The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 49.3

Translated by: Oinkoink

Proofread by: Silkscreen

Chapter 49.3 – Crisis 

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Lush mountains, verdant cypresses, rapid waterfalls and green plumage intertwined with the glittering white made up a spectacular winter wonderland which was truly delightful.

Ye Huaiyang heard someone mentioned there are rare whitebaits in the clear pond at the bottom of the waterfall and if one is to catch it, it will imply good luck and longevity. As she was idle and bored, she decided to go catch one for fun with Yue’ya staying by her side. Both of them jumped and leapt around on the moss-covered rocks. While the fish was not seen, water was splashed all over their body.

There is a hexagonal pavilion on the shore with bucket arches and upturned eaves, surrounded by walls on all sides with gaps on both the front and back for people to pass through. Whenever fog fills the hillock, five steps ahead become hazy. Only this pavilion stands tall and straight among the clouds that looks ethereal and serene like a deity’s dwelling from afar.

Chu Jinglan and Deng Tianguan were sitting inside with fishing poles leaning on the railing.

Come to speak of this, Deng Tianguan can be regarded as composed while several days have already passed but there has been no actions from him except to reinforce guards inspecting at the city gate. It is only until today that he invited Chu Jinglan to come view the waterfall. He merely brought Liu Xin and several of his own guards, which seemed more harmless than the little white rabbit. If they had not known of his purpose, they might have been deceived by him. 

Only Ye Huaiyang didn’t know the inside information amongst them; hence, she had the most fun when both men in the pavilion coincidently turned their gazes at her.

“It’s a pity that my wife has not been in good health these past few days, otherwise she can keep madam company. She is still so young, she must be very bored with us fishing here?”

“King Qiyang doesn’t need to worry too much. She always knows how to have fun by herself.”

When Ye Huaiyang was mentioned in the past, Chu Jinglan’s voice was always laced with a little warmth and indulgence, however, it was inexplicably cold today. Deng Tianguan didn’t hear it but Tang Qingfeng did. He couldn’t help but knit his brows and look towards the waterfalls when he almost jumped up in shock.

“Madam –”

The two men in the pavilion turned their heads in the wake of his shout and merely saw the fluttering white dress about to fall into the water when the silhouette of Ci Yuan crossed the water like a meteor and held her waist to stop the fall before leaping to shore where he placed her down safely.

Chu Jinglan’s eyes constricted in a flash before he indifferently retracted his gaze. His wrists were as steady as before, even the fishing bob didn’t move a bit. Instead the one next to him notably shook. The owner’s mind was obviously not here. Chu Jinglan pursed his lips coldly while his strong jade-carved face was covered with a thin layer of frost, spreading boundless chill.

Deng Tianguan retrospectively turned his head back and immediately felt alarmed when he caught sight of that expressionless icy face, as if masked by an invisible pressure that even his breathing got a little difficult and he didn’t know how to conceal his behavior a moment ago. In this continuous silence, his heart was now hanged up in his throat.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement under the water.

“Wangye, the fish is hooked.”

Pei Yuanshu’s voice was like a clear stream, breaking the icy situation in an instant. After Deng Tianguan reacted, he couldn’t help cursing himself for being useless. How could he be diminished by Chu Jinglan who is a dying man? He loosened up and adjusted his state of mind before saying, “Wangye is indeed amazing. Mine had no movement for half a day.”

Chu Jinglan raised his hand to move the pole when a big fish suddenly leapt out of the water with glistening silver scales and splashes of water, before it fell into a wooden cask in a blink of an eye. Stepping forward to remove the fishhook, the fish inTang Qingfeng’s frolicked and almost slipped off his hands several times. He stared at it for a moment before suddenly uttered with disbelief, “This seems to be the whitebait that madam wants to catch …”

As soon as his voice faltered, a sweet-sounding voice came from the back, “Who caught the whitebait?”

Tang Qingfeng bowed then immediately stepped aside. Looking along the fishing line, Ye Huaiyang found that it was attached to Chu Jinglan’s pole. She smiled right away and pounced forward to wrap her arms around his neck.

“No wonder I couldn’t catch one. As it turns out the fish is just like me, fond of getting close to Wangye.”

Chu Jinglan looked down at her, his expression varied slightly like melted ice at midnight. Though the coldness has faded, the darkness at the end was boundless where no light was found. Ye Huaiyang didn’t sense his abnormality. After saying that, she crouched down and released the fish. Stirring up several ripples, the fish flopped twice before it plunged into the water and disappeared. 

Deng Tianguan asked incomprehensively, “Madam, this is…”

“Since it has blessed, there is no point to harming its life.”

