The Husbands from the Republic of China Chapter 10

Translator: Fox23

Chapter 10: Peach blossoms 

After a night of rest, the husband and wife pair were revived back to life. Liu Huaiyu’s body was much better, and he ate a lot in the morning. Gu Sichu was finally relieved.

In fact, Gu Sichu was still very satisfied with this place. Although his original body’s father didn’t seem to take him seriously, at least there were servants to wait upon them.

Liu Huaiyu was also used to having servants. When he was young, he would have a few servants trailing behind when he would go out. 

Don’t even mention about his life after marriage. Liu Huaiyu couldn’t wait to give all the good things to Liu Huaiyu, not allowing him to suffer even the slightest grievance when it came to food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Therefore, watching Liu Huaiyu being so busy in those few days, Gu Sichu was really uncomfortable.

But now it was different. Here, at least there were servants. Even if they looked down upon him, there was no need for Liu Huaiyu to be busy laboring.

The doctor came after breakfast. He checked Gu Sichu through with medical instruments and found no problems.

However, the brain was such a mysterious organ, the doctor didn’t dare say anything. He only tell Gu Sichu to rest well and wait, and one day he would be healed. 

Gu Sichu unreservedly agreed. The father he barely saw yesterday was even harder to see today. He never saw his father appear.  

No matter. This was also good as Gu Sichu wouldn’t even know what they could talk about. 

Thinking about that father he saw yesterday talking about entering the company, Gu Sichu roughly understood it to be the family business. 

And the brothers Gu Tianyou said, Gu Sichu had some thoughts in his mind.

A wealthy family like this has a glamorous surface, and problems were everywhere. This is nothing more than normal.

Having grown up in this house since he was a child, Gu Sichu had been strongly influenced by these matters. Naturally, he was very clear about these things, otherwise there would had be no future second master Gu.

One just didn’t realize how dirty the problems in this house could be.

However, different situations call for different actions, and Gu Sichu should return to his old career. 

After the doctor left, only the pair of  husbands were left in the house. Liu Huaiyu took Gu Sichu’s hand and said: “Let’s go out and take a walk. I see that the garden behind is quite nice. I feel suffocated staying in the house.”

Gu Sichu agreed to his little wife’s wishes and only put on a white down jacket that was very warm on him. The neckline was trimmed with soft fur of the same color, which made Liu Huaiyu even more red and white like a beautiful Porcelain doll.

Gu Sichu lowered his head and dropped a kiss on the soft lips that seemed to be dyed red by a flower. He chuckled as he praised Liu Huaiyu.

“Mrs. Gu’s appearance seems to have improved yet again. Have you been secretly taking immortal pills every day?”

Liu Huaiyu laughed out loud. He stretched out his hand to tweek Gu Sichu’s nose, and said strangely.

“No, I eat whatever Mr. Gu likes to eat.”

Behind his glasses, Gu Sichu’s eyes were full of tenderness and pampering love. He said softly.

“Whatever appearance you have, I always like them all.”

Liu Huaiyu slightly tiptoed to send his lips upward; when the two’s lips were interlocked, a whisper came out from his lips.

“Now, Mr. Gu is the one taking immortal pills. His mouth is so sweet.”

After the husband and wife’s loving affection, they finally left the house and went to the garden. 

Because it was winter, only the plum blossoms were blooming in the garden.

Smelling the faint floral fragrance in the air, Liu Huaiyu felt refreshed.

At this moment where Liu Huaiyu stood among the flowers, in Gu Sichu’s eyes, Liu Huaiyu’s smile was more resplendent than the flowers.

In Liu Huaiyu’s eyes, Gu Sichu stood firm, dressed in a light gray woolen coat.

Between heaven and earth, Liu Huaiyu only had his tall figure and handsome face in his eyes.The more he looked, the more he loved the view; he would never be tired of this view. 

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