The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 27

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 27 – Night Walk

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She actually dared to mention that damn seniority rank!

Towering over her, Chu Jinglan pressed her against the stone wall and stared at her. There was none of the refinement and culturedness remained, but  ice-cold breath exuded like a glacier in the dead of winter. 

“Why kill her?”

Ye Huaiyang raised her brows, with a couldn’t-care-less stance and asked, “Why, is King Uncle having heartache?”

“Ye Huaiyang!” Chu Jinglan exerted more strength that her whole body wedged onto the brittle flat cliff. The crackling sounds were particularly ear-piercing when lots of the gravels dropped in the quiet garden.

“It seems Wangye doesn’t like this appellation, so I will not use it.” She smiled playfully without replying to Chu Jinglan’s question. Chu Jinglan pursed his lips and gazed at her for a long time when a sentence flashed through his mind like the lightning flint.

“The fire that I lighted on your body will be extinguished by myself in the future. If you dare to touch her, I will kill her.”

He reacted at once, grabbing her and stated coldly, “This King didn’t touch her.”

“I know.” She lightly said, “But she saw something she shouldn’t have seen in Zhongxiao Pavilion that day.”

Chu Jinglan’s anger suddenly surged up, “There’s no need for you to play this kind of trivial trick! If this King wanted to get rid of her would have done so earlier and wouldn’t need to wait until now to provide you a knife?”

Ye Huaiyang was slightly taken aback, “She was still alive when Imperial Guard Tang saved her?”

“What, didn’t you include the variables of narrow escape from death when you worked out your plan?” Chu Jinglan taunted her, his tall body leaned a little forward as both arms propped on the wall and trapped her in between.

She indignantly said, “If I had known earlier I would have ordered Ci Yuan to hide under the water and simply sank her to the bottom with binded rock when she fell in so they couldn’t even find her corpse.”

“So, when Tang Qingfeng went in to save her, he would conveniently hauled up a piece of gleaming rock too?” Chu Jinglan asked her word by word. The earlier suppressed anger flared up once again, “Ye Huaiyang, you can try again and see if this King will cooperate with you after you secretly take action next time.”

Ye Huaiyang didn’t expect they were coincidentally upstairs. According to the plan, Wang Yaru would undoubtedly be dead with the speed of the imperial guard’s arrival. On the contrary, such disturbance had now made Chu Jinglan took the blame for the murder. But when she thought how he was able to react in time with her stratagem, she felt that they did have a tacit understanding hence she extended her hand to embrace his waist and acted coquettishly in his bosom.

“I know I’m wrong and will not wilfully take rash action anymore. Don’t be angry, alright?”

Chu Jinglan pulled her away coldly, his lips tightly formed into a line which evidently showed he was still angry. 

“Think of the benefit, at least we don’t need to hide in the book cabinet anymore. I was almost stabbed to death the other day…”

Her eyes sparkled, appearing bright and astute. In addition, the word ‘stabbed’ immediately made Chu Jinglan remember that day when she fiddled under his body. He almost yelled at her with a blackened face when the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly drifted in his ears. He immediately turned his hand over and covered her mouth then grabbed her to hide inside the rockery.

Two court ladies passed by with lanterns in their hands.

“Ai, have you heard? King Lan’s concubine was pushed into the lake by the master of Zhuo Xin Yuan?”

“Isn’t it still under investigation?”

“What investigation? It’s not like you don’t know, the master of Eastern Palace has always been at the disadvantage after contending with Noble Lady Bai for so many years. With such a thing happening this time, she will undoubtedly use any means to kill Noble Lady Bai off. So, even if the person was pushed by Miss Ye, Noble Lady Bai will still irrefutably be the scapegoat.”

The young court lady hesitated before voicing a moment later, “Having said that, I don’t think Noble Lady Bai is wrongly accused as Miss Ye has no reason to harm King Lan’s concubine.”

“You don’t understand.” The senior court lady cryptically moved closer as she whispered beside her ear, “My dear sister who works in Hanzhang Palace secretly told me that Miss Ye likes King Lan, therefore she wanted to kill his concubine.”

The young court lady covered her mouth and exclaimed, “How could that be! Doesn’t she know…” The voice ceased before continuing in a lower tone, “This doesn’t make sense. There are so many outstanding and talented youths in Wangdu. Why does she fall for such a big. trouble ….”

“I think it’s just Noble Lady Bai’s reckless slander which can’t be true, but then again, wouldn’t the entire Ye family be in the bag for whoever marries Miss Ye? This is surely a profitable deal without indemnity! However, those who came to seek a marriage alliance before were all driven away by General Ye and only the younger brother of Noble Lady Bai still shamelessly chasing after….”

Saying that, both giggled happily and turned around the corner then disappeared.

As the lights faded away, the surroundings resumed its tranquility. The moon sank while the stars fell, obscured by the dark clouds. Among the clumps of grass, fireflies fluttering and flickering around the skirt that vaguely reflected the white perspiring little face in Chu Jinglan’s arms.

“Wangye, are you willing to marry me?” Ye Huaiyang raised her head and asked in a soft voice. Her eyes were bright, looking extremely serious, but Chu Jinglan rejected her without any consideration.

“This King is unwilling.”

“En, I got it.”

Ye Huaiyang nodded, without the least bit of sadness or awkwardness as she leaned against his shoulder again in drowsiness, seemingly very tired. He lifted her chin and observed for a long while before he suddenly asked in a deep voice, “Have you taken the shui-xi pill?”

