The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 47

Translated by: Oinkoink

Proofread by: Silkscreen

Chapter 47 – Go Shopping

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A few days after the arrival of King Lan and his entourage in Jinguan City, rumors of a beautiful concubine by his side spread widely throughout the streets and lanes. It was said that she was very young, yet formidable for daring to even throw the dancers sent by King Qiyang out of the mansion without getting a word of admonition from King Lan; thus, one can see her distinct skills.

Ye Huaiyang naturally didn’t know about these rumors as she sat in the room with one hand propping her cheek and stared in daze.

Even though she did not have further intercourse with Chu Jinglan that night, she couldn’t restrain herself from blushing with joy whenever she recalled that moment of him taking the initiative to kiss her. 

She didn’t expect the trick of sniveling and acting pitiful would work so well on Wangye…

Speaking of Cao Cao and there he was* as Chu Jinglan just happened to walk in from outside. Taking off the outer robe in passing and hanging it on the hanger, he headed straight for the closet. Ye Huaiyang slipped up to his side like a little fox, hugged his arm and asked with a tilt of her head, “Going out?”

[T/N: (说曹操曹操到 –Shuō cáocāo cáocāo dào) – Speaking of the devil and here he comes]

“Mm.” With a solemn look, as if there was a serious business to attend to when Chu Jinglan leaned over to glance at her, “Do you want to go?”

Of course! She would be a fool not to go!

Ye Huaiyang immediately bore into the closet in search of her cloak then turned around to go outside but was dragged back by Chu Jinglan when at the same time, another hundred flowers with flutter of butterflies fox cloak was shoved into her hand.

“It’s cold outside, wear this.”

Ye Huaiyang took it earnestly and draped it over her body then stood on tiptoe to straighten Chu Jinglan’s lapels with a smile on her pink face and gleaming eyes, looking charmingly moving. He just looked down at her quietly, allowing her to smooth the wrinkles on his clothes, just like the remaining warmth of a distant spring day where every inch and every wisp of the willow tips whisked over his shoulders.

In a split second, an illusion emerged – perhaps it would be nice to live in seclusion with her and be an ordinary couple.

After dressing up, they left the mansion with Tang Qingfeng and Ci Yuan. With beating hooves sounding through the streets and alleys, they soon arrived at Xitang street where the largest marketplace in Jinguan City is located.

Standing upright at the entrance of the street, Pei Yuanshu seemed to have waited for a long while in a blue-gray scholar robe. He immediately went forward to meet them when he saw their arrival. To conceal their identity outside, he didn’t greet in a solemn manner but merely nodded his head slightly. Gazing at the oilpaper bundle in his arms where an extremely familiar fragrant of an exquisite sweetness drifted over from time to time, Ye Huaiyang raised her eyebrows and pondered before she knew it in just a few seconds.

“Husband, I don’t know what kind of delicious food Yuanshu has bought, the sweet smell is oddly enticing, can you buy me a packet too?”

Chu Jinglan was strolling down the street with her in tow. When he heard this, his steps paused slightly as he immediately looked at Pei Yuanshu with three aloof words spilling out from his mouth, “What is it?”

Pei Yuanshu originally tucked it somewhat to hide it but since he was asked by Chu Jinglan, he had to say it with a little stutter, “Back to Master, this is sweet-scented osmanthus honey which is something that I brought…. brought for my students.” 

“What a coincidence, my ninth sister also loves to eat this stuff.” Eyebrows tilted, Yu Huaiyang deliberately lengthening her tone as she asked, “I wonder which student Yuanshu is bringing this for?”

Pei Yuanshu’s face instantly flushed red like blood and it took him a long while before he squeezed out some words from his throat, “’s just for Huailing…”

Ye Huaiyang pretended to be enlightened, “Ah, is it? Then I will thank you in advance for Ling’er.”

“Don’t, don’t be obliged.” Pei Yuanshu was already in extreme embarrassment that his face was almost hot to the point of oozing smoke. While he inwardly kept thinking that he must stay away from this obnoxious witch next time, Ye Huaiyang glanced at him brimming with a smile.

