The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 13

Translator: XixiYang0121

Chapter 13- Bathroom

Gu Sichu set the tea tray on the end table. He took Liu Huaiyu gently by the arm and sat him down on the chair.

Gu Siye kept staring at them with interest. After Liu Huaiyu sat down, he said.

“So you are my fifth brother’s lover? How do you do? I’m his fourth brother Gu Siye.”

Never hit a man with a smile on one’s face.  Liu Huaiyu raised a decent smile as well and introduced himself.

“How do you do? I’m his lover Liu Huaiyu.”

Gu Siye kept gazing at Liu Huaiyu, which made Gu Sichu slightly unhappy. He handed over a cup of tea to him and said in a husky voice.

“Have some tea, fourth brother. “

Gu Siye caught his drift at once. He took the cup and responded in a wicked tone.

“Apologies for my insolence. I just wonder how Xiao Yu captivated your heart. But now, as I see it, Xiao Yu is a good person. “

Gu Siye took a sip of tea. Something seemed to come to his mind. He looked up toward Liu Huaiyu and said.

“Can I call you by your nickname Xiao Yu ?”

Liu Huaiyu nodded, along with a decent smile on his face.

“Of course, you’re my fourth brother as well.”

Gu Siye drank the tea. He looked at Liu Huaiyu with interest and asked inadvertently.

“I heard that you are a hillbilly. If I hadn’t known about this, I would mistake you for a nobleman.”

There was a glint of gloom in Gu Sichu’s eyes. Yet Liu Huaiyu was still smiling elegantly, he gently responded.

“My humble family is too frivolous to mention. Please don’t make fun of me.”

Gu Siye laughed and placed the cup on the table.

“Xiao Yu is a proper man. “

Liu Huaiyu just smiled without saying anything.

Gu Siye got up from the sofa, and the other two followed along. Gu Siye waved a dismissive hand.

“No need to walk me out.  Watch out for the eldest and second brother when you go to the company tomorrow. They eat people like wolves without spitting out the bones. “

Then he left.

After they closed the door again, Liu Huaiyu and Gu Sichu looked at each other. Liu Huaiyu looked a bit confused and frowned.

“Is he that nice as he seemed?”

Gu Sichu shook his head. He couldn’t put his finger on it. Under these circumstances, they just had to take one step at a time.

“Don’t worry. Put your mind at ease and rest at home. Sometimes I might be absent, and you have to protect yourself and our child.”

Liu Huaiyu put his hand on the unshaped belly and nodded firmly. He’s pregnant with their child. He would protect their baby for sure.

Gu Sichu gently fondled Liu Huaiyu’s face and sighed.

“I’m sorry that you have to endure this kind of situation.”

Liu Huaiyu grasped Gu Sichu’s hand and smiled gently. He pretended to be upset and said.

“My husband, even though I’m married to you, I am still a man. Don’t treat me like a girl.”

Gu Sichu never thought anything otherwise. He just cared about him too much and panicked.

“Nonsense, I always consider Mrs. Gu, a stand-up guy.”

Liu Huaiyu smiled with curved eyes and said, “That’s more like it. Alright, my dear, I haven’t showered since yesterday. Be a lamb and check how to run the water. The modern technology is just amazing.”

Gu Sichu just realized and went to the bathroom with Liu Huaiyu.

The Gu family was beyond wealthy. However, while they didn’t favor Gu Sichu, the items in his room was still of high-quality.

The bathroom was equipped with a very convenient control system. The jacuzzi was huge and cozy, and you could get massaged in there. Taking a bath would be a great enjoyment.

But for Gu Sichu, it was a headache.

An old-timer like him has never been educated with the necessary information to use something like this. This fast-paced modern time and the diverse science brought them nothing but confusion.

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