The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 46

Translated by: Oinkoink

Proofread by: Silkscreen

Chapter 46 – Emotional Tide

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Chu Jinglan was leaning on the bed reading a book when Ye Huaiyang walked in through the door. Dressed in a jade-green bed clothes which was smooth as satin, it instantly lighted up her eyes from the reflection of the candle flames. She shook off the frosty snow and dispersed the coldness before walking up to him.

“I’m back.”

“Hm.” Chu Jinglan responded faintly, turning another page of the book in his hand.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed with her slender arms propping beside his waist, Ye Huaiyang leaned slightly over and said, “Even women have been delivered to the door, so it seems that this reception banquet could still be regarded as amiable for both the host and its guest.” 

Glancing up at her, Chu Jinglan said, “Change back to women’s clothing tomorrow.” 

Upon hearing this, Ye Huaiyang revealed an insight as she mischievously pinched his earlobe and said, “Hm? Want this Wangfei to be your shield? Then Wangye must show some good faith…”

“What do you want?” Chu Jinglan closed the book and gazed at her.

“I want a lot. I want Wangye and Wangye’s heart.” Ye Huaiyang’s words somewhat paused for a moment when her slender fingers slid from the side of his face to his chest before finally landed on his knees, “I also want Wangye to live a long life so that I can keep accompanying.”

So, she had known about his suffering from the old illness and also his refusal to see a physician, hence she came to persuade him in a roundabout way.

Without waiting for Chu Jinglan to speak, she quickly took out a lion-head cloud patterned crystal bottle from her sleeves and said, “Hm, this medicine is called Ningxian dew that can invigorate bones and generate muscles which is most helpful for your old injuries. Just try it, okay?”

He looked at the thing for a few seconds before asking lightly, “Did you specifiedly get it tonight?”

“Yeah, this place in Jingzhou is just too remote. They rummaged through boxes for most of the day and found just one bottle while the drugstore doesn’t even have anything to warm oneself up. I’m almost frozen stiff from waiting.”

Ye Huaiyang pursed her cherry lips slightly, seemingly very dissatisfied and wondered how to straighten out her family’s medicinal stores when Chu Jinglan’s clear and mellow voice drifted to her ears.  

“Let’s try it then.”

Ye Huaiyang was startled before revealing a joyful look, as if she couldn’t believe when he had become so easy to talk to. Momentarily afraid that he would go back on his words, she quickly lifted the brocade quilt and rolled up his trousers then softly said while scooping the ointment out, “It will hurt a little, so just bear with it and it’ll be fine later.”

It was a peremptory tone of coaxing a child.

The dashing eyebrows of Chu Jinglan tilted slightly, merely pretended not hearing her speech yet he couldn’t help but look over; seeing her kneeling on the side of the bed as she tucked a strand of unruly swaying hair on her cheek behind her ears and concentrated with applying the medicine on him. The soft finger pads rubbed back and forth on his knees, spreading the cold ointment evenly to every part and from time to time, she would blow some breaths, looking adorable and caring that the heartstring of someone as cold as him was moved by such a tender scene.

“I heard my father say you fell from the edge of a cliff with your legs badly mangled by the falling gravel. It’s godsend that you’re back in this shape now.”

Her voice paused slightly while her fingertips slowly caressed over those hideous scars with cautious and gentleness, as if she was handling an extremely precious piece of china. Even though they had already healed, she could not help but feel sorrow and wished she could hack the person who had caused all of this into mincemeat, yet the violence in her heart instantly disappeared without a trace when she faced Chu Jinglan, leaving only a gently undulating spring water lake. 

“But Wangye can rest assured.” She blinked away the sheen in her eyes and smiled at him, “I couldn’t catch up before but from now on, this Wangfei will definitely take good care of them.”

An exquisite seven-aperture heart encircled and never moving half an inch away from him.

Chu Jinglan looked at her quietly with eyes dark like honeyed amber that gradually showed traces of melting. 

