throat felt a little sore, hence her voice was particularly soft.

“Elder Brother, I’m fine and just want to sit up.”

Fetching two soft pillows, Chu Jinglan stuffed them behind her back then out of habit grasped her slender hands as he spoke, “When did you wake up? Why didn’t you call me?”

“I’ve just woken up and about to call you when you came in.”

Tang Qingfeng, who is guarding behind the round door, immediately wiped his sweat when he heard this and thought to himself ‘little brat, you’ve really woken up at the right time, these two people would have started a fight if it was a little later.

Little did he realize that Ye Huaili’s anger at this moment had yet to be subdued and the gripping of those ten fingers were like thorns pricking his eyes. He just wanted to pull Ye Huaiyang’s hands out. After staying reticent for ages, he finally quelled his anger and was just about to open his mouth when he heard Ye Huaiyang said, “Elder Brother, don’t you have things to do? Go get busy. There’s no need to watch over me here.”

Raising his eyebrows, Chu Jinglan glanced askance at Ye Huaili and as expected, he saw the slight twitch on his cheeks.

It was obviously a pretext when he said he was going to the Ministry of War outside the city just now. Even if it was true, he would also not go at this moment, yet the seemingly sensible words of Ye Huaiyang imperceptibly placed him at a disadvantageous position — if he just leaves like this, wouldn’t he be handing her over to Chu Jinglan?

His annoyance became more belligerent.

Pretending not to see the mocking eyes of Chu Jinglan, Ye Huaili coaxed Ye Huaiyang warmly, “Yang’er, let Elder Brother take you home, okay?”

“Why?” Ye Huaiyang asked puzzledly.

Ye Huaili only wanted to take her away from Chu Jinglan, so he couldn’t care less and blurted out whatever that came to his mind, “You have been sick for many days without getting any better. How will you be good if your throat is damaged with these continuous coughs? Elder Brother wants the family physician to take a look at you. Be obedient and go back with Elder Brother.”

“As a matter of fact, Physician Lu was an imperial physician in the Imperial Palace. Can our family physician still be more skilled than him?” The long eyelashes of Ye Huaiyang fluttered twice before suddenly hanging down disheartenedly, “Actually, it was all my own fault. I wouldn’t have caught the chill if I had not knelt for two hours in the East Phoenix Palace that day.”

“What did you say?” The cold stern face of Ye Huaili suddenly revealed a little threatening edge. As if realizing something, Ye Huaiyang pursed her lips tightly and was not willing to say anymore. The state of Ye Huaili’s mind became even more difficult to restrain as he looked at her aggrieved look.

The East Phoenix Palace is the bedchamber of Empress Wang who was always valued highly for her renowned virtuousness, so why did she deliberately make things difficult for Yang’er?

Thinking of this, Ye Huaili gripped Ye Huaiyang’s shoulders and asked, “Yang’er, why would she beckon you into the palace without rhyme or reason? What have you done while I was away?”

Ye Huaiyang lowered her eyes. The shadows from the candlelight that penetrated through the curtain spilled over obliquely and obscured her facial expression.

“The Empress asked me to monitor every move of Wangye. I went to report the situation that day.”

Ye Huaili was greatly shaken at her words. Hearing her speak in such insipid tone and looking at Chu Jinglan’s unperturbed face again, he immediately understood everything then pointed at her and rebuked angrily, “You are simply idiotic! What kind of place is the Imperial Palace? All the people living there are guileful! And you dare to hoodwink them like this?”

Ye Huaiyang did not say a word yet two strings of glittering crystals silently streaked down her cheeks, causing Ye Huaili to freeze abruptly.

Since childhood, he had only seen her cry when she was eight years old. It was the day she returned home after being abducted. She hugged their mother’s neck and cried herself hoarse as soon as she walked in the door. From then onwards, whether she tumbled and broke her knees during their riding lesson or subjected to grievances from others, he has never seen her shed tears again.

He should not have roared at her like this even though he was furious.

A spell of remorse surged up in Ye Huaili’s heart that mingled with inexhaustible flames of fury that almost twisted into a fast knot that he did not know how to undo. Just when he was feeling distraught, Ye Huaiyang unexpectedly pounced into his bosom and wrapped her slender fair arms tightly around his waist.

“Elder Brother, just expel me from Ye family.”

Stiffened, Ye Huaili chided, “What impudent remark are you talking about!”

“I’m not joking.” Ye Huaiyang’s voice drifted from his chest, muffled and obscured, “What I do in the future will implicate Ye family sooner or later. It will be good for everyone if you remove me from the genealogy book. Henceforth, we don’t need to meet each other again, just treat me as … hugging you one last time.”

