The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 6

Translator: LiLi041

Chapter 6- Bank

The Gu Sichu and Liu Huaiyu at this moment still did not know what would happen after. However, the two of them had again encountered another problem.

Withdrawing money from the passbook required a password.

Liu Huaiyu and Gu Sichu certainly didn’t know that before.

Liu Huaiyu touched his belly subconsciously and quietly pulled at Gu Sichu’s sleeve. He whispered, “Husband, what should we do if we don’t know the password?”

The pair of husbands had already watched the process of withdrawing money several times by observing others. Even though most people had used a little thin card to withdraw their money, some had used their passbook.

The husbands’ act of not withdrawing money and only watching others caused many people to raise their eyebrows and look at them suspiciously.

Only, Gu Sichu’s manner was very open. Every time someone looked at them, he would gently nod towards them with a light smile.

Good-looking people would have some privileges wherever they went. This was a commonly accepted practice.

Moreover, their conduct towards others was so poised and they also didn’t stretch out their heads to peek at other people’s passwords. Naturally, no one said anything, letting the pair of husbands learn quite a bit.

Gu Sichu stretched out his hand and held the hand that Liu Huaiyu had placed on his stomach. He said softly, “It doesn’t matter. We still have our ID card. That lady over there should be able to help us solve this problem.”

Liu Huaiyu nodded, so Gu Sichu led him to where the lobby manager was.

In fact, the lobby manager had been paying attention to them for a long time. After all, with the two of them being so good-looking, it was impossible for people to not notice them.

Upon seeing Liu Huaiyu and Gu Sichu come over, the lobby manager immediately showed an appropriate smile and asked, “These two sirs, what can I do for you?”

Gu Sichu placed his passbook and ID on the counter and explained, “We forgot our password. How do we change it?”

The lobby manager looked at Gu Sichu’s refined and handsome face, and her smile became brighter. Her tone also became more enthusiastic. “This sir, please follow me to the front desk. You can withdraw your money and change your password there.”

Liu Huaiyu looked at the lobby manager’s attitude towards Gu Sichu and became unhappy. He grabbed Gu Sichu’s sleeve.

Gu Sichu’s attention instantly shifted to Liu Huaiyu’s body. He lowered his head and asked him softly, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

Liu Huaiyu immediately said in a delicate voice that seemed as if he had just drank a bowl of honey, “I’m a bit tired.”

Gu Sichu immediately reached out a hand and brought Liu Huaiyu into an half-hug by his waist. He looked up at the somewhat surprised lobby manager.

“My wife is feeling a bit uncomfortable. Are there any more comfortable tables and chairs here?”

The lobby manager was stunned for a little while. Even though addressing him as ‘wife’ felt a bit off, her good professional ethics made her first point out the way regardless.

Gu Sichu supported Liu Huaiyu onto a soft sofa. His brows creased slightly and his face was full of worry. “How do you feel? I think that we should still go to see a doctor. I’m really worried for you.”

Liu Huaiyu looked up to where the lobby manager was standing. The lobby manager immediately said, “Sir, are you okay? I’ll go pour a cup of warm water for you.” As soon as she said that, she went to pour some water.

Liu Huaiyu only now held Gu Sichu’s hand and leaned his head on his shoulder. “I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired. We can’t act the same as before. I can’t be so delicate now.”

Gu Sichu pursed his lips, all sorts of feelings welling up in his heart for a while.

Before, he had been the Gu Family’s second young master and the big boss of one of the top three trading companies in the province. He had never let Liu Huaiyu be wronged in the slightest since Liu Huaiyu married into his family.

Only, they were now wandering about destitute in this unfamiliar place. Their hands and feet were tied, as they were unfamiliar with everything.

This kind of feeling of being below people really made it hard for Gu Sichu to adapt.

Even though he could guarantee that they would not be living like this for long, now that he saw Liu Huaiyu enduring hardships while following him, Gu Sichu’s guilt became even heavier.

He tightened his grip on Liu Huaiyu’s hand and said in a low voice, “Sorry.”

Liu Huaiyu also couldn’t bear to see Gu Sichu act like this. He slowly nodded his head and his tone lightened, “I’m already very satisfied right now. Mr. Gu is so handsome, considerate, and gentle. Being able to marry you is definitely because I accrued good karma for spending my last life on doing good deeds, which carried over to this life. That’s why I’m already very satisfied, to the point that nothing could make me feel more satisfied.”

Upon hearing Liu Huaiyu’s words, Gu Sichu felt that his heart was being filled with honey.

He stretched out his fingers to scratch Liu Huaiyu’s face lightly. Gu Sichu’s eyes were full of expression and he said softly, “What a coincidence. We probably did a lifetime of good deeds together.”

Author’s Note: Mr. Gu is easily embarrassed.

Translator’s Note: Ah! This is a really sad and scary thing, but… midway through the chapter, I discovered that I was typing Liu Huaiyu’s name wrong the whole time! I was typing “Lin” instead of “Liu” sorry QAQ. It’s always like this!!! The names just never work out for me. In “Little Expert Bending Plot Lines Back,” I constantly typed Xia Youyou’s name as Xiao Youyou ¬_¬… Then I had to go back and fix it every time! Ahem. It’s really unbelievable… Liu is my last name too… Ha. Ha.

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