It was late at night when snow dispersed thinly outside with the north wind slapping against the lintel of the doors, rolling up snow seeds that all amassed on the wooden frames as the thawing flowed along the oil paper to the ground, blotting out deep and shallow water stains.

Snowstorm is bound to last through the night and there’s no telling if it will intensify around midnight, so it’s better to get under the quilt and sleep as soon as possible. It, however, takes courage to wash up in this kind of weather. After Ye Huaiyang was done with Chu Jinglan, she rushed into the bathroom next door with the idea of who will go to hell if it’s not me. Stripping off her clothes, her whole body was instantly soothed once she sank into the water.

The water drawn from the hot springs in the mountain is after all wonderful. Deng Tianguan is still regarded as sensible to have found this good place for them to reside.

It was a pity that she could only be happy for a moment. Underestimating the momentum of the snowstorm, a loud bang merely resounded when the window leaves lifted abruptly and the biting cold wind wrapped in frosty snow blew in. The candle flame was instantly extinguished plunging the whole room into pitch darkness. 

Ye Huaiyang was somewhat crushed.

She had driven Yue’ya to rest earlier and Chu Jinglan was probably asleep. Hence, she is now in a state of no aid and could only rely on herself.

Gritting her teeth, she clambered on the edge of the pool with half of her arm stretched out, groping for the rack where the bath towel was hung based on her memory. With a little effort, the towel immediately hovered towards her. She stood up straight at the same time and casually wrapped it around herself as she came ashore. Unable to care about finding the shoes, she rushed barefoot back into the bedroom and shut the connecting door abruptly.

Safe at last.

Fortunately, the bedroom was still very warm. Knowing she dreaded the cold, Chu Jinglan specially instructed Yue’ya to add more copper furnaces and coupled with round the clock underground heating tunnel*, this small room was considered an impregnable fortress in this bitter cold place. It was just that Ye Huaiyang was wet and cold, thus she couldn’t get relieved in such a short while. Putting on her bed clothes, she then deliberately avoided Chu Jinglan when she returned to bed and quietly rolled herself up in the quilt as she lied on the inbound of the bed, fearing the cold air she brought would freeze him.

[T/N: 地龙 (De lóng) – is an ancient heating method where underground was tunneled in palaces / residences with fire burning outside while the heat is transmitted to the house through these tunnels]

Sleepiness struck soon. Like a young silkworm, she curled up into a ball yet unable to sleep warmly as she kept finding herself half-awake in between and feeling very uncomfortable. Just at this moment, a strong arm clasped her waist and pulled her back that her ice cold body immediately pressed against a warm broad chest.

In confusion, she vaguely understood that Chu Jinglan had woken up, so she held up her consciousness to push him off and spoke in a soft low voice, “Let go of me, my body’s cold…”

“My body is warm.”

Like a boulder cast into the sea stirring up thousand layers of waves, all her inner defenses were instantly defeated by these four brief words.

This was the first time he took the initiative to embrace her.

Shivering, Ye Huaiyang turned around, her cold feet rubbing against Chu Jinglan’s calves when he pressed them down in passing while her whole body nestled in his arms as layers of overwhelming heat waves rolled over which made her heart beat out of rhythm.

“Taking a bath is like going to a war. Let Yue’ya come in and serve you tomorrow.”

“You’ve heard it all?” Ye Huaiyang lowered her head embarrassedly then explained softly, “I know you’ve always preferred to be alone, thus afraid that Yue’ya’s leaping back and forth in the room will upset you, so I didn’t let her come over.”

Glancing askance at the small head that had almost shrunk to his chest, Chu Jinglan faintly spat out a sentence, “It will upset me even more if you are frozen sick.”

“You… are worried about me?”

The phoenix eyes brightened abruptly, shining like the Big Dipper (seven bright stars in the constellation) in the dark night which were hard to ignore, Chu Jinglan, however, just raised his hand and pressed her back into his arms as he said, “Go to sleep as soon as you’re warm.”