These kinds of words made the ripples in Ye Huaili’s heart surged frantically. With nowhere to assuage, he turned the gun abruptly at Chu Jinglan.

“You are just going to let her act this recklessly? Or are you simply glad to see this happen?”

Nonchalantly, Chu Jinglan met his gaze, “I don’t care about Ye family’s affairs.”

Intolerably choked, the blue veins on Ye Huaili’s forehead convulsed sharply yet he embraced the sickly and sobbing Ye Huaiyang, unable to lash the least bit of anger out while his heart seemingly felt crushed by something hard causing incessant dull pain.

“Don’t cry, Elder Brother won’t let others bully you.”

After a long silence, Ye Huaili drew out a sigh then wiped Ye Huaiyang’s tears away. Sniffing, she nodded and the clear glittered droplets on her eyelashes trembled lightly like the morning dewdrops, making her look even more delicately adorable and provoking tender affection.

Perhaps she had talked too much, Ye Huaiyang once again coughed intermittently and Yue’ya came in with the medicine right at this moment. The both of them went outside and after the door was closed, Ye Huaili resumed his previous tough look but the expression in his eyes were not quite the same when he looked at Chu Jinglan again.

“If you are willing to just live your life with Yang’er like this and be an idle Wangye, you’ll have my heartfelt gratefulness.”  

Chu Jinglan replied breezily, “What if I don’t want to.”

“Then we will inevitably meet on the battleground one day.” The intense light in Ye Huaili’s eyes unleashed abruptly, as sharp as a sword, “Not letting anyone bully her also includes protecting her for a lifetime even after the death of her husband and not letting rumors plague her.” 

“Then I will be waiting for General Ye.” Turning around calmly, the blue unlined long gown of Chu Jinglan drew a cold arc as he soon disappeared within the door gap, not to be seen again.

Back in the bedroom, Ye Huaiyang had finished her medicine and was huddling up on the edge of the bed. With a smile, she watched Chu Jinglan stroll in unhurriedly. The brocade quilt was draped across her waist, revealing half of her jade-like feet that were mischievously hooking the snow-colored silk tassels at the end of the bed. She retracted her foot when she felt tautly itched then refusing to stay idle, she extended her foot again after a while and played happily, totally unlike a patient.

“Have you played-acted to your heart’s content?”

Lifting her body to move her a little, Chu Jinglan then took off his shoes and went to bed. Taking advantage, she leaned into the familiar arms.

“When did you perceive it?” 

“Since you started crying.” Glancing at her, his eyes were beaming with contentment and there was also a hint of imperceptible approval, “My Yang’er will only be stronger when she is aggrieved, how could she be the person who weeps and wails seeking the protection of her Elder Brother?”

This is the first time he complimented her. The rims of Ye Huaiyang’s eyes were somewhat moist and she turned speechless.

“But you don’t have to be like this.” Inclining to the side, Chu Jinglan looked at her with ardent flames rising in those black eyes of his which scorched her heart warm yet was also painful, “You have already filled up all of my over twenty years of empty gaps, so it’s enough.”

Was this probably the most touching words of love he has ever said?

Climbing on top of him slowly, Ye Huaiyang hugged him and nestled her head within the nest of his shoulder while the emotion in her voice had traces of deliberate concealment, “I just want my Elder Brother to stand on your side but more than that, I want him to understand you are doing these things not because you are bad.” 

Stroking her satiny smooth hair, Chu Jinglan smiled drily, “It’s sufficient that you know I’m good.”

“I knew that ten years ago.” Ye Huaiyang emphasized in a delicate voice as she hugged him more tightly, “None of them are as smart as me.”

“Yes, my wife is the smartest.”

Saying that, Chu Jinglan printed a fully affectionate kiss on her cheek. She chuckled for quite a while before saying, “Others say that if the mother is smart, the child born will be dragon and phoenix among men*, well…for this you have to reward me.”

[T/N: 人中龙凤 (Rén zhōng lóngfèng) – outstanding people in the crowd]

Even before there’s a stroke in the bazi* (for their child) can also become a reason for her to rope a kiss, which she really turned and brought forth a new trick. Chu Jinglan was quite bemused yet he still covered and lightly sucked on that petals of bright red lips from his own initiative, the tips of his wet tongue reached in to explore when her medicinal concoction spread over the astringent bitterness that intoxicated him like sugary syrup.

[T/N:八字 ( Bāzì) – one’s birth date characters used for astrological purposes, combined from year, month, day, hour, heavenly trunk and earthly branch / used for fortune telling

Not knowing when the rain has stopped, an endless stream of subtle fragrance drifted the fallen plum blossoms in the orchid garden just like the myriads ties of love.

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