Ye Huaiyang’s voice was faint, mingled with a clear sense of alienation but Deng Tianguan seemed unable to hear it. He still smiled and complimented, “Madam is kind-hearted, which makes me ashamed. It’s a pity that I haven’t caught one so far, otherwise, I could also emulate madam in setting it free in the stream and accumulate some good deeds.”

“King Qiyang doesn’t have such meanings, so will naturally gain nothing.”

As soon as Chu Jinglan said that, the expressions of all those present changed slightly. Even Deng Tianguan raised his wariness instantly as he stared fixedly at him and asked, “What does Wangye mean by that?”

“What does it mean?” Chu Jinglan’s mouth curled up into a thin smile which was full of sarcasm, cold and intimidating, “Aren’t you here to catch this King, the big fish? Why are you still hiding? Let them all out.”

Deng Tianguan’s face changed drastically. He couldn’t believe Chu Jinglan had already perceived his intention, and so he didn’t dwell on it anymore. He shook his sleeve abruptly and swept off countless cups. The moment the crackling sounded, hundreds of soldiers sprung out from the forest like bamboo shoots after the rain. All were suited with armors and wielded knives while bearing down with menace.

This unforeseen event caught Ye Huaiyang off guard but she calmed down very quickly. After carefully observing the surrounding situation, her face sank abruptly as she shouted, “Deng Tianguan, how dare you!”

“You’ve got some guts too.” Deng Tianguan smiled eerily then yelled out loudly, “All forge ahead for this King. The one who captures King Lan alive will be rewarded 100,000 silver!” 

The soldiers wielded their knives and swarmed towards the hexagonal pavilion like the tidal wave, gradually forming a siege but the people inside reacted faster. Tang Qingfeng darted in front of Deng Tianguan in the blink of an eye. Unsheathing the long sword forcefully, he struck Deng Tianguan’s chest with a dense murderous aura. Unexpectedly, a sword stabbed across from the side and vigorously blocked his attack. Seizing the chance, Deng Tianguan leapt over and escaped from the range of his attack.

Turning his head, Tang Qingfeng saw the man that blocked him was the deputy commander-in-chief, Liu Xin. He didn’t expect this imbecile to be highly skilled in martial arts. The big sword was wielded with utmost agility that he could not extricate himself while merely looking as Deng Tianguan fled to safety and protected by his soldiers in the center without a chance of killing him.

“Ci Yuan, go help him.”

As soon as Ye Huaiyang gave the order, Ci Yuan immediately darted into battle. Amidst the staggered blade glint, piercing aura propelled as he attacked Liu Xin’s vital body part. Hurriedly turning his sword to block, Liu Xin did not expect Tang Qingfeng would charge from the side once again with extreme sharp momentum. With great alarm, he took several steps along the wall to escape from a breach at the back when his chest suddenly felt cold. He rigidly lowered his head and stunned to find half of the sword blade sticking out of his chest.

The sword was drawn, blood surged and he fell to the ground. The entire process only took three seconds.

At the same time, numerous soldiers already arrived in front of the pavilion. Tang Qingfeng swiftly opened a pathway in the rear then solemnly said, “Master, it’s time to go.”

The group of people filed out and left the hexagonal pavilion at the fastest speed. Just as they were about to step on the stone to cross the pond, the soldiers following behind them have already caught up to them. With the cold glints approaching, the situation became critical.

The sound of Deng Tianguan’s smug laughter came from the rear, “Chu Jinglan, if you surrender now perhaps this King will leave you an intact corpse!”

Staring calmly ahead, Chu Jinglan didn’t speak a word when he merely snapped his fingers lightly where fifty shadow guards swooped down and instantly charged into battle!

He actually set up an ambush on this mountain, too!

Watching helplessly as the group of shadow guards rushed into his own battle array and even accosted him, Deng Tianguan instantly flared up and regretted he didn’t bring enough men. When his aide whispered something in his ears, his expression froze for a moment before the corners of his lips slightly raised with an extremely vague and almost imperceptible smile.

Something is not right.

Pei Yuanshu has been observing the situation calmly since the beginning. Although the number of enemies were large and their knives could be seen seizing every bit of chance to seek for advantage, they could not break through the defense line of the shadow guards. This is not favorable to them but since losing his temper Deng Tianguan has now become calm, which is extremely abnormal.

He turned around to remind Chu Jinglan, “Wangye, this lowly official feels…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he caught a glint behind Ye Huaiyang all of a sudden. He had yet to make a sound of warning when a sharp weapon ferociously plunged towards her. Just when it was about to pierce her skin, Chu Jinglan pulled her onto his chest quickly and returned a strike. A heavy muffled sounded as the attacker spurted blood and fell to the ground.

They have even arranged underwater assassins!

Pei Yuanshu knows there are people who deliberately train this kind of underwater assassins for some special missions but he didn’t expect to come across them today. Now there are really wolves in front and tigers at the back!