“Wonder what’s going on with those dudes in Wangdu nowadays, each and every one is dull and incomprehensible. The girl has already chased after him yet he’s still blissfully ignorant. Can’t he understand why the person will stick to you all day if she doesn’t like you?” 

Listening on the side, Tang Qingfeng’s mouth twitched as he eventually felt that her words also embodied his master. Pei Yuanshu, however, slowed down his steps and stared thoughtfully at the sweet-scented osmanthus honey in his arms.

Is that why she called him a dork?

Before he could figure it out yet, he was already left behind by the others. Chu Jinglan and Ye Huaiyang walked towards the teahouse when it started to snow a little halfway down the street. The shops on both sides of the street became obscure and looking through the white round shades, the different shapes and colors of the signboards seemed to have a unique style.

The long eyelashes were soon covered with the glitter flakes of snow that fluttered on the face. Chu Jinglan put up a magnolia umbrella above their heads that sheltered both their figures while Ye Huaiyang took his arm and snuggled tightly in passing.

“It has been quite a long stroll, aren’t you going to do something?”

Instead of answering, Chu Jinglan asked, “Did you notice anything different about this street?”  

“I did notice, just don’t know if it’s the same as what my husband thought.” Ye Huaiyang blinked her phoenix eyes lightly with a hint of shrewdness within the agility. “There’s a jewelry shop over there, let’s go in for a look.”

She dragged Chu Jinglan forward to the right side when a gust of wind almost lifted off her light pink hood. As she raised her sleeves to cover her face, the long arms of Chu Jinglan probed out from behind and swept her into his arms then swiftly dodged under the eaves as they stepped into the half-open vermilion door lattice after two quick steps.

“Huh..the snow seems to have fallen heavily.” 

Hearing someone talking, the shopkeeper immediately turned around to check and simply saw a young girl stepping into the shop first. When the fox fur hood was taken off, under the beautiful untidy hairdo a small pale rosy face with bright eyes and pearly teeth was revealed just like a fairy descending from the cloud without a stain of snow on her body; meanwhile, the tall and imposing man beside her was nevertheless covered with fine jade chips. Seeing this condition, she pursed her lips and smiled, then took out a silk handkerchief to brush off the snowflakes, every move was extremely gentle and demure which quickened one’s heartbeat.

Several workers in the store were secretly guessing whose family’s young wife she was, but were surprised when they caught sight of the man’s face next to her. Though the man was handsome while the lady was pretty and were extremely matched, there seemed to be quite a big gap with their age. Could she be the second wife or a concubine?

The shopkeeper interrupted their reverie with a light cough as he immediately walked forward and asked with a smile, “I wonder what master and madam would like to see? My shop is the leading jewelry shop in the city with all kinds of goods that you can choose from, as you please.”

Hearing that, Ye Huaiyang turned around and began checking out the shop’s displays. Though the signboard outside the shop was inconspicuous, the inside was something else. With three walls full of gold, silver and jade wares from all kinds of wearable ornaments to antiques, as well as a wide variety of small objects, such as enamel hexagonal ruyi boxes to agarwood carved pen rack, which were all exquisite that leaves a lasting impression and were fascinating.

“Is there anything you like?” Standing behind her, Chu Jinglan inquired indifferently.

Ye Huaiyang rubbed her chin and looked around for a moment, then turned her head suddenly and asked, “Is there an upper limit?”

Chu Jinglan glanced at her with a sporadic smile curled up on his lips, “It’s all with Qingfeng for you to empty.”

“That’s good to know.” Ye Huaiyang smiled sweetly then raised her hand in the air and pointed successively, so fast that even the shopkeeper could not react on time, “Pack for me that agate stone, that golden buyao and also that eight treasure box carefully in beautiful cases as gifts for others.”

Listening to her, the worker next to her almost dropped his jaw as those few items were all priceless objects, which she was just going to give away without even blinking her eyes. Truly generous…

The exchanged glances of several people showed certainty that Ye Huaiyang was a foxy, prodigal concubine. Who knew she was not done yet as she even took down the gem-studded dagger hanging on the east wall and randomly looked over it before throwing it in front of the shopkeeper then said, “This too.”