It was indeed a bit late to say that as Ye Huaiyang had already been stirred up with excitement by that sentence. The previous sheepishness and confusion along with her sleepiness had long gone.

“It just got a little warmth here, so how can I sleep if my husband doesn’t warm me up completely?”

She grabbed Chu Jinglan’s hand and pressed it to her heart, as if there was a permanent accumulation of snow there which could only be melted by the lingering affection. Moving slightly, Chu Jinglan, however, accidentally rubbed against a small bump when both of them instantly stiffened.

This seems to be an unexpected situation….. 

A little breath of lust suddenly mingled amidst the tender affection. After a brief stunness, Ye Huaiyang quickly raised her head and kissed Chu Jinglan’s thin lips where she would nibble, bite or lick every now and then with great pleasure. Chu Jinglan was tense at first, when unexpectedly her fair legs unceremoniously wrapped over and the soft private part propped against his hardness, the outline of the petals could clearly be felt through the thin silk clothes when he felt a sudden shock and turmoil sparks flashed in his eyes.

This woman is getting more and more insatiable!

“Ye Huaiyang!”

Chu Jinglan growled and tried to tear her away, but she clung tightly to him like a vine tangled dodder with her eyes glazed and breath like orchid while clear silver thread still remained on her lips, looking extremely alluring.

“If my husband keeps calling me by my full name like this, I’ll have to resort to a desperate tactic.” 

Hooking a smile, Ye Huaiyang displayed her feminine charm when her small hand inadvertently caressed his lower abdomen. His breathing stopped and it took him a long time before spitting out a mouthful of chaotic hot scorching breath on the side of her cheek. An extremely forbearing voice drilled into her ears before she could make other movements.

“Yang’er, put your legs down.”

“This calling of husband almost melted my heart, so I will comply.”

Ye Huaiyang smiled delicately and removed her legs, allowing the lower part of Chu Jinglan’s body to break away from the shackles, thus once the firewood was gone, the fire died down a little. His eyebrows immediately soothed a little when her hand unexpectedly struck like lightning and probed down to seize his hardness accurately. He grasped abruptly the moment those five fingers closed in!


“I’ve agreed to put my legs down, but I didn’t agree not to do anything else.” Her face was full of craftiness yet the hand below never ceased its movement; at times it was gentle while moments later it turned intense, up and down the sheath, “Is this comfortable, husband?”

Chu Jinglan’s throat was overflowed with deep panting, his whole body was numb and stiff, unable to move. The big palm on her body unconsciously tightened and almost broke her slender waist. He lowered his head sharply as the scorching black eyes dyed with misty fog entangled with gentleness that every bit turned into deep affection which slowly dripped into the depth of his heart. 

There was a momentary surge of emotional tide.

Her speed slowly increased as he gradually swelled up when the small hand was no longer able to grasp it fully. He gazed at her amidst the entanglement of lust and reasoning, seeing her looking at himself without blinking as she held and twisted gently or slowly seemingly varied in pace with his expression. 

So, that’s it….

Even though she is bold and reckless by nature, she is an unadulterated girl after all. This was all probing on how to give him the utmost pleasure. Though there was somewhat hesitation in her movements, damn it, she was grasping it extremely well!

With difficulty, Chu Jinglan raised her arms to lift her body up and held her in his arms as he muttered hoarsely, “Yang’er, don’t be like this.”

Ye Huaiyang’s eyes reddened unexpectedly, “You are unwilling to touch me. Are you still unwilling to let me help you?”

Chu Jinglan was momentarily tongue-tied.

He has too many misgivings and also too many insurmountable chasms, but when he was confronted with the crying questioning voice of Ye Huaiyang, his heart unexpectedly turned incredibly soft with a little sting and the barrier that lay ahead of him disappeared at some point, as if he could embrace her with just a stretch of his hand. 

Might as well give it a try.

When Chu Jinglan lowered his head, those phoenix eyes just looked at him closely, exuding loving tenderness and shining radiance. He caressed her tender and delicate face before he leaned over suddenly and pressed his lips down.

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