“Hmm.” A single syllable was squeezed out from her throat.

He just knew it!

Wang Yaru was severely drowned even when she fell into the lake later than her. So, it would be impossible for Ye Huaiyang to be totally fine regardless if she was a good swimmer, hence it was indeed the effect of the drug. This fatigued and weak appearance was the best proof. As for why the imperial physician didn’t diagnose it, probably because he didn’t understand the medicinal properties of the shui-xi pill as this substance originated from the Northern land, which he naturally was very clear with.

Chu Jinglan’s eyes dropped slightly. He hauled Ye Huaiyang and walked out. She followed him dazedly for a few miles until they reached a wide open place. When the cool breeze filled her sleeves and the chirping sound of insects grated the ears, she sobered up and halted her steps abruptly before whispering in alarm, “Are you crazy? We are still within the imperial park!”

“So what?” He glanced at her indifferently. 

Ye Huaiyang was rendered speechless. Bracing herself with difficulty, she reasoned with him, “What should we do if someone sees us? I’m not afraid of them proving me for the crime of murder, but the stratagem of sowing discord will be fruitless. You will also get exposed before the Emperor who will definitely find a reason to deal with you, then.. “

“So what?” Chu Jinglan asked her again. A strange light gleamed in those black pupils.

“What else do you want! Is it not enough to lose your life?” Ye Huaiyang was anxious. She simply shook his hand off, “You leave first. I can go out by myself as Yue’ya is waiting for me at the palace gate.”

Chu Jinglan glanced at her before he silently turned and left.

Ye Huaiyang breathed a sigh of relief. Leaning against the wall, she slowly sat on the stone step. Although her mind was at ease, watching him left resolutely without a trace of reluctance made her chest feel somewhat stuffy and unable to breath.

After about five minutes and thinking that Chu Jinglan might have already left the Imperial Palace, she got up and walked out. However, her sleepiness unexpectedly made a comeback that her upper and lower eyelids  were fighting while her legs seemed ladened with leads. With great effort she finally reached the palace gate and almost collapsed on Yue’ya.

“Young Miss, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, let’s go back.”

Not wanting to make a fool of herself in front of the imperial guards, she raised the curtain and got into the carriage. She then fell into a corner, closed her eyes and almost fell asleep. Suddenly a burst of cold wind breezed in, she curled her body slightly and vaguely called out, “Yue’ya, get me a blanket. It’s a little cold.”

There was no response from outside for a long time.

Ye Huaiyang’s eyes opened in narrow slits. Thinking there should be a blanket prepared in the carriage, she groped about in the dark. Instead she grabbed something supple and hard, like a human knee. She was startled and covered in cold sweat and instinctively she rushed to the carriage door. A hand unexpectedly stretched over and pulled her back.

“Drive. Back to the King mansion.”

The long whip slammed over the horses’ butts, the wheels started to trundle at full speed and gradually left the majestic Imperial Palace behind.

After Ye Huaiyang regained her senses, she turned around and saw the handsome face that she yearned very much. She reached her hand out and foolishly poked it. Until her fingertip sensed its authenticity, she muttered, “Why haven’t you leave yet?”

Chu Jinglan didn’t say anything. He gazed at the brightly-colored night lights outside the curtain expressionless.

Grinning broadly, Ye Huaiyang took his arm and said, “Has Wangye changed your mind about marrying me?”

“Ye Huaiyang, don’t make this King throw you out of the carriage.” He threatened coldly.

“But this is my carriage!” She called out softly with her arms akimbo but found something was not right. When has her carriage furnished in this dull gray tone? She slowly lifted the curtain. The person sitting in the front of the carriage gestured at her. Wasn’t this Tang Qingfeng?

Heavens, she had gotten into the wrong carriage….

Ye Huaiyang turned around in panic. Her face was ghastly pale, “Why didn’t you warn me just now? There are so many imperial guards watching at the palace gate. Everyone will know that I boarded your carriage tonight!”

Where was the difference between him hauling her out of the imperial garden?

“There’s no harm.” Chu Jinglan raised his brows slightly with calmness unlike ordinary people.

Ye Huaiyang almost had a heart attack being angry with him.

Tang Qingfeng kindly comforted her through the curtain, “Miss Ye, don’t worry. The people at Xuan An gate are all Wangye’s men and they are all discreet.”

Hearing that, Ye Huaiyang immediately turned and stared at Chu Jinglan. Seeing that he ignored her, she leapt onto his lap abruptly, hooked his neck and said, “Wangye owes me a treat of the tranquility soup.”

Without any expression, Chu Jinglan said, “Let Lu Heng prescribe one when you return.”

“No, I want it now!”

Ye Huaiyang covered his upper lips. The tip of her tongue slightly picked and easily pried open Chu Jinglan clenched teeth before exploring the pool of sweetness as if drinking honey. She didn’t stay after pulling a fast one. She quickly withdrew and sat properly. Her face was decently solemn just like nothing had happened just now.

Chu Jinglan lowered his eyes and chided, “You’re presumptuous.”

“En. This subject is bold and will take advantage of Wangye’s shoulder once again.”

Ye Huaiyang tilted her head softly and leaned onto his shoulder. Her whole person soon relaxed and fell fast asleep. It seemed she was indeed extremely fatigued. Chu Jinglan just allowed her to lay prone on his chest. His gaze glided over that long black hair to the soft fair neck before silently turned to the curtain outside.

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