Realizing that he had come upon a rich patron, the shopkeeper was beyond himself with delight yet his face was composed as he quoted the value of each item then asked Ye Huaiyang if she would pay the bill on the spot or they will collect from the manor. Ye Huaiyang, however, knitted her brows unexpectedly as she asked suspiciously, “Shopkeeper, could it be you are deceiving us for being non-native? Why is this dagger more costly than the golden buyao?”

As soon as those words came out, the shopkeeper immediately smiled appeasingly and said, “Madam, you have to see this. The scabbard is inlaid with the authentic Siamese rubies and also the interlacing technique of these eighteen rice beads with pure gold plated pattern is not something the ordinary craftsman can make…”  

Ye Huaiyang interrupted him impatiently, “So what? No matter how fancy it is, it’s still a scabbard. Can I use it to slay water and split hair?”  

Rendered speechless, the shopkeeper wanted to say that this kind of dagger was just a plaything the city’s rich young masters carried for fun with no practical usage, but then Ye Huaiyang was bound to get angry, which was far from good. So he pulled half of the snow blade out slowly and placed it on the red velvet as he held it in front of Ye Huaiyang. 

“Madam, please look. This blade is forged from the finest steel which you can’t find anywhere else.”

He lowered his voice slightly, as if telling some kind of secret that was merely well-known to each other, yet Ye Huaiyang didn’t seem to understand at all as she responded with a cold face, “It’s just a trifling finest steel, which blacksmith shop doesn’t have it? Your business is too unreliable! Husband, we’d better go and look elsewhere.”

After saying that, Ye Huaiyang pulled Chu Jinglan and turned to walk away. Seeing that the big deal was going down the drain, the shopkeeper blurted out anxiously, “Let alone the blacksmith’s shop, even the whole Jingzhou can’t get such refined steel!”

Ye Huaiyang halted her steps and quietly threw a triumphant look at Chu Jinglan before she turned around and asked with a face full of seriousness, “Why did the shopkeeper say this?”

The shopkeeper heaved a sigh, “Ah, I won’t lie to both of you, the government arbitrarily confiscated ironware a while ago that all of the good quality was requisitioned. This dagger of mine was gathered from abroad by trustees. How could it be sold in a jewelry shop if it’s not of great demand?”

“I see.” Ye Huaiyang nodded perceivedly as her gloomy face finally turned fine, “No matter, I also quite like this thing and I won’t bargain with you considering your honesty, but I’m still going to another shop. If I find out later that you cheat me, I will come back to return the goods.”

“How would I dare to deceive Madam? Feel free to go and see, Madam. I will compensate you twice as much if I made any unfounded statements!”

The shopkeeper patted his chest as reassurance while Ye Huaiyang also seemed convinced that she waved to Tang Qingfeng to pay and then left the shop with Chu Jinglan first but laughed out before taking two steps.

“Husband, is my acting skill good?”

The wind and snow were still prevalent outside. Chu Jinglan tilted the umbrella to her side to cover her tightly before he spoke, “Don’t laugh out of breath.”

Standing on the crowded street, with warmth surging in her chest, Ye Huaiyang didn’t care about others as she stood on tiptoe with arms around his neck demanding for a kiss with a bashful face, “I want my reward.”

“What if I’m not giving?” Chu Jinglan gazed at her indifferently, yet his hand supporting her waist tightened. 

“Then I’ll snatch it.” Ye Huaiyang unexpectedly moved closer and captured his mouth.

Heavy snow flurried and the pedestrians were sparse while the two of them were self-absorbed with hugging and kissing. The hem of their clothes entangled in the wind and the umbrella was nowhere to be found. Like ice-shave, the velvety snow fell on the tips of the eyebrows, dying it lightly white. Seemingly looking at the old age appearance of each other when the eyes opened slightly, a most intriguing feeling.

Pei Yuanshu, who had fallen behind, finally found the group at this moment. When he saw the sight in front of him, he immediately turned to leave but was caught off guard by Chu Jinglan’s voice.

“Minister Pei, do stay.”

He turned back around and before he was able to ask what was the matter, he merely saw Ye Huaiyang looking over with narrowed eyes as his heart thudded immediately.

It’s over. He ruined this grandaunt’s good deed again. Why is he so unlucky?

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