There was constant abnormal movement under the water while he was thinking of a way out with extreme anxiety. The shadows shuttled back and forth as agile as the fish. On this side, Ye Huaiyang had yet to recover when one leapt out to grab Yue’ya’s ankle abruptly on the other side then kept dragging her into the water. She screamed in horror but Ci Yuan sliced the hand off with his sword just in time and quickly pushed her behind him.

Tang Qingfeng stared fixedly at the water with a heavy expression as he occasionally stabbed with his sword and without fail, the pond gradually stained red with blood yet the underwater assassins still emerged endlessly. After a while, everyone’s body was mottled with varying stains.

It’s only a matter of time before they’re all dead.

After another assassin was killed, Chu Jinglan shoved Ye Huaiyang towards Ci Yuan and said, “You escort Wangfei and Lord Pei to leave first.”

Opening her eyes wide suddenly, Ye Huaiyang retorted with a verse, “I won’t go!”

“You will only be a burden if you stay here.” Chu Jinglan once again brushed her a little further away and at the same time turned to Pei Yuanshu, “Go find Chang Xin after you get down the mountain.”

Pei Yuanshu nodded his head with a solemn expression.

Although he didn’t know what arrangements Chu Jinglan had made, according to the current situation, it seemed the other party had the upper hand and any further delay would be extremely unfavorable for them. He must let Chang Xin come to assist them as soon as possible, otherwise no one could leave. Pondering over this, he hurriedly urged, “Wangfei, please go down the mountain with this lowly official. We can’t delay any longer!”

Ye Huaiyang remained unmoved, staring at Chu Jinglan with sparkling eyes as she said, “I will not leave you.”

After killing another assassin that pounced on her, Ci Yuan immediately joined the persuasion list, “Young Miss, Wangye will instead be restrained with you staying here. It would be better to go down the mountain immediately where you are able to move some manpower over from Ye family for support.”

These words finally struck Ye Huaiyang’s heart. Ye family still has some hidden power in Jinguan City that only the head of the family is able to deploy, thus it’s impossible for her not to leave.

Seeing her in the midst of struggling, Chu Jinglan immediately hinted to Ci Yuan to take her away. Ci Yuan had barely moved when she suddenly stepped forward and hugged Chu Jinglan with trembling hands and reddened eyes.

“You wait for my return.”

Chu Jinglan pushed her away with an indistinct intense stillness in his eyes. Others had only said that he would not bat an eyelid even if the huge mountain collapsed but no one ever thought what was actually hidden behind that stillness. Ye Huaiyang, who has always been acute, would have no way to notice as she was too perturbed by the pain and anxiety of separation. 

“Ci Yuan, you stay here to protect Wangye.”

Before Ci Yuan could refute this ultimate command, Ye Huaiyang already rushed towards the other side of the river under the protection of Tang Qingfeng. Pei Yuanshu did not hesitate and picked up his speed to follow, then both disappeared from the crowd’s sight.

Fights still continued.

Realizing that Ye Huaiyang had ran away, Deng Tianguan could not help but grit his teeth and roar, “Seize him for this King!”

Dozens of underwater assassins immediately jumped out of the water with cold faint glints and stretched out to stab Chu Jinglan. However, they seemed collectively immobilized in a moment and after a brief period of motionless, they all collapsed on the shore one after the other. Looking intently, one could see a single arrow had struck through each of their hearts. All were instantly killed.

From afar, Deng Tianguan’s face changed drastically in an instant when he saw dozens of snow-white arrow feathers.

“Is… isn’t that.…”

His conjecture has yet to be verified when a sharp arrow abruptly pierced his eardrums and a white light penetrated through the air before inserting itself into his chest like lightning. Chu Jinglan’s cold voice also drifted over at the same time.

“You can’t be thinking that this King would really come here alone.”

Covering his chest, Deng Tianguan retreated a few steps, his eyes wide opened and filled with horror when blood gushed out as soon as he opened his mouth.

“You didn’t live in vain to die under the arrow of the Shen-Ce Army.”

As soon as the words faltered, the orderly sound of boots came from the other side of the woods. Ci Yuan looked back and saw hundreds of elite soldiers assembled in front with silver armors and holding longbows, like male lions out of the lair that have a desolate aura of death in its prestige that roused terror.

As expected of the Shen-Ce Army, no one could emulate such formation and military bearing.

Ci Yuan was shocked that he could not recover his senses for a long time. How could the Shen-Ce Army that scattered six years ago appear here? Moreover, since there is such a divine help why did Wangye send his young miss and Lord Pei to seek help?

He looked at Chu Jinglan’s eyes boldly but only saw darkness, which was as cold and ruthless as the abyss.

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